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Personalized design services for custom-built homes, reflecting individual preferences and lifestyle.

Cavalier Interiors by Riluce srl

Cavalier Interiors by Riluce srl

CAVALIER INTERIORS by Riluce, where exceptional furnishing accessories and bespoke interior solutions await you. With a vast range of luxurious upholstery, stunning lighting, customizable crystal decorations, elegant carpets, and tailor-made balustrades, we cater to discerning individuals, businesses, and designers alike. Our unwavering commitment to high quality and artisan customization, combined with over thirty years of experience collaborating with luxury multinationals, ensures we interpret and fulfill your every requirement. Let us transform your spaces into personalized works of art, where elegance and refinement meet functionality and beauty. Step into a world where design dreams come alive - CAVALIER INTERIORS by Riluce awaits you.
Ecotech commercial modular building

Ecotech Commercial Ltd

ECOTECH COMMERCIAL (NZ) LTD, where we transform construction with hi-tech modular excellence. With over 30 years of experience in high-volume affordable residential developments, we've reimagined construction by infusing it with mass production technologies. Our game-changing "Stacking" technology allows our MULTI-POD modules to stack up to 7 levels, accommodating limitless configurations for low-rise to high-rise developments. With off-site fabrication, we cut project timelines dramatically, resulting in significant cost savings and faster returns on investment. Join us on this extraordinary journey to redefine the possibilities of building with speed, affordability, and unrivaled quality. Welcome to ECOTECH.
Modular timber building construction MDL Module

MDL Module

MDL Module, pioneers in sustainable modular timber construction. Our diverse team of professionals shares a vision of shaping a greener future through innovative wooden modules. With expertise in high-class trade fair constructions worldwide, we have honed our skills in woodwork and modular thinking. Our commitment to pushing boundaries led us to embrace modular timber construction for large-scale projects, where wood takes center stage as a crucial building material. With up to 95% prefabrication in our Bischofsheim factory, we offer flexible and sustainable solutions, envisioning a future where buildings are modular, easy to maintain, and efficiently dismantled. Join us as we create an ecologically and economically valuable future for the construction industry.
Steel Wood Concrete Steel Halls Houses Stables by Wolf System

Wolf System

Elevate your construction projects with WOLF System - a global leader with over 55 years of experience. We're your trusted partner for agricultural, commercial, industrial, steel, and container construction. Whether it's stables, warehouses, tanks, or prefabricated houses, our expertise in wood, steel, concrete, and innovative materials ensures tailored solutions that excel in performance, functionality, and aesthetics. Experience excellence, innovation, and unwavering commitment with WOLF System at every stage of your project.