High Performance Vendor Membership

At The Build Review, we are passionate about sharing stories that inspire the building industry to improve the way we build, what we build, and how we live. As a leading media agency, we are excited to offer High Performance Building Material, Product, and Systems Manufacturers the opportunity to showcase their brand to our global audience of builders, architects, construction professionals, and customers who are always looking for the latest and greatest in high-performance building materials, products, and systems. By sharing your story with us, you will have access to a highly engaged and growing audience eager to learn about the innovative and Eco-friendly products your brand has to offer.

Our experienced media team will work with you to craft a visually stunning and professional narrative that showcases your products and brand in the best possible light. From concept to execution, we handle every aspect of the process, allowing you to focus on what you do best – creating top-quality building materials and products. Don’t miss this opportunity to reach the industry’s elite. Contact us today to learn more about how The Build Review can showcase your brand to the world in the most remarkable way.

We have two membership packages available which entitle you to add more types of content depending on your preferences, and all are upgradable as your profile grows.

Standard Vendor Membership entities you to add the following information:

Business Contact information: Company trading name, company slogan/tag line, year established, telephone number, email address, website address and company address.

Social Media Links: Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook,

About: Add details about your company including company history.

Key Features: List up to 10 key features about your business and why it’s a high performance manufacturer of building systems, materials or products.

Featured Projects: List up to three recent featured projects with supporting images or a video showcasing your manufactured goods in use.

Brands: List up to 10 brands with URL links and their country of manufactured origin.

Member Offers: Add up to 3 products that you would like to offer our membership base with an exclusive discount. We need your help to reduce the cost of building and would like to encourage all our high performance manufacturers to offer an exclusive discount for our membership base. You can limit this promotion by duration, place or quantity. The member will be issued with a coupon or code along with purchasing instructions. No transaction will be made on The Build Review website unless we have been asked to on the manufacturers behalf.

Document Links: List up to three externally hosted document URL’s i.e. company brochures, case studies, price lists or installation guides.

Premium Vendor Membership entities to all the standard membership features with the added benefit of adding your own authored posts. Post may contain image galleries, graphics, charts and YouTube videos.