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Architectural hardware is the architectural accessories such as door handles, locks, hinges & gate hardware that is used in the construction of buildings and homes. The category of architectural hardware includes door and drawer knobs, handles, hinges, locks, latches, and electronic entry systems.

innovative locking systems for the aluminium windows and doors industry. Sobinco


Sobinco, established in 1961, is a leading provider of top-of-the-range window fittings and high-quality components for aluminum windows, doors, and sliding doors. With a focus on non-corrosive materials, their products ensure exceptional adjustment, efficient processing, and long-lasting corrosion resistance. Sobinco's commitment to innovation and quality is reflected in its comprehensive range of finishes, making it a go-to choice in the industry.
Screw-on hinges, roller hinges, clamping hinges or concealed door hinges by Dr. Hahn

Dr. Hahn

Introducing an array of products from Dr. Hahn, including concealed door hinges like the VL-Band AT for aluminum doors, roller conveyors, and a variety of door accessories for wood-aluminum material combinations. Impeccable craftsmanship and innovative design set our products apart.
Plastic products for construction by Gurbetciler


Gurbetciler Plastik A.Ş. leads the construction industry with innovative products like Spacers, essential for reinforced concrete elements, and Karoapp, an adjustable raised floor system. Their Revak Blind Mold and Geoankraj offer indispensable solutions for structural stability, while Raytut ensures high-stability frame formation. With a commitment to sustainability and advanced technology, the company sets high standards in responsible infrastructure solutions.
contemporary door handles, locks, and cabinet handles by Iver


Iver Hardware offers contemporary door handles, locks, and cabinet handles for a modern "face-lift." Designed by Southern Design Group, these high-quality products ensure durability and style at discounted prices, available online with fast and free shipping.
Wire Mesh and Expanded Metal Architectural Components by Fratelli Mariani

Fratelli Mariani

For 80 years, Fratelli Mariani has been a shining star in metal processing for architecture and industry. With a commitment to quality and innovation, they produce high-quality wire mesh and expanded metal for prestigious architectural and industrial projects worldwide. Their products combine aesthetics with practical benefits like durability and sustainability. With notable collaborations and certifications, Fratelli Mariani continues to deliver exceptional customer satisfaction, offering customized solutions and technical expertise. Trust Fratelli Mariani to bring your vision to life with their expertise and dedication to excellence.
door, cabinet and window hardware by Windsor architectural hardware


Discover sophistication at Windsor Hardware—where timeless design meets unwavering functionality. From exquisite door handles to cutting-edge security solutions, our curated collection redefines spaces. Elevate your home with quality craftsmanship, security, and style that transcend the ordinary. Welcome to a world where every detail tells a story of elegance and purpose.
Geoplast is a designer and manufacturer of recycled plastic products for sustainable construction.


Geoplast's product range includes Modulo, Geopanel, Geopanel Star, Geotub, and Geotub Panel, which offer versatile formwork solutions for various construction elements. These products are designed to enhance sustainability, reduce costs, and improve workflow efficiency. Additionally, they are known for their reusability, fast mounting and demounting process, and lightweight nature, making them ideal for a wide range of construction projects.
Carbon Composite Profiles by Floorbridge


FloorBridge® offers carbon composite floor joint profiles designed to address uneven floor surfaces and deteriorated joints in industrial settings. These profiles reduce noise and vibration, minimizing impact on industrial trucks and enhancing overall efficiency. Ground multiple times, rust-free, and easily installed, these profiles ensure minimal disruption, maximum efficiency, and long-term cost savings. Their versatility caters to diverse industrial demands, providing a seamless customer experience and exemplary support. FloorBridge®'s commitment to excellence and innovation makes their carbon composite floor joint profiles an ideal solution for industrial challenges.