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The term “build” refers to the process of creating or constructing a physical structure, such as a building, house, bridge, or any other infrastructure. It involves assembling various materials, following architectural plans and engineering specifications, and carrying out the necessary tasks to bring the design to life.


Are We Building A Beautiful Future?

An interesting extract from a Dezeen's hosted video chatting with Mary Parsons, the commissioner behind the Building Better, Building Beautiful report in the UK. It's a good insight into urban planning initiatives in the UK and highlights some of the lessons we all need to learn about poor planning on our housing developments. A good video for all architects and developers.
Pink Timber Treatment New Zealand

Treating Timber’s Harsh Realities

Poorly designed and badly built homes in New Zealand caused more than a stir in New Zealand's building industry from the mid 90's  leading to some ill-thought-out policies being introduced that overcompensated for our shortcomings and lead to more problems then it solved.
Introduction to the Build Review

Introduction to the Build Review – Let’s Build Better

At the Build Review, we are using education to shape a better building industry for New Zealand - and beyond. A shared space for knowledge and insight, we empower the industry to find cost-effective, energy efficient, healthy and environmentally friendly solutions. Our constructive, informative media content sparks collaboration, drives policy reform, and enables practical change.
Light Gauge Steel Modular

Light Gauge Steel Modular

MOD X welcomes back Julian Bowron of Vectorminima to discuss his new invention, METALOQ. This is a light gauge steel modular solution that was invented to compete as a non-combustible and higher tolerance solution to low-rise light wood frame modular construction and a lower cost option to hot-rolled steel modular.
Foundations for Mass Timber Buildings

Foundations for a Mass Timber Building: Can They be Smaller?

A benefit associated with the use of mass timber construction that is commonly cited is the reduction in foundations - specifically the ability to make foundations smaller than what they would be if the building were framed with other, heavier materials. However, the required size of the foundations in a building is based on more than just the weight of the structure.