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In-Situ Concrete Supply

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Reliable supply of quality concrete for various construction applications.

Cement Concrete and Aggregates by Holcim


Holcim is a global leader in building materials, offering sustainable products for diverse construction needs. The Holcim Excel ECOPlanet, Solido, Wallright, Aqua X, and Ecoplanet are designed to enhance durability and sustainability. Additionally, their drymix products such as Superfine Skim Coat and Fine Skim Coat revolutionize finishing applications. With a commitment to excellence and sustainability, Holcim is dedicated to empowering customers to build better, ensuring superior construction outcomes.
Qorox concrete printing


QOROX: Shaping the Future of Construction in New Zealand. Revolutionizing the industry with cutting-edge 3D printed concrete technology, we deliver faster, more efficient, and sustainable building solutions. Our BRANZ appraised systems redefine building standards, offering fire, seismic, and flood-resistant structures that outperform traditional methods. Experience the QOROX difference – a leap into the future of construction excellence, where innovation meets durability and environmental responsibility. Join us in transforming New Zealand's skyline with pioneering Construction 4.0 advancements
Steel Wood Concrete Steel Halls Houses Stables by Wolf System

Wolf System

Elevate your construction projects with WOLF System - a global leader with over 55 years of experience. We're your trusted partner for agricultural, commercial, industrial, steel, and container construction. Whether it's stables, warehouses, tanks, or prefabricated houses, our expertise in wood, steel, concrete, and innovative materials ensures tailored solutions that excel in performance, functionality, and aesthetics. Experience excellence, innovation, and unwavering commitment with WOLF System at every stage of your project.