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Industrial Building Planning

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Specialized planning for industrial facilities like factories, power plants, and warehouses.

Lighting Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilation by Tecnocupole


Tecnocupole Pancaldi is your partner in safety, innovation, and efficiency. For over two generations, we've designed and produced state-of-the-art lighting, ventilation, and fire prevention systems. Our mission is not only to deliver products but to ensure your everyday safety. From project inception to installation, we take personal responsibility, culminating in our factory in Castel San Pietro Terme. Our passionate team integrates experience, design proficiency, and technological innovation to elevate everyday life through natural light and ventilation. Our rich history is defined by advancements in natural lighting, ventilation, safety, and fire prevention. Our expertise and specialized software ensure excellent performance and compliance with the strictest regulations. We are pioneers in thermoforming, using advanced techniques to create customizable shapes. Mechanical processing plays an integral role in our production process, delivering excellence with precision and craftsmanship. We remain committed to providing versatile solutions for various safety requirements, offering post-installation maintenance and assistance for efficient fire prevention practices. Our dedication to safeguarding lives is evident in our commitment to the efficiency of over 20,000 smoke and heat control devices. At Tecnocupole Pancaldi, we are with you every step of the way, crafting safety and innovation from roof to reality.
Electrical and Tecnology Installation by OBO

Obo Betterman

OBO Betterman: Elevating Buildings through Innovative Electrical and Data Technology Installations Welcome to the world of OBO Bettermann, where innovation, quality, and cutting-edge technology converge to shape the future of electrical and data technology installations in buildings across the globe. As a global leader in the field, our mission is clear: to provide the best and most innovative ins
Home Automation by Lebensraeume


Lebensraeume, also known as Living Spaces, is your gateway to a smarter, more convenient, and secure way of living. With a passionate focus on SmartHome trends, they provide the information needed to make informed decisions about transforming your living space. At their showrooms, experience the magic of a smart home firsthand and witness how it seamlessly integrates into your living space. Their Living Space Configurator empowers you to plan your smart home according to your preferences. They prioritize individualized smart homes that adapt to your life, offering a smooth process without requiring technical knowledge, and recommend the right specialist electrician or showroom in your area. Living Spaces is a partnership focused on making intelligent building technology tangible and accessible. They showcase the latest SmartHome trends and emphasize personalization, convenience, security, comfort, energy efficiency, and entertainment. Additionally, they promote barrier-free living and provide insights into the possibilities smart TVs offer for modern living. Their SmartHome configurator allows you to design your ideal home online and receive a non-binding cost estimate for your project. Join Living Spaces on the journey to unlock more time for the things that truly matter in life and experience the future of living today.