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Architectural Lighting Manufacturing

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Production of architectural lighting products and components, either handmade or mass production.

Switches and Home Automation by Gira


Gira: Beyond Switches, Architects of Smart Living Welcome to Gira, where innovation and responsibility converge in crafting the smart homes of the future. More than a switch manufacturer, we are smart home pioneers, KNX experts, and creators committed to quality, materials, and functionality. Since 1905, Gira has been synonymous with German-made excellence. Our Smart Home Systems seamlessly control lighting, air conditioning, blinds, security, and more. From the System 3000's simplicity to the KNX's comprehensive network, Gira adapts to your lifestyle. Embrace the future with Gira – because your home deserves more than just on and off.
Porcelain Duroplast and Bakelite Switches and Lights by THPG


THPG, an esteemed authority in lighting and switch systems, epitomizes traditional artistry, modern innovation, and enduring quality. Their collaboration with Manufactum Group has fostered the production and distribution of top-tier solutions across Europe. Championing traditional materials, such as porcelain, ceramic, Bakelite, and select metals, THPG crafts timeless elegance and resilience ideal for heritage and contemporary settings. Their meticulous approach epitomizes unwavering craftsmanship, resulting in enduring masterpieces. With a commitment to durability and repairability, THPG's products promise longevity and unwavering support for the future.
New Zealand luminaire designer and importe Halcyon


Halcyon Lighting offers a comprehensive range of lighting products, including exterior inground lights, track connectors, special series LED tapes, primary and backup lights, accessories, and spare parts. With a focus on performance and reliability, their diverse offerings cater to various indoor and outdoor lighting applications, providing quality solutions for customers' lighting needs.
Premium LED lighting designers and manufacturers based in Italy Flexalighting


Flexalighting presents a revolutionary range of LED devices known for exceptional optical performance and compact size. The meticulous attention to mechanical design and optical performance guarantees outstanding product quality, ensuring top-tier optical performance in devices with remarkably small dimensions. In addition to indoor lighting solutions, Flexalighting offers a comprehensive selection of outdoor fixtures suitable for various spaces, designed to enhance aesthetics and showcase architecture and landscapes in the best light possible.
Building and furniture fittings lighting and Door hardware by Hafele


Häfele offers a wide array of products across living space solutions, building equipment, accessories, and tools. Our furniture fittings sector boasts a unique catalog of 154,000 items, continuously updated to meet new requirements. In the building fittings sector, we offer 51,000 items along with a comprehensive property service. Additionally, our Häfele Loox range reflects extensive expertise in lighting, and our Dialock electronic locking system provides versatile and reliable access management solutions for various settings. These products are conveniently available 24/7 through the Häfele online shop.
Steel Wire and Mesh Architectural Compnents by Carl Stahl

Carl Stahl

Carl Stahl Architecture, with a rich history dating back to 1880, is a global leader in stainless steel cable and mesh systems. Their comprehensive offerings, including balustrade infills and fall protection solutions, reflect a dedication to quality, versatility, and safety. With end-to-end services and environmental responsibility at the core of their operations, Carl Stahl Architecture is a trusted partner for architects and clients aiming to realize their creative architectural visions.
Metal Ceilings Daylights Lighting Integration


durlum: Transforming Modern Architecture with Innovation and Excellence Step into the realm of durlum, where over 50 years of expertise converge with cutting-edge innovation. As pioneers in metal ceilings, lighting, and daylight systems, we redefine architectural aesthetics and functionality. Our global family business, boasting 350 professionals, blends design and practicality to craft transformative solutions. From airports to cultural landmarks, durlum's versatile products shape spaces worldwide. Experience the marriage of design and functionality, where every detail contributes to creating environments that truly feel like home. Join us in the pursuit of inspiring Ceiling Lighting Ambience – worldwide.
LED Lighting by Luxon


Luxon LED is revolutionizing the lighting industry with cutting-edge, energy-saving technology. Since its inception in 2008, Luxon has rapidly ascended to become the fastest-growing lighting manufacturer in Europe. The company's focus on providing unparalleled ROI/TCO in lighting solutions is evident across its offerings for Industry, Commercial Buildings, Offices, and Street Lighting. Notably, Luxon LED has embraced IoT solutions, such as the A4 motorway project in collaboration with ZABERD, resulting in enhanced safety, reduced energy costs, and real-time system monitoring capabilities. Luxon LED's commitment extends beyond product innovation, emphasizing energy efficiency, advanced IoT integration, tailored solutions, safety enhancements, and environmental stewardship. Their promise of excellence is underscored by their dedication to delivering exceptional ROI/TCO. By choosing Luxon LED, customers are not just acquiring lighting solutions; they are embracing innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. Luxon LED represents not only the future of lighting but also progress, sustainability, and the promise of a brighter tomorrow.
LED Lighting and Profiles by Retone


RETONE MEX® and Sting: Revolutionary Lighting Solutions RETONE MEX® represents a leap in lighting innovation, offering versatility and aesthetic appeal with its diverse connection options. Meanwhile, Sting redefines minimalist lighting with modular design and reliable technology. Both reflect our commitment to excellence, designed and manufactured in Bavaria to the highest standards. Our focus on quality extends to providing comprehensive solutions for various lighting needs and ensuring flexibility to realize your unique vision. Join us in shaping light beyond limits with RETONE MEX® and Sting
Lighting, Interior and Exterior Aluminum Finished products by Alanod


Alanod: Innovating Metal Surfaces with Excellence Alanod transforms metal surfaces with cutting-edge thin-film coatings. From anodizing to high-vacuum PVD coating, our German facility ensures industrial-scale production. Serving global leaders in lighting, solar, automotive, and electronics, our surfaces adorn facades, furniture, signage, and more. Our DECO PRIME® series offers architects limitless design possibilities. Elevate interiors, enhance products, and ensure safety with MIRO® CU's antimicrobial surface. Illuminate spaces efficiently with MIRO® and MIRO® SILVER. Alanod: Where innovation meets unparalleled quality in metal surface solutions.