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Windfall Contemporary Crystal Lighting

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Editor's Review

Once in a blue moon, you stumble across a brand so extraordinary that it takes a moment or two to grasp what you’re seeing. I had this very experience when I first discovered Windfall Contemporary Crystal Lighting at Milan Design Week several years ago.

To be honest, I had never heard of the brand, and nor was I expected to. You won’t find Windfall in any retail shop anywhere in the world. However, their art installations do grace some of the world’s most prestigious establishments, from royal palaces and luxury residential homes to the world’s most exclusive hotels, restaurants, first-class airline lounges, and boutique fashion houses.

Despite its exclusivity, Windfall’s reputation has been illuminated by Swarovski, the world’s leading provider of crystal, which acknowledges Windfall as the finest source of contemporary crystal chandeliers. Swarovski even crafts exclusive crystals for Windfall.

With numerous accolades to their name, you might think they are a large company, manufacturing hundreds of pieces a day. However, they are a small lighting artisan operating in Munich, Germany. Established in 2004 by Clarissa Dorn, with a background in art and interior decoration, and Roel Haagmans, a renowned classic chandelier designer, the duo’s combined expertise birthed a distinct style, often referred to as ‘haute couture’ in lighting. This unique design language, blending emotions, nature, art, colours, and tradition, brings a fresh, airy, contemporary quality to classic materials.

What sets Windfall apart is their innovative approach to lighting design. They introduced the concept of a chandelier lit by downlights, eliminating traditional structural limitations and allowing crystal objects to float freely. This results in an enchanting play of light, sparking unimagined emotions, and offering total flexibility in terms of size and shape.

Among Windfall’s masterpieces is the iconic Balance chandelier, which truly encapsulates the brand’s ethos. The chandelier’s components seem to drift away, creating an illusion of weightlessness and challenging conventional design norms.

Windfall’s commitment to customization is noteworthy. Each piece is made to order, allowing clients to dictate the finish, colour, size, and shape that best suits their needs. This flexibility, combined with their unwavering commitment to quality, has made them a go-to choice for top-tier clientele, including Cartier, Mont Blanc, and Roberto Cavalli.

Windfall’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of innovative design. Their pieces, from whimsical chandeliers to sophisticated installations, never cease to dazzle. Whether you’re in the market for crystal accent pieces or not, exploring Windfall’s offerings is an absolute must. Their collections are not just about creating light; they’re about creating emotions, spaces, and experiences that are truly unforgettable.

The pricing of their light sculptures is unsurprisingly high, but you do pay for the highest quality available. However, there are affordable collections, such as their Balance pendants and transportable crystal lanterns. With a sensible budget, there’s usually a way to acquire something truly special, and made to your exacting requirements.

As you can tell I’m a big fan of Windfall, they are the reason I started a specialised lighting design agency all those years ago. I truly appreciate what they are doing and the way they use lighting to dramatically transform spaces. I’ve been fortunate to work with them on a few projects – and I wish there were more because they are great to work with and as ‘germanically’ organized as you would expect. Even if you don’t have a project budget that fits quite yet, I still recommend that you visit their website and check their lighting collections and projects out.

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