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Crazy New Tools & Future Concrete Additives WOC Day 2

Foreword by Ian Thompson, Editor

Join Matt Risinger at the World of Concrete expo, Part 2. In this episode, gMatt reviews some innovations products that are hoped to revolutionize our building landscape.

We will witness DeWalt and Diablo’s breakthroughs in efficiency, safety, sustainability, and performance. From extended runtime tools to dust-capturing drill bits, these trailblazers are illuminating the path ahead. Furthermore, we will explore pioneering new concrete additives and crushing solutions that promise to transform traditional materials as we know them.

The imperative for preventative maintenance and diligent monitoring also comes to the forefront. Construction’s foremost leaders shed light on safeguarding builder’s lives through essential investments like worksite defibrillators.

As seekers of progress, what glimpses of the future inspire you? Which bold ideas hold promise to shape construction’s tomorrow? Join the conversation and let your voice help guide our industry to build smarter.

Together we will keep pioneering with a focus on improvement, safety, efficiency, and creativity. Over to Matt.

Crazy New Tools & Future Concrete Additives WOC Day 2

Video Transcript:

World of Concrete Day 2

All right y’all, World of Concrete day two. We’re going to start off some tools and I got a celebrity. We’re going to go check out Diablo and DeWalt.

First, let’s get going. Oh baby, excuse me. Pardon me. What? Tim, you’re kind of in my way. What? You’re in my way. I was doing this row go around. The famous Tim Mueller, can you believe it? Tim, of all the gin joints of all the places to see you at the DeWalt beard, yeah.

Powershift, brand new from these guys. Tim, what do you think? Uh, is that was Turbo? I don’t think I could control it in rabbit. I know rabbit’s rabbit’s serious, man. We would have been like jumping off this thing. This thing is, is not light. This feels like a gas machine to me, yeah. Um, like 130 lbs something like that, more than I can lift. That’s a lot dude, yeah.

So tell me about this battery system. What have we learned so far about this PowerShift? Well, we’re supposed to get plenty of runtime for at least what we’re going to use it for, yeah. They were saying that I think on this machine we get like 36 minutes of continuous trigger time, right? Yeah, yeah. I like that expression, trigger time, yeah. That’s kind of good.

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So for us, like we’re going to be on and off the machine so that’s at least an hour, yeah. And I think these things charge in less than an hour. That’s pretty big deal. So two batteries, the charger and the jumping jack, that’s all we need. That’s that’s for sure. Now the other interesting thing that I learned about the battery pack system, Tim, is that when these charge you can actually charge two batteries at a time in less than an hour on a 15 amp breaker, yeah.

How many times have breakers tripped for you on the jobsite? Too often, too numerous, yeah. We have way too many chargers plugged into the same circuit, yeah, for sure. Yeah, I like too that um with the adapter we can use our old Flexvolt stuff.

That’s pretty awesome. That adapter allows you to slide that Flexvolt battery in. Now you’re obviously not going to get as much runtime as these big old batteries, but how many times have you gotten to the end of a battery and you’re like shoot I just need to continue this line of saw cut another we’re 10 feet short, exactly.

So we can go just pull a battery off one of our other tools. This is a big reveal for DeWalt and it looks like they’ve got a bunch of other tools in this same system coming out too – compactor, concrete vibrators, power screeds. That’s a lot of stuff, yeah. That’s serious business, yeah. Stuff that requires a lot of juice. Now how does this compared to some of their competitors just in a quick overview from from what you’ve seen here today?

I think the big advantage is that it’s backwards compatible, yeah. Some of the others it’s a whole separate battery platform and then you have to have two separate power tool lines basically. That’s right. But at least this you know we can use our other DeWalt stuff. I mean if we need to, yeah, right. We’re going to use these 99% of the time and that 1 hour charge time a big deal. And I do like that you can get two chargers on a single breaker and not have a problem.

Look to me like they spend a lot of time on the ergonomics on the charger, the system, the batteries, all that. Well and the battery’s not that heavy. I mean you could probably even hold it, yeah. I could get it, 11 lbs I think is what they said, not bad. It’s really not that bad. It’s not terrible. It feels very doable at this battery time you can you can do your curls and your curls. I don’t think I could quite get an 11 lb curl in it. I think I could. But you stick with it, you’ll get them someday. I’ll get there.

Alright, so here’s the other thing you need know about this. This is coming soon. This isn’t available on shelves today. They’re telling us at DeWalt this is coming in September. So we still have a couple months to wait to actually buy this. But I’m impressed. I mean they’ve got a giant display here. They’ve got all the things from prepping the slab, uh, all the way to finishing, to cutting, decoring. This is a big launch on a battery system, yeah, yeah. I’m I’m excited.

My mission coming to World of Concrete was basically this, yeah. Since we’re doing some of our own dirt work, digging utility ditches, we need to be able to com… for me, I can flood any gas motor and get so frustrated. So I just want to be able to pull up and hit a start button, yeah. And and to have a system like this you change the batteries on all these interchangeably and that thing always starts. That’s impressive, yeah.

The other thing that’s really cool about this is really low maintenance. They were telling us that really the only thing you got to maintain is there’s oil in here, probably some hydraulic oil needs change after 500 hours. You’re going to go a long time. So you hit 500 hours, yeah. Especially for us.

Plus we got the service alert right there. That’s going to tell us, yeah. That’s pretty nice. Sealed motor. I think this is going to start first time every time. We are the asset management on the battery and the tool. That’s right. They got their Bluetooth system that they’re still in the fleet. This a big deal from DeWalt, nice job guys. Very impressive new reveal here at World of Concrete.

So stay tuned for this system coming in September to all those big retailers out there. And Tim, thanks for being on the Build Show, guys. If you don’t know Tim Mueller, you’re crazy. I don’t know how you’ve missed them, awesome framers on Instagram, giant feed, super, super fun.

Whether you’re a framing contractor or not, you need to go follow Tim, yeah. I mean you got nothing better to do. You might as well just follow our account, right? You definitely should. But he’s also got a giant YouTube channel that’s growing like a weed. So go follow Tim on on his YouTube channel too. I’ll put that link in the description below. Thanks for having me, Tim. Yep, yep. Alright guys, we’ll see y’all later. World of Concrete 2024.

Alright guys, coming from the Diablo Booth. Tim, what is it that’s interesting here at the Diablo Booth?

Okay, so the big problem with drilling concrete is the dust, right? And we’ve tried all these different bits that are hollow with vacuum systems. They get clogged. So what Diablo showed us yesterday is they take their full bit and they basically just put a sleeve on it. Oh, okay. So this is a regular bit basically. It’s a regular bit and with the Diablo bits we can cut rebar. Oh wow. We don’t want to cut rebar, but sometimes we cut rebar, right? But the big advantage is it being a sleeve is that as we’re drilling the hole we’re capturing that dust, 97% which we demonstrate, yep.

Which means when I’m drilling I don’t really need my PPE, that’s fantastic. And the price point’s very reasonable too. And if you compare this to some of other systems, you can just tell looking at it that we’ve got way more open space. It’s really going to do a good job of extracting and not and not clogging. And their parts are interchangeable. So they’ve got the line for SDS Plus, the line for SDS Max, and this is the max obviously, vacuum.

So let’s do a little bit of a test. They’re going to let us actually drill on this concrete wall. Why don’t we start with a standard bit and show how much dust comes out and then we’ll do the same test with this guy? Yeah, sound good? Sounds good to me. Alright, let’s check it out. Where you want to drill, Tim? Um, we’ll go right here. So in fairness, I’m going to let the first 1 second of dust go. Then I’m going to slide it in, catch and we’ll see how it does. Ready? Yep. Go ahead, brother.

Alright, so we hit rebar. Look at that dust, yeah. So if you yeah, go ahead and move that maybe. Oh my gosh. Let’s see if we can put it down without without breaking it. Okay. Oh my God, is that amazing? That’s crazy. Tim, I’m sorry, my fault.

Whoa! Alright, so there’s your comparison right there. Look at that. That’s crazy. That’s why yesterday a few of us did have to drill concrete. We’re like, that’s huge, yeah. That’s huge. Yeah. I don’t want to overuse the game changer, yeah. That’s kind of a game changer. That’s kind of a game changer.

Talk to me about price. So like we might typically buy the hollow bits for $200 bucks. This will be about $50. Oh my gosh, what is that? A quarter if I do my math right? That’s crazy, yeah. And you can use anybody’s drill, anybody’s vac system, all that kind of stuff. So it’s pretty universal, yeah. So I mean, good price point and look at that, guys. To me this is $200 bucks. Oh, 100%. But now we get $50, $50 bucks, yeah. That’s a big deal. Way to go, Diablo. Very impressive.

This is called the Amp Rebar Demon and I’m assuming you’re going to see this at all the major places that you can buy Diablo. We can get Diablo we’re going to be able to buy this. That’s pretty awesome. Is it on the market now? Do you know is it on the market now? No, not yet. It’s coming soon. It’s coming soon. That’s the thing about World of Concrete. We get to try it all. We get to try coming soon, very soon, very, very cool. Thanks, Tim.

Appreciate you being on with me, brother. Yep, thank you. World of Concrete 2024. What a wild show. Show inside, outside, tools, materials, all kinds of stuff. You know, as a builder, as a general contractor, I need to know a little bit about everything. But man, if you’re a concrete specialty contractor, this is the place to be. I saw some really cool stuff.

Big thanks to my friends at World of Concrete for bringing me out today. By the way, if you don’t know, Informa that runs the World of Concrete show and also runs Journal of Construction LIVE has partnered with us to bring you Build Show LIVE 2024. So in November of this year in Austin, Texas, my town, we’ve got Build Show LIVE coming up. Link in the description so you can sign up for updates. It’s going to be a fabulous show.

My whole team from The Build Show is going to be providing all the educational portion, including a tour of my personal house, a tour of a house that I’m going to be building that you’re going to see called the Risinger Build, under construction, a 20 episode video series, plus I’m going to try and get a couple of my builder friends to open up their houses for tours.

That’s going be a lot of fun, guys. Link in the description for that. But if you’re not currently a subscriber, hit that subscribe button below. You know we’ve got new content every Tuesday and every Friday. Follow me on TikTok or Instagram. Otherwise, we’ll see you next time on The Build Show.

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