The First Eco Town | Elmsbrook Zero Carbon Community. United Kingdom

The First Eco Town | Elmsbrook Zero Carbon Community

We visited Elmsbrook, the UK’s first eco town, with highly sustainable, passivhaus standard buildings and homes. This is a pioneering development with 400 highly energy efficient homes, creating one of the UK’s first truly zero carbon communities.

Solar Panels are positioned on the roof of every home, and once this project is completed, it will be the UK’s largest residential solar array.
40% of this development, is green space with lots of wild areas to encourage biodiversity.

None of the waste from these homes goes to landfill. This reduces 30% of the project’s carbon footprint.

With cycle and pedestrian routes, a bus stop within 400 metres of every home, live timetable updates in each home, charging points for electric vehicles and an electric car club, residents are being encouraged to adopt more sustainable modes of travel.

The developer of this scheme is A2Dominion Housing Group.
This project is located in Bicester, Oxfordshire. Find out more here:

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