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Blitz-ooe. The Oö. Blitzschutzgesellschaft is a full-service provider of lightning protection solutions and operates primarily in Upper Austria. We have always been a competent partner for agriculture, commerce, industry, large construction projects, public institutions and private individuals. At the same time, our lightning protection material allows us to meet the legal requirements for fall protection . Regardless of whether lightning protection with or without fall protection: the highest quality materials, long-term partnerships and the latest technical knowledge are our top priority. That's why we maintain intensive contact with domestic and foreign research centers, standards institutes and other institutions involved in lightning protection.
Lighting and Fall Protection by Blitz-ooe


Blitz-ooe: Protecting Upper Austria from Lightning Strikes Upper Austria, witnessing 30,000 lightning strikes annually, demands robust protection. Our Upper Austrian Lightning Protection Company excels in shielding your property. Our systems counter potential lightning damage, providing tailored solutions and maintenance. The BIA 2-in-1 System combines lightning and safety protection, ensuring comprehensive security. Holistic planning optimizes fall protection components, achieving up to 30% cost savings. The BIA Advantage seamlessly integrates lightning and fall protection, meeting legal requirements. Trust us for quality, compliance, and peace of mind. In Upper Austria, where tradition meets innovation, let us safeguard your property.