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Doors: Covers all aspects of doors in construction, from design and material selection to installation and hardware

Door Manufacturing by Dextuera


Dextuera offers a wide range of high-quality and stylish interior doors to elevate your space. From the industrial elegance of the Nova design series to the classic appeal of the Form series and the customizable options in the Stiltüren collection, Dextuera provides versatile choices to suit any interior style. With a plethora of finishes, colors, and door accessories available, customization is key, allowing you to create a personalized statement. Explore the dextüra Magazine for inspiration and utilize the Inspiration Tool for a tailored door design experience. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, Dextuera's doors promise both beauty and functionality, ensuring an exceptional addition to your home or commercial space.
High Performance Italian Entrance Doors


Oikos leads in customizable entrances for construction, blending innovation, craftsmanship, and sustainability. From standard doors to unique custom designs, Oikos entrances reflect your style and make a statement. Crafted by skilled artisans with top-quality materials, each entrance is durable and reliable. Oikos prioritizes eco-friendly practices, ensuring energy-efficient entrances without compromising quality. Explore our extensive collection, from classic to contemporary styles, tailored for residential, commercial, or special projects. With personalized service and international recognition, Oikos elevates your construction projects, offering entrances that leave a lasting impression. Contact us to discuss your requirements and experience the Oikos difference.
PVC Wall Penel Door Panels and Glass Spacers by Soytas


Soytas Group, your go-to for cutting-edge construction solutions. Explore our brands—Panadur, PanaSpacer, PanaStone, and PanaPlan—offering high-quality products. Panadur presents PVC Sandwich Panels and Door Panels for superior insulation. PanaSpacer ensures energy efficiency in windows with advanced Insulating Glass Systems. Customize PVC sheets with precision through PanaPlan. Elevate interiors with the elegance of PanaStone PVC Wall Panels. Committed to quality and sustainability, we prioritize customer satisfaction. Choose Soytas Group for innovative, durable, and eco-friendly construction solutions.
Recycling aluminum for a better future Baux


Discover Grupo Baux's commitment to sustainability and aluminum production. With over 350 employees, their circular economy process includes constant aluminum recycling. They are known for top-quality products, manufactured with a low CO2 footprint and quick global service. Joined with Jupiter Aluminum Corporation in 2018, they offer innovation, 24/7 production, and a strong capacity for accommodating special orders.
Inotherm's world of premium entrance doors


Inotherm's exclusive entrance doors combine unique designs, advanced security features, and customizable options. Their commitment to quality is evident in their 5-year warranty and strict delivery deadlines. Explore their extensive catalog and use the door configurator to personalize your dream entrance.
Quality Wood Doors by Bichler


Elevate your living spaces with premium doors from Bichler. Our extensive collection of entrance, interior, and loft doors is meticulously crafted, offering elegance, functionality, and customization. Explore our 3D showroom and physical exhibition for a comprehensive experience. Find security, durability, and style in our entrance doors, impeccable designs in our interior doors, and a touch of sophistication in our loft doors. Personalize your doors with customizable options and immerse yourself in our showroom experience. Trust Bichler for high-quality craftsmanship and unmatched elegance in every door. Visit us online or in-person to discover the world of Bichler doors.
interior doors and door elements in an almost limitless variety of designs, to apartment entrance doors, special shapes such as protective doors, security doors, sliding doors, etc., to extensive accessories by Kunex


Kunex, Austria's foremost door provider for over 90 years, merges innovation and experience. Our doors, synonymous with excellence, are "Made in Austria." Beyond functionality, doors contribute to aesthetics. Kunex offers a diverse range—from stylish interiors to high-security apartment entrance doors, fire-resistant, soundproof, and custom special doors. Crafted with top-notch materials, our doors exceed industry standards. Committed to sustainability, we minimize our carbon footprint and prioritize eco-friendly practices. Choose Kunex for doors that unite innovation, design, security, and sustainability. Experience personalized support from selection to installation. Contact us for your perfect door solutions.
HVAC system and Doors Manufacturing by Arbonia


ARBONIA is a trusted provider of innovative and sustainable heating, cooling, and door solutions. With over a century of experience, ARBONIA offers a wide range of high-quality products to enhance comfort, energy efficiency, and aesthetics. From radiators and convectors to underfloor heating systems and ventilation solutions, ARBONIA delivers cutting-edge technologies and stylish designs. Their interior and exterior doors combine functionality and style, ensuring security and insulation. With a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and design excellence, ARBONIA is your partner in creating a comfortable, efficient, and stylish environment.
Wood Laminated Panels by Lamitex


Lamitex stands as Italy's top provider of high-quality laminate products, offering an extensive range of decorative and industrial laminates. Our decorative laminates, available in various designs and textures, bring style and durability to residential and commercial interiors. For industrial applications, our specialized laminates excel in electrical insulation, thermal management, and chemical resistance. At Lamitex, quality is paramount. We meticulously source materials, enforce strict quality control measures, and subject our laminates to rigorous testing to meet international standards. Our unwavering commitment to quality extends to our exceptional customer service, where our knowledgeable and friendly team is dedicated to helping you find the perfect laminate solutions and providing personalized support throughout your project journey. Moreover, we offer value-added services such as custom cutting and edging to ensure precise fit and seamless installation, tailored to your unique project requirements. Lamitex is your trusted partner for high-quality laminate products, aiming to elevate your projects with style and functionality.