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Building systems in property refer to the interconnected components and infrastructure that enable a building’s functionality and operation. These systems encompass the structural elements that provide stability, HVAC systems for regulating temperature and air quality, plumbing systems for water supply and drainage, electrical systems for power distribution, fire protection systems for detecting and suppressing fires, security systems for ensuring safety, communication systems for connectivity, elevators and escalators for vertical transportation, and building automation systems that optimize energy efficiency and control various functions. Proper maintenance and management of these systems are crucial to ensure efficient building operation, comply with regulations, enhance occupant comfort and safety, and prolong the lifespan of the property.

Factory Framing Passive House Walls – Build Original Series Episode 1

Factory Framing Passive House Walls – “Build Original Series” Episode 1

This Original Series is Sponsored by - and Nathan Kischel's Building Company - Join us as we tune into Episode 1 of our FIRST Build Original Series - “High Performance Canada” with host - Nathan visits job sites around British Columbia to learn how other builders and architects are addressing high performance construction, and the BC Energy Step Code. There are so many innovators across the country, and we hope to see them all detail by detail in this 5 Part Series! In this Episode, David Arnott from graciously opens his shop doors to show us around multi-step manufacturing process.
The Truth about 3D printed homes

Is it time to seriously consider 3D printed homes?

The Truth About 3D Printed Homes. 3D printing may reshape the world canvas for good. Like many inventions, 3D printed homes been hyped up over the last few years. Like the Icon 3D printed homes in Austin, Texas. But what if I told you that Italian architects designed the world’s first 3D printed house out of dirt…yep, dirt. Clearly, the hype hasn’t bitten the dust yet.