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Essential services for ensuring buildings meet safety standards and regulations.

Fire Protection by Labor Strauss

Labor Strauss

The Labor Strauss Group, with over 90 years of experience, specializes in hazard detection systems and security technology. The European powerhouse provides fire alarm systems, automatic extinguishing systems, and burglar alarm systems, along with innovative solutions and products. With a dedication to innovation and quality, their global reach ensures maximum functionality, user-friendliness, and compliance with safety regulations and standards. Their advanced technologies, unparalleled product certification, manufacturing excellence, and commitment to environmental standards distinguish them as a trusted partner in the field of building security. The comprehensive product range includes fire alarm systems, fire control systems, fire department equipment, REACT for remote system access, smoke and heat exhaust systems, and emergency lighting. With a focus on protecting lives and property, the Labor Strauss Group remains committed to innovation, quality, and reliability.
Lighting Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilation by Tecnocupole


Tecnocupole Pancaldi is your partner in safety, innovation, and efficiency. For over two generations, we've designed and produced state-of-the-art lighting, ventilation, and fire prevention systems. Our mission is not only to deliver products but to ensure your everyday safety. From project inception to installation, we take personal responsibility, culminating in our factory in Castel San Pietro Terme. Our passionate team integrates experience, design proficiency, and technological innovation to elevate everyday life through natural light and ventilation. Our rich history is defined by advancements in natural lighting, ventilation, safety, and fire prevention. Our expertise and specialized software ensure excellent performance and compliance with the strictest regulations. We are pioneers in thermoforming, using advanced techniques to create customizable shapes. Mechanical processing plays an integral role in our production process, delivering excellence with precision and craftsmanship. We remain committed to providing versatile solutions for various safety requirements, offering post-installation maintenance and assistance for efficient fire prevention practices. Our dedication to safeguarding lives is evident in our commitment to the efficiency of over 20,000 smoke and heat control devices. At Tecnocupole Pancaldi, we are with you every step of the way, crafting safety and innovation from roof to reality.
TUV does test, accompany, develop, promote and certify products, plants, processes and management systems

TUV Rheinland

TÜV Rheinland, a global leader with over 150 years of experience, champions safety, sustainability, and integrity. Their services cover a wide range, including testing, certification, environmental management, construction materials, real estate assessment, fire protection, and renovation. With an emphasis on excellence, they offer holistic solutions to ensure safety, quality, and sustainability across various industries and projects.
Lighting and Fall Protection by Blitz-ooe


Blitz-ooe: Protecting Upper Austria from Lightning Strikes Upper Austria, witnessing 30,000 lightning strikes annually, demands robust protection. Our Upper Austrian Lightning Protection Company excels in shielding your property. Our systems counter potential lightning damage, providing tailored solutions and maintenance. The BIA 2-in-1 System combines lightning and safety protection, ensuring comprehensive security. Holistic planning optimizes fall protection components, achieving up to 30% cost savings. The BIA Advantage seamlessly integrates lightning and fall protection, meeting legal requirements. Trust us for quality, compliance, and peace of mind. In Upper Austria, where tradition meets innovation, let us safeguard your property.
healthy and sustainable buildings: pioneers for sustainable construction Sentinel Haus Institut

Sentinel Haus Institut GmbH

SENTINEL HAUS INSTITUT: Pioneers for Healthy and Sustainable Buildings. As leaders in knowledge and expertise, we're dedicated to raising construction industry standards for healthier, greener living. Our collective of specialists, professionals, and enthusiasts shares a vision of positive change. From eliminating indoor pollutants to efficient resource utilization, we're committed to creating a future of well-being for inhabitants and the environment alike. Explore our comprehensive services that span the construction value chain, ensuring every project meets the highest standards of sustainability and healthy living. Join us in shaping a future that's right for generations to come.