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About & FAQ’s

About Us

The Build Review is a dynamic and expanding network of collaborative authors, featuring industry leaders, subject matter experts, and commentators from around the globe. Our shared aim is to plan, design, and build superior, cost-effective buildings, spaces, and infrastructure that utilize sustainable, innovative, and health-conscious products and materials.

Additionally, we promote the adoption of more efficient building systems and practices, using fewer resources and causing less disruption, while also speeding up construction times and reducing costs.

Ian Thompson, the founder and editor of The Build Review, brings over thirty years of experience in design, structural engineering, property development, and advisory roles across three continents. His diverse business interests include information technology, international procurement, and retail. Ian has travelled around the world, studying and learning how different cultures influence design and the way they subsequently build and live. That’s why he’s passionate about using education, collaboration, design, and procurement to solve many of the problems we face when building today.

Our Mission

Our mission is about empowering our global audience to create cost-effective, cutting-edge, environmentally friendly buildings that promote well-being and energy efficiency.

What We Do

Whilst our skills and experience are diverse, we focus our attention in 5 core areas:

  1. Industry and Consumer Education: We strive to enable greater awareness and access to nationally and internationally manufactured innovative products, better building systems, and practices that will give industry professionals and consumers more choice and the tools to plan, design, and build better buildings and spaces more cost-effectively.
  2. Advisory: We can be contracted to help policymakers, industry professionals, and consumers plan, design, and build better. We also address topics including international trade and market development, R&D and commercialization, manufacturing, supply chain, sustainability, and wellbeing.
  3. Technology: We also excel in Software as a Service (SAAS) and PaaS development, offering cutting-edge solutions tailored to improving the global building and construction industries.
  4. Supply: We encourage innovative manufacturers to offer our members special product and service offers to help reduce the cost of building and raise awareness of their products. The Build Review does not make a commission from the sale of these items.
  5. Media Production: Currently we have full or part-time media production capability in Australasia and some European and North American countries. Please email: for more information.


  1. What are the consulting and advisory service charges? We charge based on time and materials for all consulting and advisory services, both nationally and internationally.
  2. How can BuildSource partner products be ordered? All BuildSource partner products are available for sale for a limited time and availability basis directly from the suppliers. The Build Review does not charge any affiliate sales fees or commissions from these sales.
  3. Can I showcase my project on The Build Review? Yes, we welcome building projects that are innovative and utilize high-performing products or building systems. However, we reserve the right to decline projects that do not meet our required standards.
  4. Does The Build Review welcome content from any country? Yes. However, we reserve the right to refuse content that we feel is not educational or infringes our company’s operating ethics. If accepted, we require at least one version of the content to be written in English – including video subtitles. It is a high priority for us to roll out the website in different languages ASAP.
  5. What are the criteria for being listed as a Build Source supplier? Any producers of products, materials, or building systems that aim to improve the building and construction industries are considered for their general quality, performance, sustainability, health, energy-efficiency, ease of installation, transportation, and cost. Services providors need to be seen to be making the industry better, providing advice or services that either reduce cost, site disruption, resources and waste, or improve efficiency, collaboration, training, and knowledge transfer.

Collaborate with Us

We welcome individuals and organisations from all around the world who are passionate about making a genuine impact in the building and construction industries to collaborate with us. Also, please contact us If you have an exceptional product, advanced building system, project, case study, review, or a promising idea.

Feel free to share your contact details and message via email to: Alternatively, you can contact us by phone: +64 9 212 8457 (NZST).