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Renewable Energy Equipment Manufacturing

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Manufacturing of equipment for harnessing renewable energy, like solar panels and wind turbines.

Solar water heaters, renewable energy by PlexiSun


PlexiSun™ offers a groundbreaking solar hot water solution, seamlessly integrating into roofs to revolutionize sustainable living. Its innovative, carbon-zero heating technology exceeds industry standards, delivering multiple benefits through patented modular design, sustainable materials, and reduced electricity load. This cutting-edge approach makes PlexiSun™ a pioneering choice for residential, commercial, tourism, and remote community applications.
Railings Door Hardware Solar PV mount by Gursan


GÜRSAN Aluminium: Crafting Excellence for Over 40 Years In the heart of Istanbul, GÜRSAN Aluminium emerged in 1979, evolving into a family-owned legacy of innovation. From electricity pipes to a diverse range of premium aluminum products, our journey epitomizes adaptability and resilience. Specializing in door handles, balustrades, furniture, and solar mounting systems, GÜRSAN thrives on quality and customer satisfaction. With a 7,500 m² cutting-edge facility, a skilled team, and a 40-year expertise, we're the premier choice for high-quality aluminum solutions, transcending borders with a commitment to excellence. Join us in embracing the legacy that defines GÜRSAN Aluminium.
PV inverters and energy storage solutions by Goodwe


GoodWe is a global leader in solar energy solutions, offering solar inverters, energy storage, EV chargers, batteries, monitoring systems, and PV building materials. Their commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge technology empowers individuals, businesses, and communities to harness solar energy for a cleaner future. GoodWe's diverse range of products ensures reliable power and efficient energy usage, contributing to a sustainable and low-carbon future.
BIPV and other photovoltaic application by Asca


ASCA, a subsidiary of ARMOR GROUP, offers innovative photovoltaic solutions with a century of experience in thin film technology. Their high-performance, durable, and flexible products cater to diverse energy needs, providing efficient, customized solutions for various applications. ASCA's commitment to technological advancement ensures clients experience unparalleled innovation in the photovoltaic industry.
BIPV facade and Roof by Avancis


AVANCIS, a leader in CIGS-Photovoltaic technology, drives the global transition to renewable energy with over 40 years of expertise. Their dedicated efforts in advancing solar energy position them as a trailblazer in sustainable energy solutions. AVANCIS prioritizes excellence, sustainability, and innovation, offering efficient, high-quality solar solutions to meet the highest standards. Their CIGS technology represents a pinnacle of achievement in the renewable energy sector, promising a greener and more sustainable future.
world‘s largest thermal flat-plate-collector manufacturer Greenonetec


With over 30 years of expertise, GREENoneTEC is a global leader in solar thermal technology, offering high-performance solar thermal collectors and mounting systems. Their innovative products, incorporating plasma technology, boast unparalleled durability, efficiency, and reliability. Certified to ISO standards, GREENoneTEC's commitment to sustainability ensures a greener, more sustainable future.
Manufacturing of Solar panels for facades and roof application Intelligent Solar

Intelligent Solar

Intelligent Solar provides cutting-edge Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) solutions, seamlessly blending renewable energy generation with architectural design. Their range includes architectural solar panels, solar cladding systems, and solar façade installations, revolutionizing buildings' solar energy harnessing capabilities. Custom-designed solutions enhance aesthetics while generating sustainable electricity.
Innovative Biomass Heaters by Hargassner


Hargassner has been a leader in renewable energy heating systems for 39 years, offering environmentally friendly solutions worldwide. Their versatile products incorporate advanced technology to provide efficient and reliable solutions, including low-temperature boilers, combination stoves, and biomass heating systems, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting sustainability. With a focus on sustainability, efficiency, and technological innovation, Hargassner is committed to leading the renewable energy sector and promoting a more sustainable future globally.
Electrical and Tecnology Installation by OBO

Obo Betterman

OBO Betterman: Elevating Buildings through Innovative Electrical and Data Technology Installations Welcome to the world of OBO Bettermann, where innovation, quality, and cutting-edge technology converge to shape the future of electrical and data technology installations in buildings across the globe. As a global leader in the field, our mission is clear: to provide the best and most innovative ins
Metal Railings, Facades, Stairs by S-Vitech


As a leading provider of architectural and engineering solutions, S-Vitech and Silva & Ventura have been crafting excellence for more than two decades. Their commitment to delivering exceptional results is evident in the two core areas in which they operate: Artistic Metalwork and Metal Constructions and CNC Turning (Fastening Solutions). Specializing in architectural marvels, S-Vitech's VEA facades and decorative facades are more than just building exteriors; they are statements of creativity and craftsmanship. CNC Turning provides fastening solutions that meet the most stringent standards of quality and precision. S-Vitech also represents Onyx Solar, a pioneer in photovoltaic panels, in Portugal. With a strong focus on innovation, design, and functionality, S-Vitech is leading the charge towards a greener, more sustainable future for construction and architecture. Similarly, Silva & Ventura, a subsidiary of S-Vitech, specializes in CNC – Turning and Milling, offering technically advanced solutions tailored to the precise needs of their clients. With a dedication to commitment, partnership, and work and development, they are committed to producing uncompromising standards of quality, performance, and design.