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Professional decorative lighting manufacturing services. Decorative lighting is sometimes referred to as statement lighting or luxury lighting and is generally used to add style and mood to an interior or exterior space.

Bespoke Lighting by Marchetti


For over 40 years, Marchetti Illuminazione has epitomized Italian style, elegance, and functionality in lighting solutions worldwide. Their range includes the everyday simplicity of the "Marchetti" collection and the refined, high-end creations of the "Sergio Marchetti" collection. Blending technology and craftsmanship, their handcrafted crystal and sculptural lighting pieces are timeless, reflecting a balance of tradition and modernity. Visit their showroom or website to witness the seamless fusion of tradition, technology, and design firsthand.
Sculptures with light by Arturo Alvarez

Arturo Alvarez – Art and Light Sculpture

Established in 1994, Arturo Alvarez passionately designs and handcrafts decorative lighting for residential and commercial spaces, treating each piece as an exclusive work of art. Their innovative use of materials like SIMETECH® garnered acclaim, winning awards and securing global influence. With a commitment to artisanal tradition and cutting-edge design, Arturo Alvarez's luminaires illuminate spaces with a distinct emotional connection and unrivaled artistry.
Decorative lighting brand kdln


Since 1996, KDLN has spearheaded innovative indoor lighting near Milan, blending high-quality materials with cosmopolitan flair. Collaborations with renowned architects and designers have led to daring and visionary collections, exploring spatial and emotional dimensions. Drawing from diverse sources, their uniquely crafted lamps merge natural, post-industrial, and historical elements, showcasing elegance and exceptional designs fit for any setting. Explore their exclusive offers online to bring captivating ambiance into your home.
Lighting sculpture | Intersection of art, luxury and design by Terzani


Established in Florence in 1972, Terzani is a pioneer in luxury lighting design, known for pushing boundaries through innovative production techniques. Their creations are more than fixtures; they are fusion of art, luxury, and design meticulously handcrafted to celebrate traditional techniques and minute details. Collaborations with renowned designers yield original and unparalleled fixtures that redefine space through light. Terzani's collection spans pendant, ceiling, table, and wall lamps, each a symbol of sophistication and originality, blending tradition with a quest for new forms.
Contemporary Crystal Lighting by Windfall

Windfall Contemporary Crystal Lighting

Windfall GmbH, based in Munich, leads the luxury lighting industry with innovative crystal chandeliers like the SCARLETT, featuring a crystal cascade encased by an Organza cylinder shade, and the HELLBOB series, known for its unique 'Windfall curler' technique. Their designs, featuring floating crystal objects and cascading lights, set a new standard in luxurious lighting, earning commissions for prestigious projects worldwide and praise from esteemed architects and interior designers.
Haute Couture lighting by ARTelier C

ARTelier C

ARTelier C offers haute couture lighting creations that are truly works of art, designed to impress both friends and guests. Handmade and customizable, our Haute Couture Carbon collection features elegant fixtures that perfectly adapt to your interior's dimensions and colors. Say goodbye to traditional, symmetrical lamps, as our creations look unique from every angle, integrating one shape into another with technical innovation and visual charm. With years of research in working with carbon fiber, our artist Sebastiaan Vandeputte brings limitless customization possibilities to create dynamic, one-of-a-kind lighting sculptures that seamlessly blend into your interior. Discover lighting like never before with ARTelier C.
Switches and Lights by Fede

Fede Switch and Light

FEDE, the home of bespoke lighting solutions that elevate your world. As the SWITCH & LIGHT tailor, we specialize in crafting exclusive brass masterpieces, adding sophistication and elegance to your spaces. Our meticulously manufactured creations include bespoke light switches, sockets, lighting, and high-end brass accessories. Blending artisan excellence with innovative technology, we offer switch plates made from the finest quality brass and premium materials like wood, porcelain, and DuPont™ Corian®. With a global presence, FEDE leads the luxury and trendy design world, catering to the most demanding customers who value quality and distinctive interior design. Experience the ART of Illumination with FEDE.
Roberto Beltrami Wave Murano Glass

Wave Murano Glass srl

Wave Murano Glass: Artistry and Innovation in Glass Craftsmanship Steeped in the rich heritage of Murano's glass artistry, Wave Murano Glass emerged in 2017 under the visionary leadership of Roberto Beltrami. Nestled on the island of Murano, our team of 10 seasoned glass artisans infuses centuries-old tradition with cutting-edge innovation. Collaborations with renowned furniture and lighting brands have solidified our status as artistic trailblazers. With Roberto's scientific expertise as the driving force, we combine tradition and technology to craft bespoke masterpieces. Housed in a historic 1850 furnace, our commitment to sustainable innovation sets us apart. Certified for authentic Murano® glass production, we bridge heritage and modernity.