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Custom Home Building Planning

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Personalized planning services for custom-built homes tailored to individual needs.

Hoermann wood construction, metal construction and steel construction. We also have specialist departments for concrete construction and energy technology.


Welcome to Hoermann, your ultimate partner for innovative building and modernization solutions. As a global leader, we provide sustainable components for commercial, residential, and modular construction projects. Our visionary entrance systems and advanced loading technology enhance security and efficiency in commercial buildings. For residential properties, we offer stylish entrance doors, intelligent garage solutions, and modern security systems. Embracing the trend of modular construction, our adaptable components ensure seamless integration and high-quality results. With a focus on safety, sustainability, and innovation, Hoermann shapes the future of construction with pioneering solutions. Choose Hoermann as your trusted partner for reliable and future-oriented building and modernization components.
Home Automation by Lebensraeume


Lebensraeume, also known as Living Spaces, is your gateway to a smarter, more convenient, and secure way of living. With a passionate focus on SmartHome trends, they provide the information needed to make informed decisions about transforming your living space. At their showrooms, experience the magic of a smart home firsthand and witness how it seamlessly integrates into your living space. Their Living Space Configurator empowers you to plan your smart home according to your preferences. They prioritize individualized smart homes that adapt to your life, offering a smooth process without requiring technical knowledge, and recommend the right specialist electrician or showroom in your area. Living Spaces is a partnership focused on making intelligent building technology tangible and accessible. They showcase the latest SmartHome trends and emphasize personalization, convenience, security, comfort, energy efficiency, and entertainment. Additionally, they promote barrier-free living and provide insights into the possibilities smart TVs offer for modern living. Their SmartHome configurator allows you to design your ideal home online and receive a non-binding cost estimate for your project. Join Living Spaces on the journey to unlock more time for the things that truly matter in life and experience the future of living today.
Ecotech commercial modular building

Ecotech Commercial Ltd

ECOTECH COMMERCIAL (NZ) LTD, where we transform construction with hi-tech modular excellence. With over 30 years of experience in high-volume affordable residential developments, we've reimagined construction by infusing it with mass production technologies. Our game-changing "Stacking" technology allows our MULTI-POD modules to stack up to 7 levels, accommodating limitless configurations for low-rise to high-rise developments. With off-site fabrication, we cut project timelines dramatically, resulting in significant cost savings and faster returns on investment. Join us on this extraordinary journey to redefine the possibilities of building with speed, affordability, and unrivaled quality. Welcome to ECOTECH.