Innovative designs

Innovative Designs and Efficiency Unveiled at Design Week KBIS 2024

Foreword by Ian Thompson, Editor

It’s time for Matt and the talented crew of The Build Show to take a much-deserved day off the tools and explore this year’s Kitchen, Bathroom, and Interiors show in America’s playground, Las Vegas.

We kick off our journey by delving into the innovative features of the fantastic new MAA appliance lineup. With integrated water softening, automatic detergent dispensing, and sleek hidden door designs, this range represents a perfect marriage of next-level convenience and striking aesthetics.

Discover the efficient elegance of wall-hung toilets offering a plethora of customizable colors and effortless ease of cleaning. Hold your breath as we unveil GE’s cutting-edge energy suite – a brilliant fusion of solar capabilities, home batteries, and granular usage monitoring for ultimate efficiency.

Switching gears to energy, we bring you an exclusive insight into the accounting automation software that’s revolutionizing backend operations for builders. This flawless solution boosts client trust through transparent cost tracking and simplified workflows.

Moving forward, we spotlight some of the real game-changers from this year’s lineup. Prepare to be enthralled by the gravity-defying cantilever stairs and countertops from Flight Stack, which blend hidden lighting with an upscale, minimalist aesthetic. Also, marvel at the durable, versatile, and as Matt puts it, stunningly beautiful Dekton surfaces – perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.

We also pull back the curtain with top exhibitors such as the trailblazing fixture innovators, delivering plug-and-play solutions that simplify installation and prevent damage. You’ll quickly see why builders are singing praises for suppliers like Coler and their unwavering commitment to quality and service.

This is your golden ticket to the present and future of home design – Vegas style. Brace yourself to be inspired by the visionaries transcending functionality to deliver truly awe-inspiring living experiences. Join us now for an immersive tour of KBIS 2024’s best in show.

Innovative Designs, Bulletproof Countertops, A Ventless All-in-One Washer, Cantilever Stairs & More: Design Week KBIS 2024

Innovative Designs, Bulletproof Countertops, A Ventless All-in-One Washer, Cantilever Stairs & More: Design Week KBIS 2024

Video Transcript

All right, Matt. We’re at the Centino booth and this is Kitchen Bath Show in Vegas. I got the Build Show crew here. Guys, we’re going to invade today. We’re going to see what’s new and interesting in kitchen and bath on this video.

Will Kran Yer, Stephanie Dy, Alli Anderson, and the famous sprhole, let’s get [Music] going.

Knock knock, who’s home? Oh, that’s too cool. Totally hidden, no handle. So Brian, I’m a big M guy. I really like their appliances. I have these in my kitchen um, but I think it’s funny that some of the things I like about them, they don’t necessarily advertise, but they solve a problem for me as a builder.

Number one, at my houses, I’ve never really had a water softening system, but check this out. In the bottom of the unit, drop your salt. You get MAA salt that’s made for this, and you’ve got a softener built into the washing machine. So my machine never has white spots in it. My dishes look amazing when they come out. Now, you’re still, of course, going to use your uh, rinse a uh in here here, but I absolutely love that.

The other cool thing about MAA is they’ve got these power discs. So you can actually uh, drop a disc in, and this lasts about 3 weeks to a month with my big family. Uh, so it automatically dispenses that detergent. Some really cool stuff from Mila. But I mean, the big reason people choose these, Brian, is noise. How many times have you had a complaint from a noisy dishwasher or had a noisy dishwasher in your house?

And I think they just upgraded their decibel level is lower. That’s what the marketing guys were telling us, and they’re better on energy efficiency. They’re using a little bit less electricity, and they just hit their 125 year anniversary.

This is a cool company. I haven’t been to their Factory, my old business partner went and said it was crazy at the MAA Factory in Germany. You have coil stock coming in one end, and they literally make like every screw, every part, and a dishwasher comes out the other.

These are these dishwashers. This is maybe not the best phrase, but I think that the “gateway drug” once you put one of these in, you’re like, “Wow, these are amazing dishwashers.” My wife will not let me do anything else but M dishwashers ever again in any house I ever built.

Awesome. And I know it’s a little thing, but even the colors, you’ve got the the kind of taupe with the orange and the gray. There’s just, even on the inside, it looks like a they’re really nice. They’re really well organized too.

And now that I’ve had it, I absolutely love this tray for all of my uh, Cutlery on the top so I can organize them like little soldiers going to the bath together. And there’s at least two LEDs, maybe more. There’s it ref, and if you’re a wine glass person too, there’s really good wine storage on both racks actually. Uh, this bottom rack has wine storage as well. It’s really nice.

We didn’t get to see it, but I hear they have a brand new Uber black oven which sounds pretty awesome. Uh, impressive stuff. Always cool to come see what’s new at mil. Thanks for joining me, thanks [Music] man.

Bu show has been a big fan of sugu hardware for a long, long time. Kitchen and Bass Show 2024 at the sugat Sunni Booth. You know I love sugat Hardware. This is the hinge I used at my house for all my hidden doors.

Look how beautiful this hinge hides in that space on the door. However, you need a router template when you’re doing these, and I’m here with the future of routers right here. I got Russ with shaer tools. Hey Matt, Russ, how are you going to make a template for this thing?

Nice. So we’ve got the shaper origin over here. This is a handheld CNC machine in the form factor of a plunge router. We have shaper plate our Universal template for origin, and we use the digital world to make digital templates that keep this router inside the line. Come on around and I’ll show you how it works.

Okay. So step one, how do we figure out where that hinge is going? Step one, just like any other hinge, you’re going to measure that out and just make that mark with your pencil.

Okay, so Center Line of hinge, basically Center Line of hinge. You’re going to bring this template over, we might change the offset based on what my clading is going to be, right?

You absolutely can change that offset at any time. You’re going to line up that Center Mark and then go ahead and clamp that template in place, yep. Nice clamps by the way, nice temp, nice and at, yeah good stuff.

All right, now here’s the magic. We’re going to bring the router over here. So this looks like a router made into a computer basically. It is. So this tower has the computer and it has a small XY access, just like a CNC machine.

So if you come over here and take a look at the screen, what we have is this digital template, and when we work within that digital template, the router is going to prevent you from going outside of those lines, ah gotcha.

So if we come over here, let’s look at this uh, this first hinge mortise that we’re going to have to cut. This is going to go 10 mm deep for purpose of illustration, we’ll just do this as an air cut so actually above the surface. Uh, if I zoom in on this, we’re going to want to clear out that Center area first, okay?

So we’re going to go over here and if we start cutting that, now you’ll look inside this pocket the center of the spindle stays locked just like as if it were a plunge router. Now, when you get to the boundary of that pocket, that spindle correction is going to kick in, and that prevents you from going outside the line of your template, wow.

Now if this dot reaches the edge of that Circle, the spindle is actually going to automatically retract and prevent you from messing up your work, oh my gosh, that’s crazy. So it literally lifted and moved it over, yep.

Now after you cut that pocket, you’re going to finish that up with an inside cut, and now on that inside cut, you’re going right to the edge of that template, and the spindle is staying locked right on that line. So as long as you follow this line around the edge of that template, you’re going to get that perfect cut.

And it’s changing the height on the unit here, oh you’re changing that height so that you’re routing different depths? We’re routing two different depths on this, absolutely. Because this is a two-step mortise for, and when you’re done, check this out y’all, Dr, drop that in. We’ve got a perfectly flash, we’ve got a perfect Toler perfect flat hinge, perfect tolerance. That’s really cool. This is shaper tools at the sugun booth.

All right, guys, one other cool thing I want to show you before we leave susun, ton of cool Hardware here, but this is a brand new display from them. This is the mfu 1200. Check out this really cool hidden door, the way they ran this is it’s really hard to tell the black line here.

You can tell a little bit at the top, but check out this action man, that is slick. I really like that. So this is a top track mounted, right? And we’ve got a guide on the bottom, and they’ve got two different styles of this, one that will hold an 80lb door and one I think 150 lb if I’m saying that that right.

But look at that nice, sweet action, soft clothes, really, really good. This is what sugun is known for, really high quality Hardware that makes your houses look super bomber.

Hey guys, I’m Stephanie daily with Steven daily construction and I’m Allison Anderson with integro Builders, and today we are talking about some of our favorite places to be on the toilet, and today we are at the too Boos, we are.

And we are looking at some fantastic toilets. You know, this is Neo 30th Anniversary, incredible. And we have the nx2, this is kind of the big mama when we’re talking about Toto Toilets. It’s the talk of the show, it really is.

And this is one of those toilets that you’re going to get that has every feature imaginable. These controllers are just absolutely amazing. This toilet does just about everything. It is a floor mounted toilet, um, it has every feature that you could possibly need.

These controls can be wall mounted. They also have a stand that we’ll show you that they can attach to a stand which is really beautiful. It kind of allows some toilet paper rolls to go on it below. It’s just one more extra modern touch that’s offered by Toto, yeah absolutely.

And they also have these wall hung uh units that you can use. Great thing about a wall hung unit is that it really buys you space, okay? So when you have a small bathroom, especially in Chicago, our typical bathrooms are 7 ft by 5 ft, and we’ve got to get a lot of spa toilet action into a very small space.

Wall hung toilets are generally the specification. Nice thing about wall hung units is that you can hang them at any height, and you get an extra 9 inches of clearance in front of the toilet, which is a big deal when you’re fighting for inches, absolutely.

And not to mention that if you’re more of a uh clean person or you’re looking for a more modern look, this sits up off the ground giving you the ability to clean underneath it really thoroughly, yeah absolutely. We have one other unit here, and this here is the neorest ls, and we’ve got a few different controls here. I’m going to grab this one so we can show you the three different color options.

The cool thing about this toilet, you mind holding that alley? No problem. The ls here has this little trim detail of color along the side, and you can actually order this to match your controls.

So if you’re interior designer has specked a beautiful silver bathroom, you’re using some silver Hardware, maybe this is the color you chose, and you can actually have Toto customize this toilet with some silver here and have silver controls. There’s also the black and the nickel that Al’s got there in her hand. These are just really great models that are available from Toto, yeah.

And I would say the most impressive thing, and I would say the most avanguard thing that’s happening at the show this year, is the self-cleaning capabilities of the toilets. Wellness is a theme, right? It’s been a theme around the entire show, and that’s one of the things that Ally and I were super blown away to learn about.

They have a UV light that’s on the top of the toilet here on the lid, and they have a proprietary glaze that goes into the toilet that really is just an extra, it’s self-cleaning. This toilet is directed towards health and wellness, that’s right. We start with toilets and one day we’ll get to the kids, I’m sure one day.

Thank you guys so much for checking out the Toto with us. Go give Toto a follow, check them out online if you’re looking for the best toilet in the market and something that stands out above the Rest, check these out.

And we are here at the Arizona Tile Booth checking out everything they have got out for 2024. Ally, this tile caught my eye right away. I’ve been loving this vertical installation of tile and the more textured detail tile that we’re starting to see kind of highlighted in design today.

We’re really seeing a crunch on budget actually with a lot of these vertical tile installations. So you know, there’s Standard Tile install and there’s custom tile install, and those budgets can really start to Skyrocket with tile installations.

And there’s so many great products out there to install. The great thing about this one is that this is actually tile on mesh. So this would fall into the more standard install category, beautiful tile, but also budget conscious, absolutely.

And the one thing I love about this particular display we’re looking at is kind of the more more warm earthy tones that we’re seeing come into play here in 2024. We’ve seen a ton of bright colors lately, but we’re starting to go back to that like Comfort look. So let’s walk to this display right next to us here. This is another one of those textured tiles that is really showstopping. Do you see stuff like this happening in your market right now?

Yeah, definitely in Chicago, tile is King. Like everyone’s doing, they’re trying to find something that’s unique to their home that’s custom, but something that’s also classic and um, and something that’s also not like $100 a square foot to install, yeah.

This is a really great product. I’m loving what we’re seeing. I think the trends, the design Trends are really heading towards more clean lines, linear looks. We are still seeing stuff set horizontally, but it’s all about that clean look, not so much our uh, overwhelming mosaics anymore these days.

It’s simple, clean, crisp, and Arizona’s done a great job of that, yeah, yeah. Great tile to work with. Builders will be happy with it for for sure. This is awesome. Ally, let’s go check out another booth.

Bill CH at the GE Appliances Booth. Brian eer CJ, dude, they got some cool stuff going on here at the GE Booth, boys. I’ve been very impressed with this tour. I thought you had a really interesting example though, years ago you told me that customers were calling you like, “Oh, I want to use some LED lights and really save some money,” right?

Oh yeah, so I mean, that was like one of the first things as an electrical contractor we were getting asked to do, “Hey, we want to save power so can you change all our stuff to LED?” But they had old windows, old appliances, no solar, no installation.

And I just thought it was like counterproductive. But what ge’s doing in this, what are they calling it? The Smart Home energy management system, right? Everything, there’s some really cool stuff here, so let’s start with right behind us.

You’re noticing the solar panel and the Savant on the wall. They’ve partnered with Savant and now we’ve got a battery on the wall that has an inverter built in. And so we’re getting that power from the solar panel while charging the battery. We’re connected with the house on the panel over here.

And then my mind was a little blown, CJ, I need you to actually explain to me what’s happening with this panel over here. So battery too. So that’s an inverter and Battery 20 kW backup, okay. And then it feeds a normal sub-panel. ge’s been on the market forever. I mean, we’ve installed thousands of GE Breakers.

And the thing that I like about this is that there’s all the smart panels coming out, but what panel they use, where can I find the breakers, they go to there, and then it’s granu. They have uh, the breakers can actually monitor the energy down to you know, your dryer to your EV.

Same thing you could turn off loads when you don’t have the battery storage. It’s really cool and, like, real time energy consumption. So in other words, instead of a really expensive panel like we’ve seen at some other places, we’ve got kind of a dumb panel, but we’ve got a smart system integrating into that, which means this also be could be a retrofit, right? This doesn’t have to be new construction, nope. That’s what’s really cool. That’s pretty cool.

And interesting too, Brian, they told us, “Look, the, the reason why we put the F-150 Lightning in here is your batteries that might be in the garage are 20kw, right here? But guess how big the batter is here, do you know already?” No idea, no idea. “This has 130 KW battery in the truck, and the power out of these will feed both ways. So you can, yes, charge your battery, but you can also say, ‘Look, I got a huge storage system here, I can feed the house with that,'” yep.

And GE was telling us average house uses like 30kw a day. So if you got a 20kw panel or, pardon me, a 20kw battery on the wall, maybe you get a day out of it with some good load management, but if your truck’s in the garage plugged into the house, I might get several days out of the truck’s battery, just another source. Isn’t that cool?

Not only that though, CJ, I think there’s a really interesting efficiency story going on with G2, right? I think it’s more than just power and solar and batteries. And as Builders, I think you guys know a lot more, but these appliances have been another probably a bad word to say, but dumb appliances. Now these are a lot smarter appliances. It’s pretty wild to see what G’s doing with not just the battery and the and the solar, but all their appliances.

So two things that I thought were really cool, Brian, they’ve got a all-in-one heat pump washer dryer combo, did you see that? Yes, I saw the heat exchanger on top. They’ve like taken the cover so you can see what’s inside.

That was very Brian, you’ll be excited about this, no my wife is going to be excited about this as a fellow nerdy Builder that has a lot of laundry at their house. They got a brand new washer and dryer combo, ventless by the way right, so no vent. And it’s got a basically a heat pump builtin so it’s extracting the moisture the heat from the clothes and drying it all in one box. But check this out.

A big deal for the mall in one box so it washes and dries and 2 hour cycle time. That’s pretty impressive. That’s pretty impressive 120 volts too. Well everything is heading toward electric like in Washington state. Tt started to insert itself into the code. Carbon is one of the big parts of the story.  Yeah so to me it’s like you’re taking the building envelope making it as efficient as possible.

You might have a fossil fuel free house yeah but where I live what are you going to do when the power goes out. Yeah and you need to power your car. Well if you’ve got the battery backup hopefully you can get some kind of solar. All of it plays together. It’s not just anything in isolation anymore. The whole house has to be integrated together and that’s really what they’re showing here at GE.

It’s a big system. I really like that washer and dryer combo got me excited. Also I heard from the rep people are now because you’re saving space all in one box sometimes people are put in two of the min which makes a lot of sense. Two of those side by side running a full load washing and drying in two hours.

You could do two full loads and it’s full size unlike some of the other units which are smaller and are uh yes they’ve got a heat pump dryer but they’re kind of tiny. Uh that’s that’s been of a problem. The other cool thing is that I talked about this in another video.

They’ve got a brand new uh heat pump water heater not on the market yet. I think it’s coming later this year early next uh they’ve been in that market along time. They’re coming back. The one cool thing about that one it goes up to160° so their 50-gallon tank acts like an 80 gallon tank cuz it’s so hot you can temper that 160 down to 120 so 

We’re actually able to kind of make that a much bigger unit than it really is. That’s pretty cool. That’s pretty cool. I used to use GE go spring in the past. It’s nice to see him coming back, nice to see him back in the market for sure.

I think a big one for us too, um, with these appliances getting so much more efficient, is like you were talking about that dryer. It’s 120 volts, so me and of the current, yeah, all the currents are coming way down with this technology, which makes our life easier because not only are we adding loads to it, but the loads that we’re adding to it are getting more efficient.

And also, like the vehicle thing excites me too, right? Fixed batteries hanging on walls is one thing, but we’re all going to, if most of us don’t already have an EV parked. And I think that’s really cool that Ford’s doing that by Direyou can feed out. I think you’re going to see that on like every other. I think that’s right.

Even bigger picture is the grid sometimes loses its reliability. I heard something happened in Texas a few years ago. It’s kind of nice to start having lower loads for the grid itself to be able to keep up. That’s right. It makes that all electric way more feasible. Really cool stuff with the GE Booth guys, go check out Brian’s videos and CJ’s videos over on Super cool stuff, a g, we’ll see you later from design and construction week.

All right, y’all, Coler, huge fan, you know I use them at my house, and they make some bomber products. I really like Coler cuz not only are they beautiful, by the way, they got this beautiful partnership with Studio McGee.

Look at all these amazing finishes. American made, so many of their products made still in Wisconsin, family-owned company. But for me as a builder, the deal that I like with Coler is that when I need a part, I can get whatever I need like that.

There’s some really other beautiful products out there from other manufacturers that are just not very well made, and it’s really hard to get parts. On the other hand, Coler, I mean look at this stuff, it’s amazing, beautiful, but for me that I can actually get a part, get the stuff that I need, get the service that I need, that’s what really makes the difference.

By the way, it looks like we’re going to be working with them on my next project, the Risinger build. Love colar, and you guys know too that roburn is part of the Coler family as well. I’ve got those roer medicine cabinets that have been amazing, amazing. Makes some really nice products, so looking forward to working more with Coler.

All right, y’all, coming in from the Adaptive Booth. Brian, you’re going to like this company. I know you’re a back office nerd. Absolutely, you run a pretty tight ship over there Pioneer Builders. Let me introduce you to Matt, one of the founders of the company. How’s it going?

So we recently moved to Adaptive a couple months ago. These guys run our back office, bookkeeping, and they’ve automated a bunch of our systems. Matt, uh, we’ve been on you guys for three or four months. My team Raves about you guys. Let’s let tell these guys what is adaptive.

All right, so adaptive is an automated financials process, uh product for construction. So our Target customer, custom home builders, Cost Plus. All right, so product fully works with QuickBooks.

All right, so plugs into QuickBooks. Onboarding process, you just sync up your QuickBooks, pulls in all your historical data. Key that we focus on is automating the entire process, making everything way easier.

So I’m going to take you through this a little bit. So starting with subcontractor bills, we got the subcontractor inbox here. We’ll give your company a specific email address where you can just start forwarding all your documents.

By the way, this is my actual company right here, this is the Riceing your build team, yep, yep. When you forward bills in, we use AI to read everything on the document. All right, comes into the Inbox, and then your team can get set up to approve bills on all their projects. All right, so how about we actually show them one of my bills? Yeah, yeah, let’s do it, let’s do it.

So this bill came in, Austin Natural Painting. We’re going to send it off to approve for Matt, okay? So let me pull the Adaptive app on my phone. So this is my iPhone, I’m just pulling up my app. I should be logged in, let’s see if I am already. Yes, I’m logged in, okay. So here’s the bill right here on my phone. And then walk us through what we need to do here.

So pretty straightforward, right? It’s a bill point is trying to make it easy. So he can see right in here all the details. Click on the bill, if it looks good, cost code looks good, everything, just go ahead and click approve, boom, that’s it. That’s all there is to it.

And I can do, do that all in the field. And of course, I can login when I’m back at the office, but this makes it really, really easy. That AI is going, here’s the job it needs to go to, here’s the cost code it needs to go to.

It’s really eliminating time for my back office because I run a, I would say, a midsize company. We did about $12 million last year, but I only have two people in the back office, and we’re, we’re actually running two accounting uh systems for both my video company and my Home Building Company with just two people, uh.

Do you think this could be helpful for your size business too, Brian? Or is this really more like midsize or bigger Builders?

So I’m more trained as a, I’m classically trained as an accountant or bookkeeper, yeah. So I do all of this already myself, but I’ve been doing it for like 25 years, yeah. So for me, it would replace a lot of the work that I do and free me up. Where I think this makes more sense is for people who didn’t go to college for accounting, right, which is the majority of people. Most people are Builders, that’s right, um.

And this, I think what it hits, is there’s like this scary perception of AI like it’s going to take us over. What this does is it increases our capacity, yeah, that’s right. So you can accomplish more.

This is using those things that just automates the process, and you can keep up with your cost accounting, which I think a lot of builders get scared of. It’s almost like, “I don’t even want to know my books, and I just want to keep building,” yeah? But this makes it easier to know what your profitability is or it can even trigger you if you’re overbudget on something, that’s right, which is cool.

Talk to me about work in process, Matt, yeah.

So that was a good, good point. So you’re talking about the cost accounting. So upfront, like what is the result of easy bookkeeping, clean financials, right? So automate the bookkeeping, get the clean financials. If you come over to the budgets page here, this is where we’ll see what Matt’s referring to as work in progress.

So if you’re a Cost Plus Builder, you got all your costs. And then you’ve actually, what you’ve collected from your client, all the draws here. So you want to make sure this number, your costs, is always lower than this number what you’ve collected, right? It’s pretty good accountant. We make this very easy, right, pull it all in.

Let’s go ahead and create a client draw. All you got to do is Click add costs, it’ll pull in everything that you haven’t drawn for yet. And then when you export your draw, you all the cost items, and then the best part is it includes all the images in the back so the whole process is automated here, that’s fantastic. Look at that.

And so now, on a Cost Plus job, you’re really fully transparent with your client. You’re really giving them that info, you build that trust with them. And I doubt my clients really look at that anymore, but the fact that I’m giving that to them, that they have all that information, really gives me a lot of, my, gives my clients I should say, a lot of confidence that I’ve really got their back and that’s how I sell my jobs too, MH, yeah.

And I mean, honestly, all we showed you was bills today. We could submit that Home Depot receipt on the counter over there, you can track subcontractor compliance docs, you can make electronic payments, run reports, all sorts of stuff in here. There’s a lot more to say here, guys. There’s a lot to know for adaptive.

But I can tell you, if you look at that list back there of the builders that have popped on, this is a relatively young company. They’re really doing cool stuff. Get a hold of Matt and his team, get yourself a demo. This is a really cool company. Thanks Matt, appreciate you seeing you brother.

What’s up guys? IBS 2024, look who I found, celebrity designer. Can I call you celebrity designer? No, it feels a little weird to say celebrity, doesn’t? Yes, the famous, F? How about the famous Becky Owens? Weird too, I don’t know.

So Becky, we’re at the allora booth, and you know, a lot of Builders like me are very intimidated by color, and this is, this comes natural to you I suspect. You, you’ve kind of gotten this your whole life, right? And as a designer, you do color well, but we don’t do this well.

I loved with allora that they already have created this color scheme for your home, yep, for the outside. But then you can also bring that inside. They’ve made it super easy.

And you look at, I mean, we can look in a minute, but just all their color schemes, how easy it makes it for when you’re picking any color on your outside or on your inside.

What is the uh, kind of cool vignette we’ve got going on over here?

So this was a super fun project we did with them, and we kind of picked one of their color schemes on the outside, okay. And then kind, so all these are color schemes, okay? They, they partnered with Sherwin Williams. And I’m very familiar with Sherwin Williams. I mean, honestly, I used to mix paint when I was young.

The build show we’re fighting for time, CJ got you buddy. You out man, we’re at the skyx booth, and we are fighting to save some time. And skyx has an incredible solution for electricians and for Builders alike on how to save time and money on your job sites.

CJ, how about we take out the gloves, and we’ll show these guys what skyx is? Let’s show them right now.

Mike here is uh, 8 minutes on the install. And if Mike’s Billing at $200 an hour, $150 an hour, maybe he’s a cheap electrician and he’s 125 an hour, I mean, how much did that 10 minutes of his time cost? And he’s still not done yet, right? That’s a really big deal. CJ did this in a minute. Let’s call it.

All right, y’all, check this out. CJ and I just did a side-by-side demo with traditional light install versus the skyx system. CJ, walk me through it over here. We had Mike, the electrician, installing a fixture with kind of the standard method.

What does that look like? Junction box, wire nuts, you know, tools, stripping out wire, testers. And what skyx is doing is this is installed, so I mean, so this is on a normal junction box. The sky plug is on a traditional junction box, right? Like every house, so we’re still wiring it as normal, y totally normal, um. But again, you could use your skilled labor to install this. That’s one selling point that I found pretty cool.

And then check this out, so then once the plug is in place, either this gets w PR to the fixture, or some of the fixtures come with this already. I’m going to, I’m just going to swap this fixture out real quick. All right, shows out. Oh man, that’s really cool.

Check it out, so this installed from the factory, it’s an option. So on, or we could install it ourselves on any, you could retrofit it. It’s it’s for uh, down rods, you could use it for a cable, we have cable hung, and even chain hung. So you can totally retrofit it. It’s not something that you need to, to uh, you know, have already installed. You, you can install in an existing fixture.

But also, like I said, from like a production standpoint, being able to go through a catalog, select it on, have skilled labor install this. So a lot of Manufacturers are already on board with this, and they’ve got a website called where you can order fixtures that already have these pre-installed such that the electrician got the plug in, and then watch how easy it is to install that fixture.

Look at that, plugs right in, holds up to 50 lbs. We don’t even have to have light fixtures, we can have heavy fixtures as well.

And then all he’s doing is putting, what’s this piece called again, the canopy? The canopy on, screwing that pano be on, done. How cool is that? And not only that, if he needs to swap a fixture, super easy.

I really like this for Builders too. I can see builders like me not installing my fixtures, having the electrician put all the sky plugs in, maybe even putting dummy fixtures in, what we call Jelly Jar fixtures, you know, the $5 Home Center fixture, just to pass code.

And then later, after the homeowners moved in, we’re not worried about the Mover dinging things, we’re going to install those fixtures later. We could pop those on afterwards. There’s no pain on the fixture, no movers are running into them, sconces aren’t get broken in the hallways, all that kind of stuff.

Maintenance, we, we, we touched on real quick, you know, to be a be able to repair or remove and replace a damaged fixture space is changing. We don’t want to drop down, you know, a down light over a dining room table. When you move the dining room table, you could pop in The Recess down lit’s, it’s a lot of selling points.

Labor is a huge one. You know, you’re building 500 Homes at a time, you can, you know, the selection is outfitted from the factory, that’s right. It’s pretty cool.

Now we just did a live demo here at the booth, and we had Mike, another master electrician, install a normal fixture, right? Where let’s say you’re up on the ladder, he’s trying to hold that fixture, wire it at the same time.

He may be 10 ft in the air, not super safe, a little bit awkward, often a two-man job. And it took my, you know, masamenos 10 minutes to install that fixture. Let’s say start to finish, whereas CJ and I on this side, look how easy it is to install this. Do do one more.

And again, you, you still have to install this, that’s right, that’s right. Not the biggest deal, that’s right. The sky plug, three Terminals, and it’s done, they’re ready to go in there. So you’re still traditionally wiring, but actually the physical hanging of it, I’m not doing this with wire nuts.

I’m not having to balance, you know, I’m not having to calling help to hold it. I’m just doing this, clicks right in, that’s pretty awesome, yeah. And then put the canopy on, and you’re done, you’re out, that’s pretty awesome.

I also like how high quality these are. I mean, if you look at this, this looks to be really well made. It feels in hand like this is not an inexpensive part. This feels really, really good.

And once this is up too, the other thing CJ, I don’t know if you mentioned, is this fixture could be hot and you can touch it and there’s nothing there that’s going to get me. It’s listed, it’s the National Electric Code recognizes it.

I mean, you can’t wores can’t get, you can’t get hurt. So again, skilled labor installing this. And again, the Builder being able to come back after, or or or lower end labor being able to come in and trim out after the fact. It’s always the last thing to hang or do on a job is finish is finish fixtures is like the last thing.

So again, when you’re building 40, I mean, even one home, you know, yeah, it’s, I mean, you can send The Apprentice back to hang all those pictures on the to na b, you know, the painter comes bu and you got to touch up paint.

How many times have we pull down fixtures on a build, yeah, that’s right. It’s a paint in butt, it costs a lot of money, uh, you know, the painter needs to touch up around the box. Or again, a selection changes because the the owners don’t like it, boom, that’s super easy, that’s crazy, really compelling, yeah, it’s the future.

And in general, I think just to sum it up, I think Time Savings is really really the big story here, yes, you can change fixtures easily. But if you can knock out 5, 10 minutes per fixture in your house, and electricians are some of the best paid trades on the job, we’re really going to save m

oney both as electricians and as Builders. Very, very fun time at skyx. Thanks for joining me, CJ. Thanks man. We’ll put a link to these guys in the description below. We’re at design and construction week.

2024, all right y’all, visiting view rail, Stephanie. This is some pretty stuff here, isn’t it? Isn’t this amazing? Now is this your first time meeting Len? Len’s been on camera with me a lot. He’s the OG founder of the company. And Len, I love that you’re the face of the company. Talk to me about what’s new this year. I mean, this is pretty unbelievable.

Matt, we love to do hard things, and yeah, you do. We’ve been doing uh, a lot of hard straight things, and we thought, “Hey, let’s do a hard curve and let’s wrap it in Wood.

Let’s uh, really tighten up the lines and make all of the joints come together really well. Let’s go ahead and light up the handrail, and uh, then let’s put it in a box and ship it to Vegas cuz that would be easy, right? Why not?”

Yeah, I’ve never done a curve stair. Have you before?

I have not, but I want to now. This is intimidating for me as a builder, but the idea that I could order this from you guys, you could ship it to my job, and this could be a feature in one of my houses that people are like, “Wow Matt, what an incredible staircase.”

Well thanks, you know, my guys are pretty talented. That’s what I love about view rail is I as a builder get to get credit for some really cool stuff in my houses.

Matt, what we love about it is we figured out a way to hatch a plan. We can keep the lines really thin and making the walls this thin, it add some mystery to it, yeah. What’s this made from is what I was thinking when I saw it.

You buy one and I’ll tell you, um, it is wood with embedded Steel in the right places to bring the structure together to to strengthen it up. U, but it’s, it’s very achievable. It also can be a platform for you. It can be a space where you want to leather wrap this, picture that, picture that leather WRA, picture the veneer that you’re going to do the whole room in, and it grows right up here, picture plaster, a Venetian plaster on here, unbelievable.

So we can provide the engineering, the structure, get it done, done pretty quickly for you. That’s amazing. And then allow your creativity to just go where it needs to, super cool man.

Now, when I think Vil though, I got to tell you, I always go back to your original product you came out with decades, how long’s it been now?

Long, you, it’s been about 10 years, okay, about a decade ago when I first found out about you guys. I mean, that vew rail flight system with that mono Stringer, yes, uh, you guys still, I’m sure, sell the heck out of that, AR you we do. They’re about 10 of them a day going out of our plant. And we really sought, Matt, to solve a big problem.

And we like to be problem solvers, and the problem was, “How do you build something that is scalable?” So engineering work today, you can stand on that engineering work tomorrow and it can keep building. And that’s really what we did with mono.

So every time we build one, we are standing on the engineering of a previous day. And so we’re really, really efficient with it, that’s right. You’ve, this a long time, and that efficiency translates to Builder efficiency, yeah.

Now Stephanie, you’ve got your first view rail job on order for a really cool house that I’ve been to. I do, uh, what Drew you to view rail as a builder? What was interesting for you?

I originally saw view Rail and learned of vew rail through Matt, so started watching some of Matt’s videos, learning a little bit about the company, seeing you guys at the Builder show cuz this is, you know, a really important staple for our business.

But when we started looking at what we wanted to do in this house with it being more modern and kind of a unique aesthetic, we knew we needed someone that really knew their stuff with glass railing, yeah. You got a lot of glass rail coming up on that job, don’t you?

A ton of glass Rail. And so we started kind of doing some digging, and light bulb went off, view rail does glass, that’s their thing, yeah. So we reached out and we were able to get with the team about the glass pins and that glass pin railing system is what we’ve chosen to use. And we’re going to use it in a few different ways.

So we have the entire inside of the house with the clear glass and stainless pins, wow. And then the car showroom is going to have the smoked glass. Did you say car showroom, smoked glass? You got to see this house man, it’s incredible.

In addition to that, we did, we went back to your, your trademark, centerpiece of mono rail stairs or mono Stringer stairs. And we’re going to do two flights of those in black with the LED lights that you guys have showcased. You do a really, really great job of showing those off. And that’s just going to be another little like jewelry piece on that car showroom. That’s pretty awesome.

Now besides the curve though, ly, you got something else pretty awesome on the other side of the booth. Let’s go check that out. We’ll meet you over there. Oh len, wow, this is awesome, Canever. There we go. Oh my gosh, this is amazing. It’s pretty cool, isn’t it Deanie? So beautiful. How the heck did you do this?

Well, um, we did a lot of work to design how to solve Builder problems because Matt, one of the problems you have is like you’ve probably already framed this wall, customer changes their mind cuz they see one of our pictures on Instagram or something, “Can we do candle Libra, mat?” And you’re like, “Like I don’t know how to do this.”

And so this is a standard framed wall on 16in centers, holy cow, really 16in centers? We come in with our patented process where we’re putting lvls to Sister those studs. I got to cut away here, okay, cool. And I can show you the engineering on it. So they’re going to be individual steel plates, they’re going to attached to this stiffened wall, wow.

Nothing weighs more than 100 lb. So two people can bring it in and do the installation. And we provide you with a template first, so you’re going to pla put a template up there, make sure everything’s in place. You get to pre-drill all the holes, and you’re putting a 100 lb piece up, tightening it.

We have a leveling system cuz you can imagine we go up to 66 in wide, yeah, and, holy cow, keeping that level out there is is a challenge, yeah, because your glass has to match up. So we have a leveling system, it’s part of the patent. And then you can apply the glass on the ends and know that every one of those rid is going to be perfect. That’s pretty awesome.

Now, here’s the test though, Stephanie, what do you weigh, like 3, 400lb? Once you walk these stairs, tell us if we can feel any Shake on here. I’m holding the railing. She’s walking it. I really don’t feel anything, that’s incredible, a 300 lb woman, nothing, nothing at all. Incredible.

So we have a real 300 lb person, his name is Bud, and everything gets the bud test. And if it passes the bud test, then we put it through the Fe and ICC certification and get all the stamps so that you don’t have any difficulty with code inspectors.

So it gets real world tested, and it gets uh, finite element an. And not only are the stairs can levered, but it looks like the landing at the top of the rail also can levers out. And that’s not a small Landing up there, it is not. That’s impressive, suspect there might be a patent happening here somewhere.

There is, um, we’ve applied for it and been granted the patent pending status. A lot of continued paperwork to do that, but it’s, it’s going to be fun. That’s awesome, yeah.

So we talked earlier about your kind of bread and butter, with people know you on, which is that uh, mono Stringer. What else do you have in the booth that, that you kind of feel like is the the bread and butter, like we sell the most of? I’m curious, let’s go look at flight stack, flight stack.

All right, we’ll meet you over at flight stack. All right, Len stack, this is also really darn cool, no Stringer visible whatsoever. It looks like kind of Lego blocks that are climbing up the stairs. Talk to us about this guy.

We think this is like our Pinnacle of design. We love that it’s, it’s clean, it’s not open riser, which some people may be a little not ready for. And so it’s a great space to go in there.

There’s no Fastener anywhere, it’s just this elegance and clean, this the, the lights are so hidden. Like I mean, you can’t even tell there’s lights there until you make the glow happen. I, I, I don’t know how we’re going to improve upon this map, honestly. We think this is our Pinnacle design.

What’s your favorite thing about this?

This is an amazing set of stairs. I love the lights. I think that does give you just a little bit of an accent. But I do agree, there’s a lot of people that see like open risers and get a little nervous, or they have kids or animals or certain things.

This gives you a similar look, still very modern, still very contemporary, but it doesn’t intimidate people with the open risers. And the recessed black tucked up underneath the Oak in this particular set is beautiful, pretty awesome, Len.

Amazing stuff, great tour guys. If you’re not familiar with vew rail, this is a really cool company based right in the heart of America. They’re shipping these out to job sites all over the country. You can install it yourself, they can install it for you.

But the best part about it is I as the Builder, Stephanie as the Builder, gets to get credit for an incredibly beautiful piece of craftsmanship on our job sites. I mean, it’s truly artwork, and they’re great people to work with. So give them a call if you have an interesting project. We’ll put a link to these guys in the description. Thanks for having us, my friend. Thank you, very appreciate it, beautiful stuff, wasn’t it? Thank you, please. Thanks.

All right guys, we’ll see you later from design and construction week 2024. All right, look it, we’re back at span. We’re at IBS 2024, um, and we were here last year. And I was pretty pumped to see showing up this fan booth that they have a lot more to offer than last year, a lot of exciting new changes, which you know, when we’ve been at IBS, there’s not always new stuff at some of the booths that we saw last year. Span’s crushing it right now, so cool, ran. What’s new, dude? What do we got?

Well, we’ve, uh, we’ve taken the the span 32 panel over here and we’ve expanded our family both bigger and smaller based on the feedback that you were describing and really giving different access points for the same awesome capability that that SP includes different form factors to meet different, uh, different needs for Builders. So that was it, right?

Last year, I think uh, electricians tend to be uh, we, we’ll see something great and then complain about it, um. And one of the things that i’, I’ve heard when we first did some span stuff was it was just the 32. But look at this, we got a 48. So for the bigger houses, and again, we can go more than one p on a house, it’s not limited. So you can just stack they. Network together as you can have a 48 and a 24, a 32 and a 24, all of it’s configurable based on the needs of the home.

So let me ask you guys a question. I’m, I don’t understand all this, and and what you would use where, but like what, where would you use a span 16? That seems like that would be like a generator panel or a smaller panel. Why, why would you want that 16?

Yeah, you may want it for a retrofit use case where you’re just trying to control a little bit of load, okay? You may want this Outdoors because you want more distribution indoors. And so you’re going to have your main breaker outdoors and just a little bit of Lo, little bit of load.

And then and then move the rest inside, right? Cuz it’s a big investment if you only had the 32 and we’re doing a, a 900 ft um apartment or an Adu, right? So a smaller, so simply cost to makes sense, right? It’s going to be less expensive, oh yeah, yep it’s going to be less expensive.

And then I really want to show this off because I saw it and it, it was like glowing, um, but we have, it’s not out yet, but it’s coming out. Yeah, we’ll have, uh, we’ll have the whole family outside of the 32 starting to roll out and end of Q3, beginning of Q4 this year, okay?

So we know there’s smart panels, um, they integrate with batteries. That’s why you’re gonna have a span, is because when you have power outage, um, you know, the battery takes over and it will click off all the loads that you don’t need, um. So we, we’ve, we got a ton of bu show content on span, um. I really wanted to highlight of some of the things that I thought were the most exciting. It’s the energy management. Can you explain, like, it’s here?

Yeah, it’s here, it’s, we, we have it live now in 34 states. We’re installed it with our Hardware at all 50 states now, uh, and our energy management system that we call power up is now active in in 34 states.

And what this is about is, uh, both in new home construction and in retrofit construction, often times as you start adding additional electric load, you get constrained by the utility service. So what we can do is, is we can see that, that utility service, understand whole home load, and then start to manage load to keep you under that service, preventing you from having to increase your service size, which is a significant amount of cost both in retrofit and new home construction.

That’s pretty awesome. And when you came, remember we went and we saw some of these houses, and I was explaining to you that our utility company, you build a big house and they’re not necessarily just handing out 400 amps to everyone. And so sometimes we have to work within that 200 amp, load management is really a big deal for you guys. Span solve the problem. We don’t have to get a utility upgrade anymore. Span, we can install a span, it’s all code compliant, right? You said recognized all listed?

Yeah, EMS UL 96 energy management system. So I can work with the 200, and I can have it prior, I to turn off things to regulate that and use a small service, but you know, still add all my electric appliances, the EV Chargers, induction ranges, all this electric stuff, especially in California. A bigal, in the words of my favorite California electrician, that’s pretty rad.

That is pretty rad. Guys, if you don’t know, CJ, master electrician, CNC electric, shooting videos all the time on He’s made a bunch of videos on span. He’s used a lot of these products on his job sites that he’s building with Builders, uh, outside of the San Francisco Bay area, and he’s got a bunch of cool videos.

So go check out his work and also follow him on Instagram. Thank you, Ryan, for giving us man. It’s so cool that you guys are doing, and I mean, they reinvented the electrical panel and I, I, I’m just excited that they just pushin’ the envelope every year. They’re getting feedback from electricians like you and they’re listening, which is rare. But thank you so much, appreciate construction week 2024.

All right Matt, Ally, we’re at the centino booth and this is amazing. There’s some cool stuff here, Stephanie. I like it. Now Ally, have you use these products before?

I use centino all the time. I particularly love their decton product, and this is not a sales pitch. Decton is one of the best most Innovative surfaces in the world right now. So centino is based in Spain and their decton product is actually made from a byproduct of a quartz and Quarry.

So this is ultra sustainable, ultra powerful. They put it under a ton of pressure and it’s called being Ultra compact, so this stuff is basically indestructible. How cool? I was going to say, in our showroom in Salt Lake, and I know Ally, we’ve talked about this a little bit,

Yeah, they ride on it with Sharpie, with nail polish, light it on fire, oh my gosh, it’s bulletproof, wow, that’s pretty cool. So you think they’d mind if I just grab b the Sharpie and get after sign that? Not, what is this decton right here on this gorgeous island

we’re seeing? It is any idea what this is? I believe it’s the 8 mil, okay, so the thicker product, right? Cuz this, this can come down to 4 mil, is that what I heard? Yeah, ex and the 4 mil can actually be scored and cut just like tile, just like tile. So for a lot of the solid surface showers that you use, it’s a more economical way of achieving the same.

Have you done a shower with us before? We have. Yeah, wow! I’m not wored, it this is pretty fabulous. One of the cool things I found out today while we’ve been around here, this fluted surface that you’re seeing on us here, and then there’s another fireplace behind us here, those are done in the factory.

This isn’t done by a fabricator after the fact, so you can get them fluted from the factory and use it on your shower walls or on a fireplace space.

And no, I wonder when you make that curve cut though, if you negated that waterproofing or that kind of imperviousness? Do you guys know that answer? I don’t think so. I think the fact that it’s factory fabricated actually eliminates that human error that comes with a fast, that makes sense.

You know, these curve cuts are gorgeous, this island is unbelievable. And check out these appliances that are kind of set in. I don’t know what brand that is, I’ve never used that before, but that’s kind of cool, looks beautiful.

One of the places we’ve used decton before in the past has been on the outside of building, really, as a cladding, on as a cladding. This stuff is fade resistant. It’s, it can be, you know, you can set hot things directly on it. It’s nearly bulletproof. Yeah, we use it on a lot of outdoor spaces.

So you notice that these burners are directly on the slab, slab can take it. I’m telling you, this stuff is nearly indestructible. So it’s a fantastic product. And the great thing about it also is that it’s not overly expensive, is that right? Yeah, it’s actually really pretty economical and achievable for the average homeowner who’s just trying to get a really nice finish in their house.

Very cool, they do make a ton of different colors as well, so stuff that you’re seeing behind us that looks more like marble. We’ve seen some stuff that looks kind of like uh burnt steel, yeah, some more Industrial looks. And then they do have some solid surface colors as well, that’s pretty cool. Yeah!

Guys, I don’t know about you, but this has been a really fun design and construction week. We’ve had a lot of fun with all the Build Show Network contributors. You guys obviously are following Allison Anderson Integra builders on Instagram and Stephanie build it on Instagram, but you want to go see their videos, these guys have shot some awesome videos.

Guys, thanks for joining me for design and construction show. It’s been a lot of fun. If you’re not following Ally already and Stephanie, go check them out on their social media, but of course they’re shooting videos on a weekly basis on their job sites in Chicago and in Utah.

These guys are amazing, they do fabulous work, and I’m really thankful to have them on the Build Show Network. So go check out the for Ali and Stephanie’s videos, otherwise guys, hit that subscribe button below, we’ve got new content here every Tuesday and every Friday, follow us on TikTok or Instagram, otherwise we’ll see you next time on Build Show.

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