Cut Building Costs: Get Better Results for Less with Build Source.

Cut Building Costs: Get Better Results for Less.

Cut Building Costs: Get Better Results for Less.

Contrary to many commentaries in the news, there are numerous ways to cut building costs on your building projects. We’re going to show you how through our new 2024 ‘Build Source’ service by The Build Review. Our mission is to assist industry professionals and consumers in planning, designing, specifying, and sourcing products and services that will lead to better outcomes for your build, and your budget. See here for more information.

Why does it seem so challenging to build good quality houses cost-effectively? There are numerous answers to this question that we simply don’t have time to cover here. They range from inexcusable supplier price gouging to the selection of inefficient designs and building practices. I’ve been astounded at how many times I’ve heard that COVID-19 is still blamed for almost monthly price hikes from our biggest building products and material suppliers. Yet, their reported annual reports often tell a very different story.

The unfortunate truth is that every trade in the building industry is scurrying for money, ‘clipping the ticket’ as products and materials find their way through the supply chain to the customer. The problem is so rife that I even know architects personally who substantially clip the ticket even when their own industry bodies and certifications forbid it.

What’s even more concerning is that this is undermining our buildings’ end quality and durability. Even most of our trade service providers (Tradies) are persuading their clients and industry professionals that they can source better products at a better price. In reality, though, they are nearly always supplying vastly inferior products just to make a margin.

If you genuinely want to save money on your building project, you need to take control of the procurement process!

Ian Thompson, Editor

An unfortunate example of this that I’ve witnessed frequently involves electricians. They swap out high-quality drivers and architectural lighting fixtures for less durable and lower-performing products to make their own product sales margin. Clients are often sucked in because lighting is usually installed late in the build process, and their budget is typically blown. So, clients naturally look for any avenue to save money. However, this is a huge mistake, as lighting is one of the design disciplines that we must get right, or our whole project look and feel will suffer. It’s amazing how many more mistakes are made when budgets are under pressure. It’s inexperience, poor planning, and poor management that lead to the biggest mistakes.

If you genuinely want to save money on your building project, you need to take control of the procurement process. Either bring it in-house or contract it out to specialized procurement companies. Their better buying power and procurement process efficiency will ultimately cut out many of these budget blowouts and help safeguard against quality degradation. They can also assist with international sourcing, which is another great asset if you want to use better quality products that are more affordable than what may be available locally. Of course, good design and collaboration help, but today, I’m focusing on the procurement process. As part of our Build Source membership we’ll show you the tips and tricks needed to buy better products more cost effectively. We’ll even teach you how to choose more efficient building systems and help you work with better service suppliers.

I’m working on a project for my own family that uses an efficient European building system that utilizes some of the most thermally efficient and durable products found anywhere in the world. The savings are considerable, and the local resources I will need are minimal. This particular building system has been used for over 40 years in Europe, but it isn’t available in New Zealand where I currently live. While I wait for New Zealand’s building and manufacturing industries to catch up – and banks to be helpful, I will strive to source the best products I can for my budget. This may mean a high percentage of my products come from overseas, and this is easier than you may think; you just need to plan ahead and get organized!

If you’re interested in learning more about how to save money on your build, stay tuned. Next week we’ll be officially launching our Build Source service and membership program. We are building a strong international network of premium building industry manufacturers and will be incentivizing them to offer our members exclusive discounts and advice.

Our Build Source service is designed to assist everyone cut building costs, whilst building better buildings – from first-time home builders to industry-leading developers working on the world’s most significant construction projects. The principles remain consistent, only the scale changes.

If you are a manufacturer of innovative, sustainable, and healthy building and construction products and would like to be featured on The Build Review and within the Build Source Network, please email us at

Here’s to a more affordable, collaborative, and efficient building industry in 2024. Best of luck from all of us at The Build Review.”