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Steel products by kamaridis


Kamaridis GlobalWire Group is a renowned Greek steel industry and a leading manufacturer of high-quality steel products. With over 40 years of experience, they provide exceptional quality and world-class service, including Roll-Formed Steel Sheets, Prefabricated Insulated and Architectural Polyurethane Panels, and Black & Galvanized Wire, Nails, and Wire Mesh. Their extensive product range caters to a wide array of customer needs, including Polyurethane Panels, Wire Products, Steel Products, Roll Formed Metal Sheets, Purlins, and Concrete Reinforcing Steel. Kamaridis GlobalWire Group is committed to environmental sustainability and "green" growth policies, promoting a better future for the planet. Contact them today for a quote or explore their website to discover more about their products and services.
Steel Products by ArcelorMitall


As the world's leading steel and mining company, ArcelorMittal is dedicated to creating smarter steels for a sustainable future. With a focus on responsible and sustainable material choices, their dedication to innovation and entrepreneurship ensures their steel products contribute to modern development. Through initiatives like Steligence® and Constructalia®, ArcelorMittal seeks to revolutionize the construction industry and set new standards for the future.
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Recycling aluminum for a better future Baux


Discover Grupo Baux's commitment to sustainability and aluminum production. With over 350 employees, their circular economy process includes constant aluminum recycling. They are known for top-quality products, manufactured with a low CO2 footprint and quick global service. Joined with Jupiter Aluminum Corporation in 2018, they offer innovation, 24/7 production, and a strong capacity for accommodating special orders.
advance timber engineering and construction by Blumer Lehmann

Blumer Lehmann

Blumer-Lehmann AG, based in Gossau, Switzerland, specializes in planning and implementing innovative timber constructions. Their expertise covers technical planning, production, assembly, and serving as general contractors. Through meticulous project development, including feasibility studies and cost calculations, they ensure the successful realization of architectural visions.
Wood Houses CLT Roofing Ceilings Walls by Ligna

Ligna Construct Srl

"Welcome to LignaConstruct, your premier provider of innovative and sustainable construction solutions. Our commitment to excellence, quality craftsmanship, and eco-conscious practices ensures durable, efficient, and environmentally-friendly structures. Specializing in timber construction, we offer precision-engineered timber frames, glulam beams, and cross-laminated timber panels. From residential to commercial projects, our expertise and sustainable practices deliver exceptional results. Committed to responsible forest management, we source timber from sustainably managed forests. Our experienced team ensures the highest level of quality, precision, and customer satisfaction, guiding you through every step of the construction process. Trust LignaConstruct for superior timber construction excellence that transforms your projects with the beauty and sustainability of wood."
Sawn Timber products by FrenchTimber


FrenchTimber: Elevating French Wood Products Worldwide Established in 2001, FrenchTimber, supported by France Bois Forêt, champions the global use of premium French sawn timber and wood products. Sustainably sourced from diverse tree species, including oak, beech, and spruce, their high-quality offerings meet international standards. From sawn timber to glued laminated timber and cross-laminated timber, FrenchTimber caters to construction, furniture, and interior design needs. Committed to environmental friendliness and stringent quality control, FrenchTimber is the trusted choice for those seeking excellence in timber and wood solutions worldwide.
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Grated Steel products by Gitterstar


GitterStar GmbH & Co. KG leads in providing top-quality, custom metal grating solutions with an unwavering commitment to innovation, precision, and client satisfaction. Their tailored craftsmanship and cutting-edge manufacturing ensure superior products, backed by extensive experience in delivering international projects of significant scale. GitterStar's offerings encompass a wide range of innovative grating products, with a focus on bespoke solutions, quality assurance, and responsive, client-centric service. For those seeking a reliable and dedicated partner in custom grating solutions, GitterStar sets the standard for excellence.
Quality Timber products by Elka


Elka Holzwerke is your go-to destination for high-quality, sustainable wood products, including premium hardwood flooring, durable decking, and versatile cladding. They prioritize sustainability and customer satisfaction, offering products sourced from responsibly managed forests and comprehensive support for installation. Elevate your living or working spaces with Elka Holzwerke's elegant and durable wood products.
Cement Concrete and Aggregates by Holcim


Holcim is a global leader in building materials, offering sustainable products for diverse construction needs. The Holcim Excel ECOPlanet, Solido, Wallright, Aqua X, and Ecoplanet are designed to enhance durability and sustainability. Additionally, their drymix products such as Superfine Skim Coat and Fine Skim Coat revolutionize finishing applications. With a commitment to excellence and sustainability, Holcim is dedicated to empowering customers to build better, ensuring superior construction outcomes.
Steel by Marcegaglia


Marcegaglia SpA, a force in global steel and metallurgical markets since 1959, offers a diverse product range from steel flats to construction equipment. With a vast presence in sectors like construction and tourism, the company spans Italy, Brazil, India, and more. Boasting a substantial workforce and $9.5 billion revenue in 2022, Marcegaglia excels in financial strength. Strategic acquisitions, diverse ventures, and a commitment to innovation showcase its proactive growth. Beyond steel, its foray into engineering and sustainability initiatives portrays a multifaceted enterprise. Marcegaglia's family-driven legacy, coupled with a global impact, marks it as a leader setting industry benchmarks.
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