Dive into 'Talking Trades' series, spotlighting career opportunities in the trades. Join us as we debunk misconceptions and highlight potential.

Exploring Career Opportunities in the Trades: BUILD Original Series ‘Talking Trades”

Matt Risinger talking with Mike and Sherry Holmes

Exploring Career Opportunities in the Trades: Introducing ‘Talking Trades’

Today, we’re excited to introduce the first episode of the BUILD Original Series, ‘Talking Trades.’ Your host and our ever-present guest author, Matt Risinger, will embark on a 13-episode journey, traversing the USA to engage with Build Show expert contributors across diverse trades.

The Value of Trades in Today’s World

‘Talking Trades’ is more than a simple showcase of skills. It’s a call to action and a spotlight on an industry in dire need of fresh talent. Today, there’s a prevalent perception that a university education is the sole path to a prosperous career, often overshadowing the value and potential of vocational training. This perspective is magnified by many educational institutions’ focus on university preparation, rather than promoting vocational training.

The Changing Educational Landscape

Three decades ago, it was relatively rare for students to pursue university education, but those who did found opportunities in well-paid jobs fairly straightforward. Today, times have changed. A university degree no longer guarantees the same level of potential reward for your investment in time and student loans. So, why aren’t we encouraging more school and college students to explore the career opportunities in the trades? As technology advances at a rapid pace, we need smarter, more creative young people in the trades, many of whom will eventually own their own businesses.

Challenging Misconceptions and Highlighting Opportunities

In this series, our aim is to challenge these misconceptions and illuminate the wealth of opportunities available in the trades. Aspects like the variety of career paths, potential for advancement, and the tangible satisfaction derived from hands-on work are often overlooked. Unfortunately, a stigma still surrounds the trades, often seen as a fallback for those not academically inclined.

Building Site Tradespeople

Personal Insights from the Construction Sector

In my 35 years working in the construction sector, I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly side of working with the trades. But there are some truly industrious tradespeople out there who enjoy the variety of their work, the chance to work outside at times, and the camaraderie and banter on site. It’s encouraging to see more women entering the trades, many of whom outshine their male counterparts in terms of organisation, discipline, and creativity.

Addressing the Global Shortage of Skilled Tradespeople

The global shortage of skilled tradespeople is a pressing issue that requires attention. Factors such as an aging workforce, lack of interest among the youth, and international labor shortages due to border closures contribute to this problem.

The Role of Governments and Educational Institutions

Governments and educational institutions can play a crucial role in reversing this trend. By promoting trades as a viable career path, providing information about the opportunities available, and offering incentives for apprenticeships and vocational training, we can start to fill the gap in the industry.

Kickstarting the Journey with ‘Talking Trades’

In this first episode, Matt Risinger initiates the journey by interviewing renowned contractors and TV personalities, Mike Holmes and his daughter Sherry Holmes. They share their experiences and insights, providing valuable advice for those considering a career in the trades. So, get ready for an enlightening discussion, and remember, this is just the beginning of our exploration. We encourage you to share this video post with any potential aspiring tradespeople who might be interested in the trades. Stay tuned for more insights and inspiration in the episodes to come as we continue to explore career opportunities in the trades.