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Production of fire safety equipment for ensuring building safety.

Metal Insulated Panels for Facades Walls and Roofs by Brucha


BRUCHA, a leading innovator with 75 years of experience, excels as a full-range supplier of high-quality insulation materials for industrial and commercial construction. Their versatile panels offer aesthetic appeal and functionality, empowering architects and builders. The Evolution quick-assembly panel revolutionizes cold room construction with its efficiency and flexibility. BRUCHA also specializes in durable doors, EPS insulation boards, and comprehensive accessories. Committed to customer satisfaction, the company offers tailored assemblies and end-to-end support, setting new industry benchmarks.
Switches and Home Automation by Gira


Gira: Beyond Switches, Architects of Smart Living Welcome to Gira, where innovation and responsibility converge in crafting the smart homes of the future. More than a switch manufacturer, we are smart home pioneers, KNX experts, and creators committed to quality, materials, and functionality. Since 1905, Gira has been synonymous with German-made excellence. Our Smart Home Systems seamlessly control lighting, air conditioning, blinds, security, and more. From the System 3000's simplicity to the KNX's comprehensive network, Gira adapts to your lifestyle. Embrace the future with Gira – because your home deserves more than just on and off.
SIMON PROTEC is undisputed the pioneer in electrically driven smoke and heat exhaust ventilation (SHEV) systems

Simon PROtec

At SIMON PROtec, we are dedicated to excellence in preventive fire protection. Our range includes smoke and fire curtains, cutting-edge actuator technology, control units, and comprehensive support services, all designed to ensure optimal safety and ventilation control. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, we aim to create a safer, more secure future.
daylight systems and fiber composites by Lamilux


LAMILUX – the Global Leader in Fibre-Reinforced Plastics and Daylight Systems At LAMILUX, we are dedicated to shaping a sustainable future through innovation. As pioneers in daylight systems and fibre-reinforced plastics, we have garnered recognition for our commitment to excellence. Our role in large-scale projects, combined with accolades such as the "Product Innovation Award 2012" from Frost and Sullivan, showcase our unwavering dedication to leading the industry. Our focus on sustainability is evident in our energy-efficient daylight systems, which actively contribute to reducing energy consumption in buildings. Additionally, our fibre-reinforced plastics are at the forefront of lightweight construction and energy-efficient mobility, offering endless possibilities for development in various industries. In 2022, we achieved record sales and employed 1,300 individuals, demonstrating our ongoing dedication to innovation. Our promise is to remain an independent, family-owned business committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation, sustainability, and quality. Join us as we continue our journey towards a brighter, more sustainable future.
steel profile systems, drywall molding systems and prefabricated system installation walls by BST Rinklin

BST Rinklin

BST Rinklin, a leading provider in Germany, specializes in innovative fire safety solutions for buildings. With over 70 years of experience, their modular designs, including wall panels, pipe systems, seating systems, and fire-resistant casing systems, meet stringent building codes and safety regulations. Their focus on research and development ensures products are always current, adaptable, and compliant with the latest standards and technologies. The seating systems are designed to be comfortable, easy to install, and maintain, while the fire-resistant casing systems provide robust protection against fire damage. BST Rinklin's solutions offer comprehensive fire safety, catering to various settings including hospitals, libraries, and conference centers, ensuring buildings and occupants are safeguarded.
HVAC Fire protection Sun protection by Colt


Colt International: Transforming Spaces with Excellence For over 90 years, Colt International has led innovation in ventilation, heating, air conditioning, fire protection, sun protection, and daylight technology. Our legacy of excellence, global presence in 80+ countries, and local focus with 1,000 dedicated employees ensure tailor-made solutions for diverse sectors. Committed to an eco-friendly approach, we envision safer, healthier, and efficient living spaces. From fire protection to air conditioning and sun protection systems, Colt International is your partner in creating spaces that are safer, more comfortable, and environmentally responsible.
Sky Strips Sky Domes Flat Roof Windows and ventilation by InduLight


INDULIGHT, the epitome of innovation, craftsmanship, and German engineering, offers custom-made solutions for flat roofs. With a diverse range of products, including light strips, glass and special constructions, skylights, flat roof windows, RWA and ventilation solutions, as well as comprehensive project assistance, we cater to various clientele, ensuring excellence and reliability. Our "Made in Germany" approach guarantees superior quality and a seamless integration of functionality and aesthetics. At INDULIGHT, we are dedicated to illuminating and ventilating your spaces with tailored, high-performance solutions that exceed expectations and stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.
Fire Protection by Labor Strauss

Labor Strauss

The Labor Strauss Group, with over 90 years of experience, specializes in hazard detection systems and security technology. The European powerhouse provides fire alarm systems, automatic extinguishing systems, and burglar alarm systems, along with innovative solutions and products. With a dedication to innovation and quality, their global reach ensures maximum functionality, user-friendliness, and compliance with safety regulations and standards. Their advanced technologies, unparalleled product certification, manufacturing excellence, and commitment to environmental standards distinguish them as a trusted partner in the field of building security. The comprehensive product range includes fire alarm systems, fire control systems, fire department equipment, REACT for remote system access, smoke and heat exhaust systems, and emergency lighting. With a focus on protecting lives and property, the Labor Strauss Group remains committed to innovation, quality, and reliability.
Insulation solutions by Edilteeco


Edilteco is a leader in cutting-edge building solutions designed to elevate construction standards. Their thermal insulation solutions, featuring the Stiferite Class SK boards, optimize energy efficiency with exceptional thermal performance. The FONOTECH ECO P sound insulating mattress enhances acoustic comfort, while specialized materials like POLITERM WALL FIX demonstrate their commitment to versatility. Through innovation and collaboration, Edilteco is driving sustainability and excellence in the global construction industry.