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Pollmeier produces beech lumber, Pollmeier COMPONENTS (cut-to-size lumber) and is producing laminated veneer lumber made of beech wood (BauBuche) as the only manufacturer worldwide. We also produce laminated veneer lumber from spruce (Spruce LVL).


Pollmeier, Europe's largest hardwood producer and the global leader in beech timber, stands as your trusted partner for construction needs. Our sustainable practices yield high-quality hardwood products, including cut-to-size beech components, softwood LVL, and Baubuche, as well as versatile beech timber. Explore Pollmeier COMPONENTS for cost-effective construction, softwood LVL for strength, and Baubuche for load-bearing excellence. Our beech timber, known for quality, suits various applications. With a commitment to sustainability, Pollmeier ensures responsible forestry practices and offers comprehensive support for informed decisions. Choose Pollmeier for top-tier hardwood solutions, aligning with industry standards and environmental responsibility.