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Floorbridge is a pioneer in carbon composite floor joint profiles and supply the specially developed carbon composite joint profiles for industry, commerce, and car park buildings worldwide from the company headquarters in Feldkirchen an der Donau (Upper Austria). Thanks to combined expertise and many years of experience in the field of resin flooring and concrete repairs, the FloorBridge® team developed a completely new, patented and globally unique floor joint profile in carbon composite technology. This technology revolutionizes the bridging of floor joints and guarantees a permanent and durable solution. The FloorBridge® joint profile system is protected worldwide by patent and trademark law. Years of experience in the development, manufacture and application of our carbon composite profile ensure the technical lead in floor joint profiles.
Carbon Composite Profiles by Floorbridge


FloorBridge® offers carbon composite floor joint profiles designed to address uneven floor surfaces and deteriorated joints in industrial settings. These profiles reduce noise and vibration, minimizing impact on industrial trucks and enhancing overall efficiency. Ground multiple times, rust-free, and easily installed, these profiles ensure minimal disruption, maximum efficiency, and long-term cost savings. Their versatility caters to diverse industrial demands, providing a seamless customer experience and exemplary support. FloorBridge®'s commitment to excellence and innovation makes their carbon composite floor joint profiles an ideal solution for industrial challenges.