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Crazy New Tools & Future Concrete Additives WOC Day 2

Exciting developments at World of Concrete! DeWalt & Diablo unveiled groundbreaking innovations: extended runtime & quick charging with DeWalt's power shift, and a sleeve for regular bits by Diablo that captures 97% of dust. New concrete additives promise to revolutionize construction, reducing weight and enhancing strength. Join the conversation & share your thoughts on these game-changing innovations!
Home Living Design in 2024 is Evolving. How is the Idea of Home Living design changing in our cities and suburbs in 2024?

Home Living Design in 2024 is Evolving

What forms has contemporary living adopted? How has the concept of home evolved over the last few years? How have domestic habits changed? How are they likely to change over the next few decades? What challenges do domestic spaces face right now in order to become more “habitable.” What influence is the housing crisis and the cost of building having on what we deliver as designers?