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New Zealand: Pertains to the building industry specific to New Zealand, including its regulations, practices, and unique climate considerations

Beyond Hardware - Auckland, New Zealand. Windows and Doors architectural hardware design and supply New Zealand

Beyond Hardware

Beyond Hardware has been involved in the specification and supply of architectural hardware in New Zealand for many years. Our mission is to provide customers with high quality, reliable and durable hardware that suits their needs and budget. Our focus is to provide industry leading architectural hardware advice, coupled with great customer service – by asking the right questions so that we can supply the correct hardware that is fit for purpose and looks great – the first time and every time! We are a New Zealand owned and operated company that has been supporting quality Kiwi projects since 2012.
International Shipping Responsibilities

International Shipping Responsibilities: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Cross-Border Trade Compliance

In today's global economy, mastering international shipping responsibilities is essential for businesses engaged in cross-border trade. This comprehensive guide from logistics experts Magellan provides an authoritative look at navigating the complexities, from understanding freight forwarder roles to ensuring compliance with tariff classifications, incoterms, and country of origin regulations. Discover insights on providing accurate cargo details, handling dangerous goods protocols, fulfilling documentation requirements like bills of lading, and working seamlessly with customs brokers. Whether new to international shipping or a veteran importer/exporter, this is a must-read resource to optimize operations, mitigate risks, and gain a competitive edge. Leverage this strategic knowledge to master your international shipping responsibilities.
Solar water heaters, renewable energy by PlexiSun


PlexiSun™ offers a groundbreaking solar hot water solution, seamlessly integrating into roofs to revolutionize sustainable living. Its innovative, carbon-zero heating technology exceeds industry standards, delivering multiple benefits through patented modular design, sustainable materials, and reduced electricity load. This cutting-edge approach makes PlexiSun™ a pioneering choice for residential, commercial, tourism, and remote community applications.
New Zealand luminaire designer and importe Halcyon


Halcyon Lighting offers a comprehensive range of lighting products, including exterior inground lights, track connectors, special series LED tapes, primary and backup lights, accessories, and spare parts. With a focus on performance and reliability, their diverse offerings cater to various indoor and outdoor lighting applications, providing quality solutions for customers' lighting needs.