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Helping You Specify and Source More Efficient Building Systems, Sustainable Products, And Services.

sustainable systems for green roofs, living walls and groundcover. by Sempergreen

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What is Build Source?

Build Source is a dedicated procurement platform to help industry professionals and consumers find, specify and source advanced building systems, sustainable products, and specialized services. We’ve built a dedicated procurement tool to help our Build Source members record individual project notes, create tasks and reminders, as well as email tools to help you keep track in your daily work stream.

Build Source members enjoy use of our exclusive procurement portal and tools, access to exclusive educational and informative content, discounted event, product and service offers.

We are constantly adding new features, and if you kind a new feature you would like us to consider adding then please email:

Need extra help? Try our in-house Build Source Procurement Service.

Our Build Source team has over 3 decades of building industry experience in multiple continents. We grasp the intricacies and challenges of the construction industry and the escalating demand for sustainable solutions at an affordable price.

Our in-house Build Source procurement service specializes in sourcing and delivering superior building and construction materials, products, and building systems for our clients in Australasia, and beyond.

We cater to an array of projects in handling everything from structural building systems to interior furnishings. For more details, visit our Build Source International Procurement Service information page here.

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