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A-emotional light decorative lighting manufacturer, handmade in Spain

Onn Lighting Collection

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Tati Collection

a-emotional lighting

Coral Lighting Project

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Cabana Collection

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Parga Stone Lighting

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Coral Collection


Editor's Review

Over five years ago, I had the pleasure of exploring Spanish artist Arturo Alvarez’s art and light stand during a visit to EuroLuce (Salone del Mobile) at Milan Design Week. I was immediately captivated by the handmade simplicity and style of their decorative lighting collections. Their unique use of specially treated stainless-steel mesh with special silicon paint created an effect that is difficult to describe in words. The mesh holes, filled with varying amounts of silicon, allow a slightly non-uniform distribution of light through each hole. This disparity creates an intriguing effect and mood, unlike anything I’ve seen in my 35 years in the design industry.

The flexible mesh facilitates subtle hand manipulation, enabling slight variations in arrangements – a significant design advantage when using in clusters for example. This flexibility also simplifies transportation, reducing the likelihood of breakages when handled by overzealous international freight handlers.

What’s particularly remarkable about this material is its adaptability, allowing for the swift design and production of custom lighting sculptures for luxury residential, hospitality, and hotel projects. Last year they crafted a large light sculpture that seemed to envelop an entire bar area. It was simply stunning, yet understated.

In the aftermath of the Covid pandemic, Arturo Alvarez sold the brand to the existing management team, Marcos and Miguel, who promptly rebranded the company to a-emotional light. The team is now introducing new and intriguing materials to their collections and even inviting Spanish artists to influence their designs. This approach fosters continuous innovation and keeps their collections fresh and unique.

We’ve utilized a-emotional lights in many of our client projects, and even in my own home. I can only speak highly of the company’s collections and organization. The new owners, Marcos and Miguel, are some of the most caring individuals I’ve encountered in the lighting industry. They consistently motivate their team to prioritize customers and project outcomes. Working with them is a joy, and I highly recommend anyone seeking to elevate their decorative lighting projects, anywhere in the world, to contact them directly. You can find more information here: https://a-emotionallight.com

My recommendation carries our highest accolade: Unreservedly recommended.


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