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This category focuses on the collection, organisation, and recycling of waste, a significant part of which includes waste produced by households, industries, and public spaces. The industry’s main objective is to ensure the efficient and environmentally-friendly disposal of waste, while also promoting recycling and reduction of waste.

Chimney and Waste Management Chute Systems by Kapella


With over a decade of expertise, Kapella is the premier provider of automated garbage chute and chimney systems, trusted by 50,000 global customers. Our commitment to quality extends to collaborative efforts with renowned partners, delivering stable solutions for diverse industries. Beyond technology, we champion waste management and carbon reduction, initiating awareness projects with governments and municipalities. Kapella, a beacon of sustainability, ensures resource recovery and economic efficiency. Our skilled technical team offers tailored support worldwide, from design to installation. Opt for self-installation with expert supervision or rely on our maintenance services for uninterrupted operations. Choose Kapella for a greener, cleaner future—where experience, infrastructure, and commitment meet excellence.