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Lighting sculpture | Intersection of art, luxury and design by Terzani


Established in Florence in 1972, Terzani is a pioneer in luxury lighting design, known for pushing boundaries through innovative production techniques. Their creations are more than fixtures; they are fusion of art, luxury, and design meticulously handcrafted to celebrate traditional techniques and minute details. Collaborations with renowned designers yield original and unparalleled fixtures that redefine space through light. Terzani's collection spans pendant, ceiling, table, and wall lamps, each a symbol of sophistication and originality, blending tradition with a quest for new forms.
Contemporary Crystal Lighting by Windfall

Windfall Contemporary Crystal Lighting

Windfall GmbH, based in Munich, leads the luxury lighting industry with innovative crystal chandeliers like the SCARLETT, featuring a crystal cascade encased by an Organza cylinder shade, and the HELLBOB series, known for its unique 'Windfall curler' technique. Their designs, featuring floating crystal objects and cascading lights, set a new standard in luxurious lighting, earning commissions for prestigious projects worldwide and praise from esteemed architects and interior designers.
Prefab Houses by Domprojekt


Domprojekt is your premier provider of low-energy prefabricated houses in Europe, offering quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. Their houses are designed to meet the highest standards of energy efficiency, with a focus on reduced energy consumption and a comfortable living environment. With a commitment to exceptional quality and durability, the innovative prefabrication techniques allow for quick and efficient construction, tailored to individual needs and preferences. Domprojekt takes pride in delivering superior craftsmanship and attention to detail, ensuring customer satisfaction and a seamless building experience. Discover their range of houses and resources, and experience the difference of a Domprojekt low-energy house.
Retractable Roof Skylight Sliding Panels Glass Railings by Libart


"In the realm of architecture, Libart redefines spaces with innovative motion. With over 25 years of experience in 40+ countries, we lead in operable architectural solutions, offering retractable buildings, skylights, roofs, pool enclosures, and more. Libart empowers you to customize your outdoor living space with state-of-the-art retractable structures, crafted for longevity. Our retractable skylights create a captivating ambiance, ideal for commercial venues. Panora Vertical Retracting Windows & Doors and Kinetic Telescopic Glass Railing elevate your space with style and functionality. Libart's vision is to provide innovative architectural systems that enable flexible habitation spaces flooded with natural light, ensuring years of problem-free enjoyment for your clients. Let us redefine your indoor and outdoor spaces with our visionary approach to motion in architecture."
Cavalier Interiors by Riluce srl

Cavalier Interiors by Riluce srl

CAVALIER INTERIORS by Riluce, where exceptional furnishing accessories and bespoke interior solutions await you. With a vast range of luxurious upholstery, stunning lighting, customizable crystal decorations, elegant carpets, and tailor-made balustrades, we cater to discerning individuals, businesses, and designers alike. Our unwavering commitment to high quality and artisan customization, combined with over thirty years of experience collaborating with luxury multinationals, ensures we interpret and fulfill your every requirement. Let us transform your spaces into personalized works of art, where elegance and refinement meet functionality and beauty. Step into a world where design dreams come alive - CAVALIER INTERIORS by Riluce awaits you.
Slab Construction Technology by Cobiax


Cobiax, where innovation and sustainability redefine building possibilities. Since 2004, we have revolutionized modern slab technology, offering architects and builders the tools to create extraordinary spaces with reduced environmental impact. Our breakthrough X-Zone technology provides maximum load-bearing ability with minimal weight, eliminating the need for additional reinforcement. With eco-friendly innovations that reduce concrete consumption and offer greater design freedom, Cobiax paves the way for a sustainable future. Embrace wider scopes of innovation and a better tomorrow with Cobiax.
Ecotech commercial modular building

Ecotech Commercial Ltd

ECOTECH COMMERCIAL (NZ) LTD, where we transform construction with hi-tech modular excellence. With over 30 years of experience in high-volume affordable residential developments, we've reimagined construction by infusing it with mass production technologies. Our game-changing "Stacking" technology allows our MULTI-POD modules to stack up to 7 levels, accommodating limitless configurations for low-rise to high-rise developments. With off-site fabrication, we cut project timelines dramatically, resulting in significant cost savings and faster returns on investment. Join us on this extraordinary journey to redefine the possibilities of building with speed, affordability, and unrivaled quality. Welcome to ECOTECH.
Bent glued wood elements by Jagram-Pro


Jagram-Pro SA: Where Craftsmanship Meets Innovation in Wooden Solutions At Jagram-Pro SA, excellence in wooden solutions is our hallmark since 1987. We offer bespoke structures, ready-made terrace roofs, carports, and wooden roofs crafted with cutting-edge technology and top-tier materials. Our flexibility and diverse product range cater to unique styles and requirements, making every project a masterpiece of craftsmanship. With a legacy of trust, reliability, and unmatched quality, we stand as a dynamic partner for innovative projects. Choose Jagram-Pro SA for limitless possibilities and impeccable execution, blending aesthetics with durability for architectural masterpieces that endure the test of time.
Modular timber building construction MDL Module

MDL Module

MDL Module, pioneers in sustainable modular timber construction. Our diverse team of professionals shares a vision of shaping a greener future through innovative wooden modules. With expertise in high-class trade fair constructions worldwide, we have honed our skills in woodwork and modular thinking. Our commitment to pushing boundaries led us to embrace modular timber construction for large-scale projects, where wood takes center stage as a crucial building material. With up to 95% prefabrication in our Bischofsheim factory, we offer flexible and sustainable solutions, envisioning a future where buildings are modular, easy to maintain, and efficiently dismantled. Join us as we create an ecologically and economically valuable future for the construction industry.
Wooden Houses by Palmatin

Palmatin Wooden Houses

Discover the best factory houses produced in Estonia by Palmatin. With over 4,000 houses built and long-standing partnerships, we are experts in log houses and modular houses, offering a wide range of energy-efficient, ready-made homes. Choose from 34 different log profiles and various tenon connections, all produced with high-quality wood material from our own production. With modern CNC technology, we guarantee consistently high quality and on-time delivery, ensuring your dream home becomes a reality. Experience an environmentally friendly lifestyle with Palmatin's energy-efficient solutions.