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New, Interesting & Cool – World of Concrete Show 2024

Foreword by Ian Thompson, Editor

We’re joined by our regular guest author, Matt Risinger, from The Build Show, who will guide us as we explore the game-changing innovations unveiled at the 2024 World of Concrete Show.

We’ll learn about revolutionary technologies that encapsulate the concrete industry – where the subject of sustainability meets ingenuity. From cutting-edge concrete products to boundary-pushing solutions, this show provides a glimpse into the future of construction.

Matt will uncover equipment to streamline jobsites, admixtures to enhance concrete performance, and barrier systems to improve durability. These solutions will undoubtedly start to reshape how we build with concrete.

So join us on this virtual adventure of the World of Concrete expo – a future-focused journey into the best of concrete innovation.

New, Interesting & Cool – World of Concrete Show 2024

Video Transcript

This is a giant show. If you’ve never been, this is as big or bigger than the International Builder show. We’re going to take a look at the show, what’s new, and what’s interesting from a builder’s perspective. So here we go, Las Vegas, World of Concrete. Let’s get going.

Check this out y’all, MOX Innovation. This stopped me in my tracks, pun intended. Stair climbers. I see my buddy Eric Anie using stair climbers in the plumbing world, cause let’s say you got to take a giant tank out of a house on the second floor.

How you going to do that? Check these out. 880 lb, all electric, but that’s just the small units. Check out these big units. This guy, uh, I could see absolutely being used in, uh, you know places where you don’t want fumes cause it’s all electric. But now we could get that dump this to the dumpster easily and you need a big stair climber. Check this bad boy out, just shy of 2,000 lb, 1760 lb for this stair climber.

And come around, there’s more. They got some awesome equipment. Mini excavator. Look at this thing. My buddy Daniel is excavating underneath his crawl space with confined access.

How awesome would that be if you need to do some work in a crawl space? You could probably dig a full basement, uh, with a little mini dozer like that, all electric. And they’ve got some even more heavy duty units.

This one will move four tons. Now this isn’t meant to be a stair climber cause it’s got a heavier center of gravity, but it’ll move four tons of material around the job site. It’ll go over snow, over mud, all that kind of stuff.

And then this CR crane unit over here is intended to fit on top of that unit in kind of a modular deal. So now you need a crane on site and some random location that you don’t have great access to. Check that out. Really impressive.

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And of course you can buy these, but they also rent them in various locations. Looks like the website is MOX Innovation dot com. What a cool equipment I have never seen before. This is awesome.

World of Concrete 2024. All right, check it out. This stopped me in my tracks since I was walking by, Construction Robotics. Reese, give me a tour. What is this?

So this is our mule. This is MZ100. This is a smart lift technology. It is made to pick up various different types of stone and block material.

Okay, so this looks like a pretty heavy piece of block. Yes sir. I’m guessing this is, oh gosh, that’s at least what, 7,500 lb? I think it’s, uh, closer to 10,000.

All right, so how does this work? Give me a tour.

Yep, so this is already all fired up here. You can see power is on. Okay, so he’s got a power button right here. Why don’t you go backwards so the camera can see?

Yeah, absolutely. Yep, so we’re just going to go down and, uh, just going to hit that tare button to weigh this block since we weren’t sure exactly which block we had picked up last. So it’s going to pick it up. You see that flashing light there is currently weighing our block. And as soon as that is done flashing, you can just come up and, oh my gosh, a two finger move on that block.

Wow. And, uh, have an automatic set feature, okay?

So you’ve got your first course down here. You brought a block in. Show us how you’re going to set that on that coursing.

Yeah, absolutely. So you just come in, hit that grip button, then you just go and line it up nice and slow wherever you want it to go. And then it automatically popped off for you. Yes sir. That’s pretty awesome. As soon as it recognizes that weight’s off, it let go. So instead of lugging 100 lb blocks on the job, this could do it for you. Your mason’s going to have a way better back at the end of the workday with using this machine.

Absolutely. So how would a mason use this? I mean, it looks to me like you’ve only got a limited amount of reach. You may need more than one of these on the job. Is that true?

Absolutely that is absolutely correct. This machine has a reach of 24 ft. It goes out 12 ft in each direction. And then, uh, anything beyond that you would either need to move it or get more to, uh, set up in.

Okay. And I’m guessing you can probably add columns. This can go as high as you want, all that kind of stuff, uh, so this setup here, this is our ground base setup just to set on the ground. This setup will go up to 22 ft free standing.

Oh wow. That’s pretty high. Yes sir. That’s impressive.

And then would you have maybe more than one of these set up if you had a big crew going?

Oh yeah, absolutely. So for example, if we had a 100 ft wall, we’d have probably five of these set up with two to three guys per station.

Almost missed this here at the display right across the street. They’ve got the M150, which runs on a scaffold setup. And so now we can move around the job site. He’s demoing that right now. That’s pretty neat. So now I can go horizontally as well. Little slightly different machine from these guys at Construction Robotics. Very cool. Construction Robotics. I’ll put a link to these guys in the description below. Thanks for the tour, Reese. Appreciate it. Yes sir, thank you.

All right, coming to you from the Atlas booth now. It’s interesting to see Atlas. You may think of them as a residential brand, cause I use them all over the place at my house. But in fact, the commercial guys, the concrete guys, love this.

Check out this display back here. They make a product called Geofoam. If you’ve ever been to commercial, heavy highway job, you’ve seen these giant blocks of foam that are below grade that they’re backfilling against. Geofoam being used as fill. So check this out right here.

This, this could mimic like a four or five story below grade foundation. They’re backfilling that and stair stepping with foam. So that now we’ve got less pressure on that wall, meaning the engineer might be able to actually reduce the amount of engineering needed on this concrete wall.

And then above grade, let’s say you’ve got a rooftop pool, you’ve got a rooftop planter. They’re filling that with foam cause it’s obviously super light compared to backfilling that with earth. And then check it out. Like in stadium risers, my understanding is the Las Vegas Stadium, which is not far from us, has some of their geofoam and those types of applications cause obviously foam way cheaper than filling that with concrete.

Let’s go see what else is new on the other side of the booth.

All right, here’s what’s brand new from Atlas this year. They’ve just unveiled this Energy Shield XR. This is intended for below grade application. So you’re doing a foundation, you need to insulate on the outside, here’s your product. Similar core to some of their other products, but this is a 25 psi product, closed cell foam, and extremely low possibility of absorbing water.

I think the actual data sheet says 3% water absorption by volume or less, meaning you’re not going to absorb water when you use this in a below grade application.

Now the thing I like about polyiso in particular is a really high R value per inch. If you look at the spec sheet on this, 2 inches like this display is, is going to give us an R13.1. But they actually make specifically for markets that have an R10 requirement, a 1.55 inch sheet. So that if you’re in an area that requires that, they’ve got a specific product that will meet it. Also really lightweight, easy to handle. I use this on my house both above grade and on my rooftop, but with different facers and man, I really like Atlas products.

Another thing to know about here, this is a closed cell product. So that’s another way that in my mind I can understand why it wouldn’t absorb moisture. This is not like a sponge that’s also a type of foam that has those open cells. This is closed cells, so it’s not going to absorb moisture.

All right, the other thing that I found really interesting on this Atlas display is they’re talking about their global warming potential. For the last 30 years their products have a GWP of less than 10. That’s basically a measure of how much carbon dioxide is possibly released into the atmosphere. If you compare that to XPS, which traditionally has been a really high number, these have for the last 30 years been really, really low.

Okay, let’s finish out the video here at Atlas. I said about their ThermalStar. Now this is not a new product. This has been around for a while, but I bet the residential guys don’t know about this product.

This is similar to geofoam, extremely hard to compress this so this is going to have a PSI between 10 and 60. You are not going to be able to squeeze that with your fingers, it feels really dense to me but this could be used below grade above grade really anywhere on the house. You can learn more about any of these products from Atlas. I’ll have a link in the description below.

All right y’all coming to you from the Simpson Booth, let me introduce you to Dom, the product manager. Dom, I used a bunch of Simpson HD anchors at my house cuz I was on a Re-ma situation and so I didn’t have anchor bolts set in concrete. I had to drill them and screw them and I got to say they are really easy to use. What’s new in this world and what is it that makes these such a great choice for Builders?

Hey first off glad glad to here you had a great experience with them Matt. Uh the latest and greatest in the uh Titan HD world is going to be the THD washer head on your far right. I like that so those are going to be for flush finish applications uh deck Ledger boards uh sill plates some post spaces and uh now as of last year the mechanically galvanized finished is rated for exterior use. Wow so quite a lot going on in this world that we’re pretty excited about.

That’s interesting and I’m surprised to see you guys have a stainless anchor as well. I think if stainless is not being as strong?

Yeah that one’s a pretty cool product actually. It has a carbon steel tip and that’s just so it has the power to cut into that concrete. Okay but the rest of the body is going to be your uh corrosion resistant stainless steel and this is going to be used for more highly corrosive environments, your Coastal environments and uh yeah it’s a great product yeah like my buddy Wade who builds right on the coast of Rhode Island.

That’s a product he definely want to use absolutely and then you guys also have some interesting products like a counter sunk version, a little smaller Titan HD where would you use something like that?

Yeah so uh we primarily see those used in exterior applications mainly handrail uh installations uh anything where you would want just a counter slung flush finish where you’re not going to have any protuberence. Fascinating and then a threaded Rod coupler too.

A Rod hanger it’s got the Hat on, it’s got the head that already has pre-threaded so you would anchor that somewhere and maybe hang a rod down from that that’s absolutely right I mean you can see a bunch of just right up above us so yeah right at the Las Vegas Convention Center and then I didn’t know you guys made a bunch of these smaller sizes as well. What are these called?

So those are going to be our Titan turbos uh light duty masonry and concrete applications uh we see them used in both interior uh interior applications electrical strip um conduit applications just anything where you would need that kind of lighter Duty application when a THD might be a little bit Overkill. Gotcha really helpful Dom, thanks man appreciate it.

Yeah pleasure. Let’s go check out what’s new from Simpson on the epoxy side. I’m going to go find that product manager.

All right guys let me introduce you to Shay, the epoxy guy here, the product manager. Now Shay every builder in the world knows these two tubes right here, this is a real problem solver for Builders. We’ve got an anchor somewhere where there wasn’t a wet set anchor.

We’re going to drill a hole we’re going to use this uh Simpson epoxy, we’re going to put rebar or a threaded rod in there now we’ve got a hold down where there wasn’t one before but what’s new in this world from you guys?

Yeah yeah so perfect timing at the World of Concrete this year we’re launching our 3G family of products. It includes epoxies and your hybrid acrylic chemistries really for any application.

Hybrid acrylic, what does that mean?

Yeah so hybrid acrylics I mean they’ve standard been on the market as more of a Fast cure low temperature application.

Okay and so by low temperature how low ATT temp can we use this down?

Yeah so this is good down to 23° for an engineered specified and then all the way down to zero with you know slight factors.

That’s impressive so all those Northern Builders which couldn’t necessarily use some of this product which you got to be what 35 40° in Rising 40 and 50° yes sir. Okay so you got to be a lot warmer to use this, this could be used in cold temp. It can now normally when I think epoxy though I think you know two components of part A Part B. This looks like it’s just a single tube what’s up with that?

That is actually a two component product uh it’s just a cartridge inside of a cartridge more or less.

Oh okay gotcha but you could use that in a standard that’s correct and that’s really what kind of sets Simpson apart from a lot of the other competitors out there I mean really a lot of our products go in everyday tool that a homeowner a DIY you know even a an everyday contractor has just in the back of their truck.

Yeah good uh good timing for winter timer right now for you guys to have an application that really works well in the winter. Shay thanks for having me on learn more of course on the Simpson website.

All right y’all coming to you from the Mud Mixer Booth check this out couple Texas guys invented this. This is a genius machine, the idea here is small contractors people doing smaller jobs for years

Mixing concrete up from bags into a wheelbarrow this takes all that hassle out and automates the process for you. Drop your 80 lb bag right here, just the dry mix you’ve got a hose input on one side press the forward button right here and then these nozzles right here spray water into the dry mix as this augur pushes it out. By the time it gets to the front it’s all mixed and ready to go.

This is a genius product, uh they tell me that you can run a about a cubic yard per hour which translates to 42 bags. That’s a lot of bags in the course of an hour. This thing only weighs 140 or so lbs, plugs into just a regular 110 line and then you put a garden hose on the outside.

This is going to change the amount of water output, everybody’s PSI is probably a little bit different so you’re going to have to adjust that a little bit potentially up or down but other than that super simple and straightforward.

Can you believe no one’s thought of this before? You can buy these online at I understand they run between maybe 3500 4 grand uh for delivery and tax. Genius machine I think for small Contra like contractors like me that might be doing a back patio a remodel slab extension uh you know I would use this absolute for my HVAC pads on the side of my house. Tons of uses and so much easier and faster and honestly at that price this is a no-brainer for most contractors like me. Mud so you can learn more details.

All right y’all check this out, this is something I’ve never seen before, we’re at the ants trailer Booth. I got Andy my man from Texas down here. Andy how do you explain this to somebody who’s never seen it before?

So this is a conveyor system, it’s not a Dr, it’s not your normal dump trailer. What we can do is we can control The Descent of anything material that’s in the in the Box. I can put different media and just take one part of it off at a time and if I’ve got wheelbarrows I can go into each one of the wheelbarrows one at a time.

So how do you run this guy? I could go left, check that out I could go right and what’s nice is I could operate both of the I could operate both the conveyor belts at the same time.

That’s so cool from a safety perspective and a construction site is a big deal so I’m here with the business is making sure that the guys are safe as I’m unloading the trailers I like that. So if you’re so if you’re a landscape Hardscape guy this happens to be a piece of gravel but the real deal this would be so much easier to move this material our guys our guys that do landscape Hardscape love this because now aggregate gravel any kind of sauce Mulch and anything else. The other big deal about this is I could I could kneel this trailer all the way down to the ground.

Oh my gosh check it out and so this is our side discharge our side discharge comes off with two pins. This pin here. Okay so pull that hitch pin pulls off this whole thing comes off and now you can jump right to the ground and now I can drop this thing all the way to the ground and I can load my ground gravel right to the bottom or I could pick up a palti load and tie it to that d-ring and bring the load right up on there so I don’t need a forklift to load a pallet or unload a pallet.

I go so we could we could attach a c along to that Ding move something to the front grab it by there and then pull up right actually all I need to do is chain it to that because that’s a 7500 lb pull for us oh you don’t even need a come so now I this once you’re on the Belt it’s a Magic Carpet Ride.

Okay so I didn’t realize that was moving that’s actually moving with the belt correct oh man that’s wild this is like what we call a Magic Carpet ride cuz once it’s sitting on the Belt you’re not dragging it you’re actually moving what it’s sitting on. That’s now now you’re not scraping the bottom of your system. So what’s the weight capacities could you get a miniac on this could you get a bobcat?

Absolutely 78 in wide gives you a bucket that’s got 72 72 in will fit in there no problem. 14,000 lb of uh maximum gross weight so you’ve got about just under 12,000 pounds of payload capacity on the holy cow that’s a lot that’s a lot of weight yeah and that’s not I’m sorry go ahead the other cool thing is when I tilt it the other way so you saw me tilt it down y now if I tilt it up now I could once it comes up I can get my Bobcat underneath here because it comes up to 55 to put your bucket under there so now I can load directly to my bucket.

Got it so now I’m loading directly to my bucket I’m doing the job site I’m coming back and the whole time I’m sitting in the bucket I got the remote control so now it’s a oneman job holy cow that’s awesome y. Can you give me any kind of cost range for these ball?

Absolutely so they come in painted or galvanized painted version without the rear SE discharge is $33,000. That’s an $8,000 option uh and then we do galvanizing so galvanizing is $2,500. So this trailer out the door painted is $40,000. Yeah so all the horns if you’re in a state that has salt on the roads you probably want the galvanizer right?

Exactly and we build these up in the north so we’re used to to that environment so we had to go Galvin the Texas boys don’t need that though we can go painted no no problem for us painting looks prettier yeah. Have a box trailer over here too looks like it’s squatting down what’s going on over here?

So we’re debuting this trailer this is the first one we’ve built we’ve already taking orders on it we’re delivering them in June. This trailer is interesting so if how low this is if you got any floor equipment that’s got low clearance I could come up this and drive it right up here that’s a 3° line that’s nothing no ramp toes and then once I’ve got it in there I can lift it right up which is what’s happening right now.

Wow that’s awesome the nice thing about this is if I’m on a job site that’s got like ruts or real rough terrain once I’m up take a look up underneath here I don’t have any axles so now the clearance is now driven by your prime mover so your pickup truck is giving me my limitation on clearance and to lower this to the ground it’s just a button push. That’s awesome the nice thing about this trailer is we we were waiting till we can find a product that mats the quality of our trailer for our sidewalls.

This is a steel sandwich side wall so this wall that’s it’s all steel yeah the company that builds these for us is called celtech their specialty is laminating steel panels together so not only do I have a nice strong panel each one of these e tracks that hold 500 lb holy cow so this beam here is good for 1,000 lbs right I’m in in our 8ft box I’m 6 feet tall and I still got plenty of clearance and these will go down every 6 in I can put 1,000 lbs of boxes up here without a problem.

Holy cow that’s amazing Andy and we’ve got tie down Rings all the way around the floor and E Track at every 24 in this is this is a really nice trailer. The other thing that’s kind of cool too is this one’s got our rollup on it so now I can bring that down I could get to the job site locked this thing up and now I’ve got secured storage at the job site. Yeah that’s really nice so that works really nice.

Andy what’s your website how can people find out more?

Ants ant very cool we’re at the World of Concrete 2024.

All right y’all coming to you from the stego booth here at World of Concrete 2024. If you’ve seen any of my videos especially some of my older videos we used a lot of this yellow Vapor be on our job sites. This is the original product from these guys stego wrap. They make it in a 15 and a 20 mil and a 10 mil. I think that 15 is the way to go, 20 is almost a little hard to work with. 15 is perfect really bomber.

Now this is a vapor Barrier which is going to go underneath your slab and it these are run continuous and it needs to not be broken. And here’s one of the reasons I really like stego is they have all the accessories and speaking of that I want to introduce you to Christian from stego.

Christian walk me through how to use stego in your accessories so we’re not penetrating The Vapor Barrier?

Sure so the yellow Steger wrap here this is our Flagship product. This is a just a standard high performance below slab Vapor Barrier. This is the most widely specified product in this space yeah. So starting closest to us here this is the Beast Creed uh system so the Beast foot has an adhesive on the bottom. Okay so peel that adhesive off so that way you’re not penetrating and that’s going to stick down on top of that stego and now we’ve got an anchor right?

Exactly yeah so then you can insert the be Stake either vertically or at a 45° angle to brace your forms and that’s meant to hold a 2×4 I’m guessing?

Exactly yeah so all without penetrating the Vapor Barrier and then obviously the Beast foot is sacrificial because it is stuck to the membrane but because contractors are removing these accessories and using them over and over again comes out to a few pennies a square foot. Gotcha and this is particularly cool they call this the Beast screed.

So I’m guessing that the concrete guy is going to level out top of slab he’s going to make this yellow piece the top of slab so then when he pours that concrete he can screed right to this and then he’s actually pulling this off right?

Yeah so this Yellow Cap spins up and down so they can use a laser level set these all to the same height then they know exactly how thick the slab needs to be so it allows you to get that same Precision from a laser screed without having that Machinery coming onto your job site. I really like that.

Yeah and the other thing I mentioned at the top of the hour was top of the video Christian was that you guys make all the accessories like your red tape is a really bomber tape where we’re taping seams and overlaps. I’ve used that in all kinds of purposes but have more than just that red tape now. What is this other product here?

Yeah so the black tape here this is our sto Creek claw tape. So if you feel it kind of has pores on it’s like a rough face on it so when wet concrete is poured over it or against it it soaks into the texture on the tape and creates that perfect seal between the vapor barrier and the concrete itself. That’s pretty awesome very Universal product.

Now I’m seeing another type of stego over here that’s brown. What is this product?

So this is our Drager wrap. This is one of our newest products. So in addition to being a water vapor barrier, Drago is also designed to keep out voccs. So if you’re building on a brown field where you have hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, you know radon concerns, you can place Drago wrap down similar to a vapor barrier and it’s going to stop that from penetrating.

Exactly we do free sight modeling so if you give us the levels of contaminants along with the air exchange rate we can calculate about what this will do. So how about that? Yeah this also has its own line of accessories, its own sealants, tapes, everything to just make sure that we’re not getting those gases into the building. That’s pretty cool.

Yeah and uh more than that they now have a whole line for residential cuz they really kind of started out in the commercial space. The Green version here though is STO home am I right?

Exactly yeah so sto home is very similar to the yellow Vapor Barrier just comes in different roll sizes, different dimensions that better fit the footprint of a custom home. And what is this actual material the plasticky sheet?

So it’s polyant it’s all prime version resins into all of our films. So the materials in here have been nothing but a vapor barrier so you can trust that the performance is going to be reliable you know across the entire square footage.

Got it but this is really pretty similar product except that they don’t make it a 20 mil this is a 10 or a 15 mil and again check that tape out you can see on this display they’re taping a pipe penetration to make sure that we’re really doing a good job of sealing here and then what’s the White Version that’s pretty?

Yeah so this is STO crawl also a high performance uh Vapor Barrier but this is used to line the crawl space to encapsulate the entire crawl space and so with that stego crawl this is meant to be exposed in that crawl space exactly.

So now you’ve got instead of red tape white tape but is this pretty similar tapes?

Yeah so in instead of installing it below the slab you’re just installing it in the crawl space and it’s serving that same purpose. Yeah got it. So if you’re storing things in your crawl space, if you need to get down to service HVAC equipment it’s nice and pretty and WI down there it’s going to probably reflect your light down there. What are the millage sizes available on that 1 and 15?

So uh very strong plastics so you don’t have to worry about sliding boxes or crawling around down there it’s going to stay intact so you make sure you’re getting that Vapor protection.

Gotcha I also forgot to mention one nice thing about the stego home and the crawl is the roll sizes are more residential sized whereas sometimes when you buy that stego wrap it’s meant for a giant concrete uh slab, about 200 200 lb a roll. 200 lb a roll whereas these are a little smaller roll SI a little bit more manageable.

Yeah that makes sense. Certainly and then lastly I’ve actually used this product before this is your termite barrier right?

Yeah so this is Pango wrap which is another 2 in 1 Vapor Barrier that is also a physical barrier to termites, a physical barrier meaning the termites won’t actually penetrate through this wrap.

Exactly so there’s no termitecide in the wrap it’s completely safe to handle you could eat off it if you wanted to it’s just a blend of unique resins that don’t allow termites to eat through it. That’s pretty cool.

Now my guess is that this is then a different sealant than just your plain old tape. Termites could get by that tape exactly. So Pango sealant, this Pango has its own line of tapes and sealants, everything is engineered to make sure that termites aren’t degrading the material. Okay got it and so is this epoxy base or what is this do you know I don’t know?

We’re not sure what this is but this is a termite resistant. It looks to me like it could be an epoxy based maybe a high performance polyurethane. We’ll check that out on their website. The thing I want to mention here is on these two displays you’re showing term bars or termination bars.

If this is going to be left exposed and that wraps up like in your crawl space version you want to terminate that so we don’t have Vapor coming up those sides. And on this one it needs to be terminated cuz we don’t want the termites coming up the side anywhere where that concrete is going to crack is a space that termites can tunnel through so if we just use this wrap and didn’t use the accessories we would not be protected from termites.

You got to use all their accessories including the turn bar did I say that right? Yeah absolutely guys lots of cool stuff from stego. This is a longtime support of the build show and I’ve been using their products for over a decade to make some really bomber stuff.

I’m going to leave you with this on any of these products I’m a big fan of the 15 mil. I like that version of this so if you’re thinking about using this in the home or the crawl space consider that 15 mil but you can get a sample from these guys so you can touch and feel it yourself.

And again it’s the accessories that really make it we’re a World of Concrete 2024 at the Booth.

Alright guys, we’re at the Dorkin Systems booth. This is a longtime friend of the Build Show. I’ve used a lot of their below grade waterproofing products. If you’re not familiar, check this out. I’ll give you kind of a quick overview of their line. They make a lot of dimple mats and some of these these days have become a little bit of a commoditized, so you want to, I think, know what you’re getting. And when you buy a Dorin product, you know you’re getting some of the best.

So first off, Delta Mats. This is a simply a dimple mat. There’s no filter fabric on this. A lot of production builders have gone to this because if I put these nipples up against the concrete side, now I’ve got a capillary break.

So if I do get water up against the foundation and water gets past here, it’s going to have a space, an air gap, that that water can fall down and make sure it doesn’t get into your foundation. This is really a least cost foundation waterproofing. So a lot of production builders have gone to this.

The thing I like about Dorkin and particular is they, they know how to do it and they’ve got all the accessories. So check this out, this is an install cap. Look how perfectly this fits on the squares and then you’re use, you’re going to use a power actuated fastener and you’re going to fasten that at the top of the wall and this is going to drape down.

They also make a, uh, enclosure or they call it a flashing strip. I would call this a turn bar or an enclosure bar. This is going to go on the top of that foundation to make sure that we’re going to block soil from getting down in there when it gets backfilled, to make sure that that air gap doesn’t get filled over the lifetime of this foundation.

This is a cool product. Here’s what’s new from these guys this year though. It’s called DeltaTerax and this is a product similarly that has a dimple M but now we’ve got a filter fabric and you’re also going to notice that these dimples are, are very closely spaced, meaning it’s got a lot of ability to withstand compressive forces and so this actually could be used in both vertical applications and horizontal.

And if you look at their display and the, uh, the brochure here they’re showing you can use this over a green roof situation. It looks like they’ve got some kind of an exterior waterproof patio where they’re using it here and of course you can also use this below grade foundation walls.

Now here’s something that I’ve never seen before from anybody’s product that I really like. So on the backside of this they’ve got a strip that you can release that has a super thick, very gooey feeling adhesive. So now if I’m using this in a horizontal or really a vertical application too, I can stick this to another sheet. So check this out, let’s actually give it a try here on camera and now these two have been sealed together. So I’m not going to get dirt or other things in there and look at that membrane, holy cow, that is, that’s not coming off. That’s really thick and gooey. I like that, cool innovation from Dorkin.

You can learn more. I’ll put a link to their website below. Alright, it wouldn’t be World of Concrete if we didn’t see something really cool to do with concrete. I got Adam, one of the engineers. Adam, what is this machine?

So this machine essentially, it’s a CNC machine but what’s make this unique is we’ve removed the engraving deck, meaning that the machine, you can pick it up and place it on whatever surface it is that you want to engrave. So it doesn’t even necessarily have to be concrete, it could be something else too, exactly, a slab of granite, a concrete driveway, exactly. Could even be used on, uh, on wood surfaces as well, wood, epoxy, stone, softer metals like aluminum.

You know, the, the, the applications are endless pretty wild. Yeah. Now it looks to me like this is going to take a while to do a big design. Is this full speed for the machine?

Well no pun intended but it is by design. We’re going nice and slow here cuz we have limited real estate. You got a three day show, you got, we got two more days. So okay, so like the Milwaukee logo over there that I saw, how long would it have taken to make that Milwaukee look?

Production value probably 15 minutes. Not very long at all, no big deal, yeah, super quick. That’s pretty awesome. And if someone’s interested in a rig, what do these generally cost?

$25,000 cost plus shipping and we ship worldwide, uh, where it’s legally allowed of course. is red art tech, yeah. That’s really neat. Anything that I missed on this Adam?

Nope, I think you could got it. Uh, but oh, one more thing, we can engrave any size logo, texture, design. So the largest engraving that’s been done with the machine is 100 ft, roughly 100 ft periodic table. Wow, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. So you’re not limited by this table size that you’ve got here. So the programming will tile it out and we move the machine for each tile, that’s how it go.

And I believe this is correct but you’re not actually fastening the concrete, right? It’s just free floating.

Yeah, just floating on there. Okay, yeah, very cool, Adam. Impressive, thanks for having me, guys. We’ll blink the website in the description below.

Yeah, every builder watching this video is familiar with this product, Ramboard. We’ve been using this for years, sold in rolls. This is some terrific protection but here’s what’s new from these guys. They have a 90 day clean removal tape.

Check this out, rips super easy. I really like that. But also stick this on your body and rip it back off and you can tell, oh yeah, that’s definitely going to remove without removing my floor finish, pretty cool.

Now new from these guys though, they have these brand new sheets called Pro sheets, 4×8 sheets, sold in a, you know, in a block, basically a 4×8 sheet but 40% thicker than standard Ramboard. I like that option. That’d be really good for custom homes.

Now what I did know about this company though is several brands have gotten together underneath the name Icon Protection. So Ramboard, Surface Shield, Trotec, and Anox, I think is how it’s pronounced, are all under the same brand now or the same family, even though they have individual brands.

And look how nice this is, some Surface Shield options, including some fire resistant ones, and they seem really thick. Like if you check out this display over here, uh, these guys look like they’ve got some real body. If I dropped a hammer on, uh, someone’s floor under construction, I think some of these like Alpha Shield would be no big deal at all. They would totally take that, very impressive.

The other thing I like about this display, this is not new, but note every builder knows about it. They’ve got some stair options. Now Surface Shield has this red tape, um, which I think has a little bit more stick to it, but I think if you’re doing a longer term job, that’d be a really good option. And then you got a hardwood staircase for a custom build, check out the stair risers. They come, uh, ready to go right onto your stairs. That’s a really cool new product.

I’ll put a link in the description for these guys, but I know that you can buy this at almost every builder’s first source location. Alright y’all, coming from the Soudal booth, here’s a company that I not heard of before and look at this giant lineup of foam products, single component foams, and they’ve got all kinds of window and door options. But check this out, here’s something I’ve never seen before.

We’ve seen on my jobs this kind of product really taking off, subfloor adhesives in a can. One of these foam cans is going to equal 12 cartridges but here’s the deal. This is a polyurethane adhesive. So think, you know, Gorilla Glue or whatever brand name you’ve heard of with polyurethanes, super super strong.

These kind of fall down into a gel type form but here’s something I’ve never seen before. They also make SoDo Bond Easy and this one is intended for uh AAC block construction. Uh I suspect you can use insulation panels maybe drywall. I have not used this before but I have a feeling that this might not fall into a gel. It actually might look more like a foam coming out of the can.

They make it for the applicator or they make it with this really cool top which I’ve also not seen before. This is an exclusive to them that has a reusable straw. There’s a cap on the top here so you can cap the straw and they say that up to 6 weeks later you can reuse that can. Pretty cool. Lots of cool stuff here at this booth. I’ve never seen this company before. Uh apparently they’re made in Belgium.

Okay so just pulled my big rig into the show, day one. Holy cow we saw some really cool stuff and you know what, there’s a whole couple halls and a bunch of other things I haven’t even gotten to yet. An amazing show guys. World of Concrete 2024, lots of fun.

By the way if you don’t know, we have our own trade show coming up with the same company that runs this show. In Forma Build Show Live in November 7, 8 and 9, 2024 in Austin, Texas. It’s going to be an amazing show. We’re going to have all our Build Show contributors there teaching, educating. We’re going to have a tour of my personal house, we’re going to have some tour of houses under construction. It’s going to be a fabulous show.

I’ll put a link to Build Show Live and if you want to come to World of Concrete 25, I’ll put a link to that as well. But guys, thanks for joining me. If you’re not currently a subscriber, hit that subscribe button below. We’ve got new content every Tuesday and every Friday. Follow us on TikTok or Instagram, otherwise we’ll see you next time on the Build Show.

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