Passive Build Home Build Part 1

Watch Us Build a Passive House in New Zealand – Episode 1

Follow the crew at Compound as they build an energy efficient home to passive house principles. In this 5 part series we will go into minute detail on what it takes to build a house like this in New Zealand.

Treated Floor Area : 146.9m2
Heating Demand kWh (m2a) : 26
Heating Load W/m2 : 14
Frequency of overheating (+25 ‘c) % : 1

In this first episode we start from the ground up. We talk about the considerations needed during the planning and design stage and we are introduced to the first principle of passive house which is thermal bridge free construction. We like to go into detail about some of the unique and innovative details in the construction and we lay bare the realities of trying to build this type of house in the New Zealand South Island.

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