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Netherlands: Content related to the construction industry in Netherlands, including local regulations, materials, and practices

sustainable systems for green roofs, living walls and groundcover. by Sempergreen


Sempergreen offers a wide range of high-quality green roof, wall, and ground cover solutions. With a commitment to sustainability and expertise in the field, their products enhance the environment, regulate temperature, and create visually stunning spaces. From vegetation mats to pre-grown sedum ctes, Sempergreen's products are designed to thrive in various climates and provide numerous benefits. Experience the beauty and benefits of their innovative solutions and bring nature back to urban environments.
Aluminum Facades by Aldowa


Aldowa: Crafting Architectural Dreams Aldowa transforms dreams into reality, evolving from an aluminum cladding supplier to a comprehensive construction partner. Established in 1978, our journey epitomizes commitment to quality and innovation. We excel in aluminum, steel, and composite materials, offering a spectrum of facade solutions. Our material expertise, including aluminum honeycomb and surface treatments, ensures limitless possibilities for your architectural visions. Partner with Aldowa for a journey where ambitious dreams meet groundbreaking facade solutions, creating structures that redefine architectural possibilities.
TUV does test, accompany, develop, promote and certify products, plants, processes and management systems

TUV Rheinland

TÜV Rheinland, a global leader with over 150 years of experience, champions safety, sustainability, and integrity. Their services cover a wide range, including testing, certification, environmental management, construction materials, real estate assessment, fire protection, and renovation. With an emphasis on excellence, they offer holistic solutions to ensure safety, quality, and sustainability across various industries and projects.
Uniq Glass Balustrades


Unlocking Elegance and Safety: The UNIQ Smart Balustrades Revolution IMS Nederland B.V., a leader in the steel industry for over 60 years, introduced the UNIQ smart balustrades as a pinnacle of precision and sophistication in architectural safety and aesthetics. The brand's commitment to quality is underscored by ISO 9001:2015 and CE certifications, signifying meticulous craftsmanship and cutting-edge design. UNIQ smart balustrades seamlessly blend form and function, utilizing a range of aluminum top strips and side claddings for a flawless finish. The product's adaptability allows for customization of finishes, ensuring it complements any design vision. Notably, UNIQ's safety measures set it apart from traditional systems, employing an ingenious clamp strip that secures the glass along its entire length, eliminating potential vulnerabilities. The assembly process is simplified, providing a seamless combination of safety, aesthetics, and ease of installation. The company's dedication to quality is further exemplified by its Kitemark™ certification for Protective Barrier Systems, setting a new standard for excellence in the industry. IMS Nederland's UNIQ smart balustrades and SB-Railing components embody a commitment to innovation, safety, and design ingenuity, establishing a new benchmark for architectural safety and aesthetics.