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Your Support Will help Influence The Way Many Generations Build and Live Sustainably - For Us and Our Planet with Building Industry Sponsorship.

Join Our Mission: Building Industry Sponsorship for Sustainable Spaces

At the Advanced Building Association, we’re spearheading a revolution in design and construction. We are committed to creating sustainable, energy-efficient, and affordable structures, thanks to our global network of industry leaders and subject matter experts.

By contributing, you’re investing in our mission to inspire the creation of innovative, green buildings that enhance living standards, while reducing costs. Under the leadership of our founder Ian Thompson who brings 30+ years of diverse design and building experience, we take a holistic approach that integrates collaboration, education, innovation, health, and environmental consciousness.

Here’s how your sponsorship will contribute:

  1. Education for Industry and Consumers: Your support will help us disseminate knowledge about innovative products and practices, enabling professionals and consumers to design and build superior buildings cost-effectively.
  2. Grow the ABA Suppliers Network: We will continue to build the world’s most accurate database of advanced manufacturers and suppliers that serve the global building and construction industry.
  3. Advisory: With your backing, we can offer valuable impartial advice to policymakers, professionals, and consumers, driving the transformation of the building industry nationally, and internationally.
  4. Building Solutions For All: We will continue to develop affordable building solutions that will tackle a number of housing supply challenges around the world.
  5. Technology:  We are leveraging AI, ML, and SAAS to change the way we assess and specify products. Your sponsorship will help us deliver cutting-edge solutions to building and construction industries worldwide.
  6. Media Production: Your support will allow us to expand our media production capabilities, reaching more people, and influencing a more sustainable approach to building and design globally.

Sponsorship Levels

We offer various sponsorship levels to suit your budget:

The Build Review Bronze Sponsor 2024 1
The Build Review Silver Sponsor 2024 1
The Build Review Gold Sponsor 2024 1
  • Bronze: NZD5,000 + GST
  • Silver: NZD10,000 + GST
  • Gold: NZD15,000 + GST
  • Founders Investment: Please contact us directly.

Your sponsorship is more than just financial support; it’s a commitment to a greener, more sustainable future. Together, we can reshape how the world builds, creating spaces that are better for us and our planet.

Sponsorship Logo Usage

As part of our sponsorship package, we provide you with our official sponsorship level badge corresponding to your sponsorship tier. We encourage you to display them proudly on your website, social media platforms, or any other media directly associated with your organisation.

By using these badges, you not only show your support for our organization but also identify yourself as a proud sponsor.

You are granted non-exclusive, non-transferable rights to use the badge in accordance with the following terms:

  1. The badge may be used on your website, in printed material, and in other media platforms solely in connection to your sponsorship of our organization.
  2. The badge may not be used to imply endorsement by The Build Review.
  3. You may not alter, modify, or change the badge in any way without our permission.
  4. All rights to the badge are retained by The Build Review, and we reserve the right to revoke the usage rights at any time if we deem your use is inappropriate or damaging to our brand.

Join us in our mission by offering building industry sponsorship to The Build Review today.

For more information, please email: media@buildreview.org

Our Current Sponsors

The team at The Build Review extend a special thanks to all our sponsors who are truly helping make a difference in Australasia and around the world.

Gold Sponsors

Beyond Hardware New Zealand – Architectural windows and doors hardware specialists based in Auckland, New Zealand. LINK

Project Lighting Australasia – Lighting designers and suppliers of the finest European made architectural and decorative lighting. LINK

Silver Sponsors

New Zealand Projects International – Specialized Project management, design and build. LINK

Property Independent – New Zealand’s leading independent property search and selection specialists, portfolio management and consulting.

Misc. Sponsors

Microsoft Australia – Special thanks to Microsoft for inviting The Build Review to join the Founders Program and giving technology, advice and platform benefits. Link