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The Truth About 3D Printed Homes

The Truth About 3D Printed Homes. 3D printing may reshape the world canvas for good. Like many inventions, 3D printed homes been hyped up over the last few years. Like the Icon 3D printed homes in Austin, Texas. But what if I told you that Italian architects designed the world’s first 3D printed house out of dirt…yep, dirt. Clearly, the hype hasn’t bitten the dust yet.
The Truth about 3D printed homes

Light Gauge Steel Modular

MOD X welcomes back Julian Bowron of Vectorminima to discuss his new invention, METALOQ. This is a light gauge steel modular solution that was invented to compete as a non-combustible and higher tolerance solution to low-rise light wood frame modular construction and a lower cost option to hot-rolled steel modular.
Light Gauge Steel Modular

Offsite Manufacture

MOD X features David Crawford, General Manager of CCG OSM, the offsite manufacturing arm of the CCG Group, a turn key construction provider in Scotland. David discusses their integrated approach to design, manufacture and build using a closed panel approach.
Offsite Manufacturing houses