Eltako Germany

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Eltako is a leading European company in the development, production and distribution of switching devices, power supplies, electronic electricity meters, building radio and smart home applications for building installation and control technology.
Security Lighting Climate Control and Smart Home Automation by Eltako


Eltako: Elevating Electrical and Electronic Solutions since 1949 Proudly family-run since 1949, Eltako stands as a European leader in switching devices, smart home applications, and more. Based in Fellbach, Germany, with global operations, we embody excellence. Our legacy spans 69 years of innovation, emphasizing reliability and quality. Eltako offers professional smart home and standard products, simplifying building installation with unique price-performance ratios. Experience safety, comfort, and efficiency with our smart solutions, from lighting control to individualized climate management. Join us in making homes and buildings smarter, secure, and comfortable—where innovation meets reliability.