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Sustainable design services for environmentally friendly, energy-efficient buildings.

Prefab Houses by Domprojekt


Domprojekt is your premier provider of low-energy prefabricated houses in Europe, offering quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. Their houses are designed to meet the highest standards of energy efficiency, with a focus on reduced energy consumption and a comfortable living environment. With a commitment to exceptional quality and durability, the innovative prefabrication techniques allow for quick and efficient construction, tailored to individual needs and preferences. Domprojekt takes pride in delivering superior craftsmanship and attention to detail, ensuring customer satisfaction and a seamless building experience. Discover their range of houses and resources, and experience the difference of a Domprojekt low-energy house.
Slab Construction Technology by Cobiax


Cobiax, where innovation and sustainability redefine building possibilities. Since 2004, we have revolutionized modern slab technology, offering architects and builders the tools to create extraordinary spaces with reduced environmental impact. Our breakthrough X-Zone technology provides maximum load-bearing ability with minimal weight, eliminating the need for additional reinforcement. With eco-friendly innovations that reduce concrete consumption and offer greater design freedom, Cobiax paves the way for a sustainable future. Embrace wider scopes of innovation and a better tomorrow with Cobiax.
Wooden Houses by Palmatin

Palmatin Wooden Houses

Discover the best factory houses produced in Estonia by Palmatin. With over 4,000 houses built and long-standing partnerships, we are experts in log houses and modular houses, offering a wide range of energy-efficient, ready-made homes. Choose from 34 different log profiles and various tenon connections, all produced with high-quality wood material from our own production. With modern CNC technology, we guarantee consistently high quality and on-time delivery, ensuring your dream home becomes a reality. Experience an environmentally friendly lifestyle with Palmatin's energy-efficient solutions.
healthy and sustainable buildings: pioneers for sustainable construction Sentinel Haus Institut

Sentinel Haus Institut GmbH

SENTINEL HAUS INSTITUT: Pioneers for Healthy and Sustainable Buildings. As leaders in knowledge and expertise, we're dedicated to raising construction industry standards for healthier, greener living. Our collective of specialists, professionals, and enthusiasts shares a vision of positive change. From eliminating indoor pollutants to efficient resource utilization, we're committed to creating a future of well-being for inhabitants and the environment alike. Explore our comprehensive services that span the construction value chain, ensuring every project meets the highest standards of sustainability and healthy living. Join us in shaping a future that's right for generations to come.