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Ventilated Facades, anchoring system, projecting and design service by AdermaLocatelli


AdermaLocatelli is a leader in construction and installation, specializing in anchorage systems and fastenings for various applications, including ventilated facades, cast-in anchor channels, precast concrete structures, facade access systems, fixings for steel structures, and HVAC fixings. AdermaLocatelli's noteworthy projects include the Gae Aulenti Square, the Vertical Forest buildings, and the Foundation Feltrinelli project in Milan, showcasing their reliability, quality, and expertise in creating innovative, sustainable, and environmentally friendly structures. Their ventilated facade solutions in Milan, Addis Abeba, and Zurich display their commitment to outstanding results, making them a trusted partner for construction projects of any scale.
HVAC Fire protection Sun protection by Colt


Colt International: Transforming Spaces with Excellence For over 90 years, Colt International has led innovation in ventilation, heating, air conditioning, fire protection, sun protection, and daylight technology. Our legacy of excellence, global presence in 80+ countries, and local focus with 1,000 dedicated employees ensure tailor-made solutions for diverse sectors. Committed to an eco-friendly approach, we envision safer, healthier, and efficient living spaces. From fire protection to air conditioning and sun protection systems, Colt International is your partner in creating spaces that are safer, more comfortable, and environmentally responsible.
Ventilation products by Blumartin


Blumartin leads in high-quality, innovative ventilation products, dedicated to enhancing indoor air quality and comfort. Their cutting-edge solutions prioritize performance, aesthetics, and environmental responsibility, integrating smart sensors, advanced filtration, and energy-efficient designs. With a focus on design excellence and sustainability, Blumartin products seamlessly blend into diverse settings while minimizing energy consumption. Their unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction ensures a seamless and rewarding experience for every customer, setting new benchmarks for performance and efficiency.
Heating Ventilation and Cooling by Drexel-Weiss


Revolutionize home comfort and sustainability with Drexel & Weiss's innovative climate control solutions. Their pioneering range of integrated heating, cooling, ventilation, and hot water systems offers exceptional quality, cutting-edge technology, and sustainable practices. From fresh air heating to heat recovery and complete climate control with heat pumps, their products are engineered for personalized, intelligent, and environmentally friendly home climate control. Drexel & Weiss: Elevating home comfort without compromise.
Heating Ventilation Airconditioning by Buderus


Buderus, with almost 300 years of history, offers comprehensive system solutions for heating, cooling, and ventilation. Their dedication to excellence is reflected in over 20,000 items ranging from renewable energy-integrated systems to gas condensing boilers. Buderus prioritizes sustainability, offering innovative ventilation solutions that enhance indoor air quality, optimize air circulation, and promote energy efficiency. Their decentralized ventilation units and mechanical forced ventilation systems ensure reliable performance and a healthier indoor environment. Complemented by a range of components and accessories, Buderus ventilation solutions exemplify excellence, reliability, and environmental stewardship.
HVAC system and Doors Manufacturing by Arbonia


ARBONIA is a trusted provider of innovative and sustainable heating, cooling, and door solutions. With over a century of experience, ARBONIA offers a wide range of high-quality products to enhance comfort, energy efficiency, and aesthetics. From radiators and convectors to underfloor heating systems and ventilation solutions, ARBONIA delivers cutting-edge technologies and stylish designs. Their interior and exterior doors combine functionality and style, ensuring security and insulation. With a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and design excellence, ARBONIA is your partner in creating a comfortable, efficient, and stylish environment.
Ventilation Systems by Helios Ventilatore

Helios Ventilatoren

Discover Helios Ventilation, a provider of innovative ventilation solutions dedicated to enhancing comfort and health while optimizing energy usage. From residential to industrial settings, our lineup guarantees improved indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and flexible installation. Our products offer superior air quality, energy recovery, and customizable dimensions, seamlessly integrating into any space. With cutting-edge technology and global support, Helios Ventilation is the definitive choice for a superior indoor environment.
HVAC by Jaga


Jaga excels at fusing climate design with innovation, prioritizing indoor comfort and minimal carbon emissions. Their heat pumps and low-temperature radiators deliver optimal heating solutions, blending advanced engineering and sleek design seamlessly. The Strada Hybrid MM offers efficient heating, light cooling, and deep cooling, ensuring year-round comfort and elegant integration, while the Vertiga Hybrid radiator combines exceptional heating with ventilation capabilities. Jaga provides comprehensive documentation and selection tools to optimize heating installations, with a strong focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. Explore their wide range of accessories and stay updated on their latest innovations as they pave the way for enhanced comfort and sustainable climate control solutions.
Ventilation and Fire Protection by Aereco


Aereco leads the way in advanced ventilation systems with demand-controlled ventilation at its core. By intelligently adjusting airflow rates, Aereco optimizes air quality and energy efficiency. Their systems dynamically respond to parameters like humidity and occupancy, ensuring efficient air distribution while reducing pollutants and energy consumption. With a range of high-quality products, Aereco is committed to a healthier, greener future.
Home automation and electrical components by Zennio


Zennio's Flat series, including Z35 and Z41, redefines functionality and aesthetics to transform any space. The intuitive Z35 touch switch seamlessly blends into any aesthetic, offering precise touch interface and backlit icons for unparalleled functionality and design. Z41 empowers comprehensive building management, seamlessly integrating with video intercom systems and offering climate control customization. With a global presence in 117 countries, Zennio's exquisite designs and innovative features cater to residential, hotel, and commercial spaces. Their solutions provide enhanced user experiences, hotel automation benefits, residential comforts, solar shading, LED lighting control, HVAC management, energy efficiency, multimedia integration, mobile app control, video door entry, access control, and voice control. Elevate your living and working spaces to new levels of comfort and efficiency with Zennio's Flat series.