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About & FAQ’s

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower our global audience to create cost effective, cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly buildings that promote well-being and energy efficiency.

Who We Are

The Build Review is a growing collaborative author network consisting of industry leaders, commentators, subject matter experts, and advisors from around the world. Our collective goal is to plan, design, and construct better, with a focus on improving both our lives and the health of our planet.

Our mission is to promote greater collaboration between the industry sectors, and their consumers, educating and transforming businesses and individuals alike. We achieve this by advocating the use of improved building systems and embracing more sustainable and healthier products. Additionally, we encourage the adoption of more efficient, less disruptive, and wasteful practices.

Founded by Ian Thompson, a seasoned designer, engineer, and builder with 35 years of experience spanning three continents, our advisory and educational team offers valuable strategic insights and impartial industry knowledge to project stakeholders worldwide.

What We Do

Whilst our skills and experience are diverse, we focus our attention in 5 core areas:

  1. Industry and Consumer Education: We strive to enable greater access to globally created content that helps spread awareness of better building systems, products and practices that will ultimately improve the what we design and build, and how we build it.
  2. Planning, Design and Building Advisory: We help industry professionals and consumers to build better, addressing items including: 1) sustainability, 2) off-gassing, health, well-being, 3) building systems, products and material specification, 4) practices, efficiency, resources, and reducing disruption.
  3. Market Research and Distribution: We facilitate cost reduction in construction by enabling a wider range of product choices and fostering new market competition, all while ensuring higher build quality and living standards.
  4. Promotion of Better Building Systems: We advocate for advanced building systems, superior products, innovative technologies, and more efficient, less disruptive practices.
  5. Technology: We also excel in Software as a Service (SAAS) and PaaS development, offering cutting-edge solutions tailored to improving the global building and construction industries.

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  1. Do you offer consulting and advisory services? Yes. We can be contracted on an hourly or daily basis to answer your project questions. We offer advice for specifying, procurement, transport, design and building.
  2. I notice you offer discounted partner products and services for sale, do you make a sales commission? No. We are encouraging our high-performance suppliers to help reduce the cost of building by offering discounts on popular items or services that they offer.
  3. Why do I have to be a Buyers Club Member to take advantage of the member offers? We charge a small annual membership fee to help cover the cost of administering the website and producing the educational content.
  4. I have a project that I would like to showcase on The Build Review, is that possible? Yes, we welcome all building projects as long as they are considered innovative or use high-performing products or building systems. We reserve the right to decline projects that do we feel do not meet the required standards.
  5. Does The Build Review welcome content from any country? Yes. However, we require at least one version of the content to be written in English – including video subtitles.
  6. Are you able to produce media content for our company like videos or written content? Yes. We will try to accommodate all requests.

Let’s Collaborate

We welcome individuals and organisations from all around the world who are passionate about making a genuine impact in the building and construction industries to collaborate with us. Also, please contact us If you have an exceptional product, building system, project, case study, review, a promising idea, or just need help.

Feel free to share your contact details and message via email to: Alternatively, you can contact us by phone: +64 9 212 8457 (NZST).

We value all contributions and look forward to hearing from you today.