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Acoustic-Isolation: Discusses methods and materials used to prevent sound from traveling between spaces in a building

Acoustic solutions by Fonology


Fonology, a division of Aresline, specializes in architectural acoustics with a focus on customized, multi-material solutions. Its commitment to personalized acoustic comfort is exemplified through collaboration with clients and comprehensive certification of final results. Leveraging continuous research and reflecting materials, Fonology has left an indelible mark on prestigious projects globally, exemplifying its expertise and versatility in crafting custom solutions for diverse environments.
Sun protection systems Brichta


Brichta GmbH: Textile Sun Protection Experts Enhance privacy, control lighting, and regulate temperatures with Brichta's innovative solutions. With over 70 years of expertise, we offer tailored and standard elements, including screen walls, curtain systems, and laser protection. As your one-stop provider, our German-crafted products ensure precision and quality. From indoor systems to blackout solutions, we prioritize sustainability, customer satisfaction, and energy efficiency. Trust Brichta for high-quality textile sun protection and innovative solutions.
Aluminum sandwich panels for construction by Metawell


Metawell GmbH offers innovative lightweight aluminum panels known for their exceptional rigidity and lightness, making them ideal for various applications. The panels provide high corrosion protection, excellent thermal conductivity, and 100% recyclability without material separation. The Aluflex variant allows for simple two-dimensional shaping, offering endless design possibilities for architectural and industrial uses.
coustic Panels by I-Wood


I-Wood offers premium acoustic wooden panels, meticulously crafted for exceptional acoustical performance and ease of installation. Their ceiling panels feature unique installation solutions, cutting installation time in half, while their wall panels seamlessly blend natural materials with stylish design. The Flexi Frame and Flexi Wall options provide versatile and stylish sound-absorbing solutions for ceilings, walls, and partitions. I-Wood's Danish-made panels allow for customization, catering to unique project requirements and challenging design elements. Experience the perfect harmony between optimal acoustics and intelligent installation with I-Wood.
Weatherproofing Soundproofing Timber Fasteners and Connectors by RothoBlaas


Elevate your construction projects with Rothoblaas, offering a comprehensive range of innovative solutions. From robust timber screws for structural stability to adhesive membranes ensuring protective longevity, Rothoblaas delivers quality and reliability. Explore our Alumega system for efficient post and beam connections, H-Rail for secure fall protection, and acoustic solutions for unparalleled comfort. Partner with Rothoblaas, where innovation meets excellence in construction.
Sound Isolation Sound Insulation Materials and Wall Panels by Yiacoustic


With a commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, YI Acoustic offers premier acoustic solutions for diverse spaces. Our wide range of meticulously designed acoustic panels, including fabric-wrapped, wood, and metal finishes, ensures exceptional sound absorption and diffusion. Specialized products, such as soundproofing solutions, diffusers, and bass traps, cater to specific acoustic needs. With a focus on customization, our experienced team collaborates closely with clients to recommend tailored solutions, ensuring the perfect acoustic balance for every unique space. Trust in YI Acoustic for lasting quality, premium materials, and superior customer service, providing exceptional results for your acoustic projects.
Ceilings Acoustic Thermal Light Control by Vogl


Welcome to Vogl Deckensysteme, your premier destination for top-quality plasterboard ceiling systems. Our diverse selection includes acoustic design ceilings for optimal sound absorption, acoustic plaster ceilings for unique designs with superior acoustics, and versatile design ceilings offering limitless possibilities. Experience efficient lighting solutions with our light control ceilings, and achieve climate control with our heating and cooling ceilings for a comfortable and sustainable environment. Vogl Deckensysteme goes beyond products, providing installation training, tender specifications, drawings, and expert project consultation. Trust us for excellence in innovation, functionality, and design for your ceiling solutions.
Acoustic glass partition wall by Strahle


For over a century, Strähle has led the interior design industry, specializing in partition walls, room-in-room solutions, and acoustic systems. Founded on values of quality, collaboration, and reliability, we merge tradition with innovation. Our TEAMBOX systems, TB.1 and TB.2, provide extra space and flexibility, ideal for calls, meetings, and collaboration. With expertise in partition walls, room solutions, and acoustics, we combine aesthetics, functionality, and cost-effectiveness. Partner with us to create tailored, sustainable office spaces, and join our commitment to shaping the future of workspaces with our innovative approach.