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Healthy Homes: Covers practices and features that make a home healthier to live in, such as air quality and natural light

healthy and sustainable buildings: pioneers for sustainable construction Sentinel Haus Institut

Sentinel Haus Institut GmbH

SENTINEL HAUS INSTITUT: Pioneers for Healthy and Sustainable Buildings. As leaders in knowledge and expertise, we're dedicated to raising construction industry standards for healthier, greener living. Our collective of specialists, professionals, and enthusiasts shares a vision of positive change. From eliminating indoor pollutants to efficient resource utilization, we're committed to creating a future of well-being for inhabitants and the environment alike. Explore our comprehensive services that span the construction value chain, ensuring every project meets the highest standards of sustainability and healthy living. Join us in shaping a future that's right for generations to come.
Building Insulation. The importance of using insulation correctly.

Asthma New Zealand Healthy Homes Series – Episode 2 – Insulation

Today, in collaboration with Asthma New Zealand, we are releasing Episode 2 of the Healthy Homes series on The Build Review. This episode focuses on the crucial role of insulation in our homes and the consequences of poor installation or no insulation. Yes, still many homes in New Zealand have no insulation in their walls, under their floors, and roof spaces.