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CLT: Short for Cross-Laminated Timber, a wood panel product made from gluing layers of solid-sawn lumber together

Cross Laminated Timber by KLH Massivholz

KLH Massivholz GmbH

KLH®: Pioneering Sustainable Timber Construction since 1997 Welcome to KLH®, the trailblazers of Cross-Laminated Timber (Kreuzlagenholz – KLH®, CLT, X-LAM), redefining the world of timber construction. Our large-format KLH® solid timber boards are the go-to choice for wall, ceiling, and roof elements in structural timber construction. As a fully owned subsidiary of the Johann Offner Unternehmensgruppe, with a legacy spanning over 250 years, we are deeply committed to environmental responsibility and sustainability. Join us in shaping a greener and more sustainable future with KLH® as your trusted project partner.
Wood products by Lignotrend


Lignotrend offers a wide range of innovative wood products, including solid wood panels crafted from responsibly sourced timber. These panels provide structural stability, insulation, and fire resistance, making them ideal for both residential and commercial construction projects. In addition to this, our acoustic solutions seamlessly integrate beauty, performance, and sustainability, enhancing the overall environment of spaces. Our commitment to eco-conscious practices means that we prioritize minimizing waste and promoting the use of renewable materials in all our products. This dedication, combined with our exceptional customer service, ensures that architects, designers, builders, and homeowners receive support at every step, making Lignotrend the ideal choice for creating remarkable and sustainable spaces.
Wood Houses CLT Roofing Ceilings Walls by Ligna

Ligna Construct Srl

"Welcome to LignaConstruct, your premier provider of innovative and sustainable construction solutions. Our commitment to excellence, quality craftsmanship, and eco-conscious practices ensures durable, efficient, and environmentally-friendly structures. Specializing in timber construction, we offer precision-engineered timber frames, glulam beams, and cross-laminated timber panels. From residential to commercial projects, our expertise and sustainable practices deliver exceptional results. Committed to responsible forest management, we source timber from sustainably managed forests. Our experienced team ensures the highest level of quality, precision, and customer satisfaction, guiding you through every step of the construction process. Trust LignaConstruct for superior timber construction excellence that transforms your projects with the beauty and sustainability of wood."
Sawn Timber products by FrenchTimber


FrenchTimber: Elevating French Wood Products Worldwide Established in 2001, FrenchTimber, supported by France Bois Forêt, champions the global use of premium French sawn timber and wood products. Sustainably sourced from diverse tree species, including oak, beech, and spruce, their high-quality offerings meet international standards. From sawn timber to glued laminated timber and cross-laminated timber, FrenchTimber caters to construction, furniture, and interior design needs. Committed to environmental friendliness and stringent quality control, FrenchTimber is the trusted choice for those seeking excellence in timber and wood solutions worldwide.
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Timber Engineering by Rubner


Rubner - Transforming Construction with Wood's Power. Embrace a sustainable future with Rubner, harnessing the versatility of wood. From healthy living spaces to exceptional architecture, we're pioneers in eco-conscious building practices. With over 55 years of expertise, Rubner crafts tailor-made houses, superior doors, and windows while setting the standard for timber engineering and innovative designs. Join us in creating spaces that blend nature, technology, and visionary architecture for a better world.
Engineered Timber products glue laminated cross laminated timber lumber by Mosser


Mosser: A Legacy of Excellence in Wood Products With nearly a century of experience, Mosser stands as a family-owned European leader in glued and sawn timber production. Our versatile wood products blend strength with elegance, offering endless possibilities for sustainable and innovative constructions. From cross-laminated timber to glued laminated timber, our high-tech marvels boast exceptional strength and precision. Embrace nature's best with Mosser, where craftsmanship meets the brilliance of wood, creating extraordinary living spaces that exude comfort and beauty. Join us in shaping a greener and brighter future with our legacy of excellence in wood products.
SWP natural wood panels by Novatop


Novatop, where tradition meets innovation in crafting excellence. As one of Europe's largest manufacturers of large format multi-layer panels, we take immense pride in our top-quality products, including the exceptional NOVATOP SWP and the innovative NOVATOP SYSTEM- a comprehensive building system built on solid cross-laminated timber (CLT). Driven by ambition and fueled by innovation, we deliver excellence worldwide, catering to advanced markets in Europe and beyond. Sustainability is at our core, guiding every aspect of our production, while our commitment to excellence and integrity ensures unrivaled quality. Join us in redefining the future of construction materials with Novatop - where craftsmanship and sustainability unite.
Timber Construction Formwork Products Sawn Timber Energy Pallet Blocks and Packaging Timber by Pfeifer Group

Pfeifer Timber GmbH

Discover the passion for timber at Pfeifer, a leading company in the European wood industry. With state-of-the-art facilities in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Finland, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of timber products for various fields. From timber construction to concrete formwork technology, Pfeifer is dedicated to quality, sustainability, and innovation. Embrace the timber revolution with us and build a better, greener future. Join the legacy of excellence in wood with Pfeifer.
Timber products by Ante Holz

Ante Holz

Ante Holz, the pioneers in the European timber industry since 1927. With a workforce of over 1200 skilled individuals, we offer cutting-edge wood products processed from sustainable softwood. From sawn timber tailored to your needs to state-of-the-art KVH® for modern timber construction and BSH for unmatched excellence, we surpass market expectations with internationally recognized certificates. Our latest addition, a CLT cross-laminated timber plant, opens new horizons in industrial timber construction, while our precision carpentry centers ensure the highest efficiency and innovation. Join us at Ante Holz, shaping a sustainable and awe-inspiring future in the timber industry.