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Ryan E. Smith is a Professor and Director of the School of Design & Construction at Washington State University. Professor Smith has been teaching, researching and consulting with respect to offsite construction, industrialized building, prefabricated and volumetric modular product R&D, factory setup and layout, design assist, and market analysis and surveys, for 18 years.

Light Gauge Steel Modular

MOD X welcomes back Julian Bowron of Vectorminima to discuss his new invention, METALOQ. This is a light gauge steel modular solution that was invented to compete as a non-combustible and higher tolerance solution to low-rise light wood frame modular construction and a lower cost option to hot-rolled steel modular.
Light Gauge Steel Modular

Offsite Manufacture

MOD X features David Crawford, General Manager of CCG OSM, the offsite manufacturing arm of the CCG Group, a turn key construction provider in Scotland. David discusses their integrated approach to design, manufacture and build using a closed panel approach.
Offsite Manufacturing houses

Investing in Industrialized Construction

MOD X discusses the investment profile of offsite, modular and industrialized construction with Brian Sayre, Senior Associate at Shadow Venture Capital, a real estate venture capital firm in San Francisco. He is author of "Disrupt a Broken Industry - The Industrialized Construction Sandbox" where he outlines opportunities for new and existing players in the offsite sector.

Forest to Frame

MOD X welcomes Mita Sen, the Secretariat for the Forum on Forests, which is part of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations. Mita discusses the UN focus on global forests through 2030 including: conservation and restoration as it relates to climate change, forest economy, forest protection, external partnerships, and UN international forest partnerships.
The Forest to Frame - building homes

Vertically Integrated Modular

MOD X invites Aaron Holm and Nelson Del Rio, co-founders and co-CEOs of Blokable, a vertically integrated modular company in Seattle. Blokable seeks to solve housing supply, where modular construction alone has yet to be able to deliver fully.
Vertically Integrated Modular construction