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Disposable formwork for ventilated crawl spaces, ventilated foundations, monolithic foundations. Disposable formwork for lightened reinforced concrete slab slabs for large spans. Formwork for the lightening of reinforced concrete slabs cast on Daliform


Daliform Group is a leading manufacturer of plastic products for the construction industry, offering innovative solutions such as disposable formwork for ventilated crawl spaces, foundations, and rainwater collection tanks. Their disposable formwork also supports large spans of lightened reinforced concrete slab casting on-site, allowing for greater flexibility and adaptability. Plus, their products go beyond construction as their grids support driveway floors and substrate consolidation, while their air distribution systems offer versatile applications for waste stabilization and food product storage. Daliform Group strives to contribute to a sustainable and eco-friendly future with their drainage solutions that promote environmental conservation.
leading providers of innovative concrete formwork technology by Noe


NOE's formwork solutions redefine construction precision. From wall and column formwork to specialized systems, each product embodies innovation and adaptability. With a commitment to quality and support, NOE empowers construction professionals to achieve superior outcomes, setting new benchmarks for formwork technology.
Plastic products for construction by Gurbetciler


Gurbetciler Plastik A.Ş. leads the construction industry with innovative products like Spacers, essential for reinforced concrete elements, and Karoapp, an adjustable raised floor system. Their Revak Blind Mold and Geoankraj offer indispensable solutions for structural stability, while Raytut ensures high-stability frame formation. With a commitment to sustainability and advanced technology, the company sets high standards in responsible infrastructure solutions.
Geoplast is a designer and manufacturer of recycled plastic products for sustainable construction.


Geoplast's product range includes Modulo, Geopanel, Geopanel Star, Geotub, and Geotub Panel, which offer versatile formwork solutions for various construction elements. These products are designed to enhance sustainability, reduce costs, and improve workflow efficiency. Additionally, they are known for their reusability, fast mounting and demounting process, and lightweight nature, making them ideal for a wide range of construction projects.
wood fibre boards and cement-wood Viroc


Welcome to Viroc Investwood, your trusted provider of innovative and sustainable construction products. Our wood fiber cement boards, like the premium WICSLATE roofing solution, offer durability and aesthetic appeal. WICCOAT, our facade system, ensures superior weather resistance and a sleek look. Explore WICSOUND for optimal acoustic performance in various environments. Committed to quality and environmental responsibility, our products are made from renewable materials, contributing to a greener construction industry. Choose Investwood for reliable, high-performing, and eco-conscious solutions, partnering with us for a sustainable future in construction.
Formwork Technologies and Pre Case Concrete by BT Innovation

BT Innovation

BT Innovation, founded in 1991, has evolved into a leading provider of innovative solutions in the formwork industry. Their MultiForm® system enables shuttering heights of up to 60 cm on tilting tables and/or circulating pallets, catering to diverse precast concrete production lines. This development streamlines precast construction, enhancing efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and precision, while minimizing manual processes and reducing labor costs. BT Innovation's dedication to advancing the precast industry underscores its commitment to pioneering sustainable and advanced building solutions for the future.