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Poland: Content related to the construction industry in Poland, including local regulations, materials, and practices

Aluminum facades joinery roofing


Aluco System: Illuminating Spaces, Transforming Environments For over 20 years, Aluco System has been a beacon of innovation, redefining architectural landscapes. From skylights and aluminum joinery to polycarbonate facades and industrial ventilation, we are your trusted partner in creating brighter, energy-efficient spaces. Our Lumira Aerogel technology sets the standard in roof skylights, ensuring optimal natural light and exceptional thermal insulation. With a heritage of excellence, safety-focused smoke vents, and versatile polycarbonate facades, Aluco System is your gateway to transformative, sustainable design. Let's embark on a journey to elevate your spaces.
LED Lighting by Luxon


Luxon LED is revolutionizing the lighting industry with cutting-edge, energy-saving technology. Since its inception in 2008, Luxon has rapidly ascended to become the fastest-growing lighting manufacturer in Europe. The company's focus on providing unparalleled ROI/TCO in lighting solutions is evident across its offerings for Industry, Commercial Buildings, Offices, and Street Lighting. Notably, Luxon LED has embraced IoT solutions, such as the A4 motorway project in collaboration with ZABERD, resulting in enhanced safety, reduced energy costs, and real-time system monitoring capabilities. Luxon LED's commitment extends beyond product innovation, emphasizing energy efficiency, advanced IoT integration, tailored solutions, safety enhancements, and environmental stewardship. Their promise of excellence is underscored by their dedication to delivering exceptional ROI/TCO. By choosing Luxon LED, customers are not just acquiring lighting solutions; they are embracing innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. Luxon LED represents not only the future of lighting but also progress, sustainability, and the promise of a brighter tomorrow.
Fire Protection systems by Mercor


MERCOR S.A. offers premier passive fire protection systems in Poland, backed by 30 years of industry expertise and international recognition. Specializing in a comprehensive range of fire protection solutions, including smoke and heat exhaust systems, fire ventilation, and building structure protection, MERCOR is renowned for its innovative and tailored approach. As a public company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, MERCOR ensures transparency and quality. With a focus on seamless integration and end-to-end services, including custom manufacturing and full-service support, MERCOR prioritizes the safety and specific requirements of every project. Their natural smoke exhaust systems and diverse fire protection products are designed to enhance fire safety and provide peace of mind during emergencies. Whether for state-of-the-art fire protection or reliable ventilation solutions, MERCOR is dedicated to making projects safer and more secure, prioritizing the safety of clients and their properties.
Architectural Aluminum Joinery Doors and Windows by Bohamet


BOHAMET S.A.: Excellence in Maritime Solutions BOHAMET S.A. leads ship window and door production, crafting quality solutions for nearly four decades. With dedicated plants for ships, aluminum joinery, and glass, we offer tailored excellence for civil construction, delivering bespoke balcony systems, doors, windows, and facades. Trust our unmatched expertise and commitment to precision.
Fire resistant Glass by Polflam


POLFLAM: Revolutionizing Fire-Resistant Glass for Modern Applications POLFLAM leads the way in fire-resistant glass innovation. Our POLFLAM® FIRE-RESISTANT GLASS meets all fire resistance classes, features large dimensions and cutting-edge production technology, including fire-retardant gel manufacturing. We ensure unmatched fire protection across Europe and offer expertise in production, research, and consulting. Our symmetrical glass structure, large dimensions, curved options, assembly-friendly installation, and high acoustic insulation make our glass the ideal choice for various applications. We invite collaboration with industry professionals to experience the future of fire-resistant glass with POLFLAM - Where Safety Meets Design, Where Possibilities Are Limitless.
Doors Windows Shutters and Garage Doors by Eko-Okna


Eko-Okna S.A.: Elevating Your Windows and Doors to New Heights For over 25 years, Eko-Okna S.A. has reigned as a European leader in joinery production, delivering excellence worldwide. With a legacy of precision, innovation, and commitment, we stand as Poland's largest employer. Our state-of-the-art machinery and skilled workforce create top-notch windows and doors, setting industry standards. Explore energy-saving PVC, aluminum, and steel windows, durable doors, and advanced garage solutions. Manage light and heat with precision using our roller shutters and blinds. Introducing EkoGreen—where ecology meets durability, transforming spaces with stunning panels. Elevate your architectural designs with Eko-Okna, where excellence, innovation, and sustainability converge. Your journey to a beautiful, energy-efficient living space starts here.
Lukplast Glass Doors and Windows


Elevate Your Space with Exceptional Lukplast Windows In the world of architecture and design, Lukplast Windows stands as the trusted source for top-notch window systems catering to residential, industrial, and commercial spaces. Our commitment is simple: to provide windows that meet technical requirements while elevating the character and style of your space. Our PVC windows offer versatility, seamless blending with any architectural style, and long-lasting durability. The REHAU window systems prioritize technical excellence and energy efficiency, while the IDEAL system delivers optimal thermal and acoustic insulation. Additionally, our specialization in arched windows and corresponding aluminum profiles allows for tailored, high-quality windows that reflect individual style. Lukplast Windows guarantees safety, durability, and resistance to adverse weather conditions, using the latest technologies to meet all technical requirements. With a wide range of colors, patterns, and styles, our windows are designed to integrate seamlessly with any building's character and interiors.