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Part 2 – New Zealand Property Market Review Dec 2022

During this webinar, Kelvin Davidson, Chief Property Economist at CoreLogic New Zealand, provided us an update on recent property & economic trends, as well as some thoughts on what might lie ahead in 2023. This Episode includes: Recap of recent market movements, including: Sales Statistics, Property Values, New Listings by location, First Home Buyers, Rental Growth.
New-Zealand-Property-Market-Review Q3 - 2022 - Part-2

Are We Building A Beautiful Future?

An interesting extract from a Dezeen's hosted video chatting with Mary Parsons, the commissioner behind the Building Better, Building Beautiful report in the UK. It's a good insight into urban planning initiatives in the UK and highlights some of the lessons we all need to learn about poor planning on our housing developments. A good video for all architects and developers.

5 Reasons why there ISN’T a housing shortage in the USA

Housing is a basic human need. But a lack of affordable housing to buy or rent is fueling a housing crisis here in the States. Research claims that the US needed 3.8 million homes in 2019, which grew to 5.2 million homes in 2021. In this video, we’re going to look at 5 reasons why there ISN'T a housing shortage in the States.
What Housing Crisis - Belina Carr

Introduction to the Build Review – Let’s Build Better

At the Build Review, we are using education to shape a better building industry for New Zealand - and beyond. A shared space for knowledge and insight, we empower the industry to find cost-effective, energy efficient, healthy and environmentally friendly solutions. Our constructive, informative media content sparks collaboration, drives policy reform, and enables practical change.
Introduction to the Build Review