Ian Thompson

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I am deeply committed to transforming the way we plan, design, and build. My firm belief is that by employing superior building systems, sustainable products, and more efficient building practices, we can dramatically enhance project outcomes, reduce site disruption and waste, reduce resources and cost. My primary objective is to forge robust global networks and relationships, stimulate greater industry collaboration and responsibility, influence policy, and promote the exchange of knowledge. Ultimately, I strive for better infrastructure, buildings, and places to live, work, and play. I invite you to join us on our global mission to revolutionize the way we specify, source, and build.
Pink Timber Treatment New Zealand

Treating Timber’s Harsh Realities

Poorly designed and badly built homes in New Zealand caused more than a stir in New Zealand's building industry from the mid 90's  leading to some ill-thought-out policies being introduced that overcompensated for our shortcomings and lead to more problems then it solved.
Introduction to the Build Review

Introduction to the Build Review – Let’s Build Better

At the Build Review, we are using education to shape a better building industry for New Zealand - and beyond. A shared space for knowledge and insight, we empower the industry to find cost-effective, energy efficient, healthy and environmentally friendly solutions. Our constructive, informative media content sparks collaboration, drives policy reform, and enables practical change.