Fede, Spain

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FEDE, the SWITCH & LIGHT tailor, where bespoke brass solutions illuminate your world with elegance. We craft exclusive brass masterpieces, including light switches, sockets, and high-end accessories, meticulously manufactured in our workshops in Barcelona and Valencia. With a blend of artisan excellence and innovative technology, we lead the luxury and trendy design world, offering unique collections like CRYSTAL DE LUXE Made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS®. Our commitment to quality, collaboration, and affordable luxury ensures your interior design is truly exceptional. Experience the ART of Illumination with FEDE.
Switches and Lights by Fede

Fede Switch and Light

FEDE, the home of bespoke lighting solutions that elevate your world. As the SWITCH & LIGHT tailor, we specialize in crafting exclusive brass masterpieces, adding sophistication and elegance to your spaces. Our meticulously manufactured creations include bespoke light switches, sockets, lighting, and high-end brass accessories. Blending artisan excellence with innovative technology, we offer switch plates made from the finest quality brass and premium materials like wood, porcelain, and DuPont™ Corian®. With a global presence, FEDE leads the luxury and trendy design world, catering to the most demanding customers who value quality and distinctive interior design. Experience the ART of Illumination with FEDE.