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The Sourcing and Building Advisory Service

At the heart of every successful building project is thorough planning, efficiency, good communication, collaboration, and networking.

One part nearly everyone overlooks is how long it takes to find and choose the optimal building system and sustainable products for their building products.

Most look to their local supply chain, or what they’ve used before. And whilst that strategy can work well, most projects could do better, produce more sustainable buildings, and save money. That’s where we can help.

Our Sourcing and Building Advisory service helps our clients to realize optimal outcomes through our trusted and carefully curated global supplier network, industry specialists, and global trade connections.

How we help leverage our independent counsel to help guide decisions across:

  • Advanced Building Systems, Sustainable Products, and Materials Selection.
  • Efficiency and Building Practice Strategies
  • Planning & Design
  • Budget Optimization
  • International Procurement

Our Experience

We’ve physically worked across three continents and most sides of the building and construction industries, including; planning, design, building, manufacturing, commercialisation, procurement, logistics, and retail. We feel that there aren’t many aspects that we haven’t got hands-on experience in.

We have funded our own developments, counted every cent, and felt the pain financially when things didn’t go to plan. And no matter how much you plan to the smallest detail, things can go wrong, so we’ll give you the tools and resources to help mitigate these issues when they arise.

Our Building Projects

The types of projects we have worked and advised of include:

  • Luxury Residential
  • Restaurants
  • Resorts
  • Forestry
  • Vieyards and wineries
  • Waterfront/Marine
  • Subdivisons
  • Retail

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