Gablok, Belgium

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Founded in 2019, Gablok is a pioneer in revolutionary insulated wooden blocks, simplifying construction with an innovative wooden house kit system. With a patented design, Gablok combines graphite expanded polystyrene (EPS) for eco-friendly insulation, offering a lightweight, efficient solution with a low carbon footprint. Their powerful alliance of wood and EPS creates a seamless assembly process, making self-building accessible to all. Embrace sustainability and innovation with Gablok, preserving the planet one block at a time, and build your dream home with their flat-pack kit.
Wood insulating construction block by Gablok


Gablok is a revolutionary company building dreams with insulated wooden blocks. Founded in 2019, Gablok offers a patented construction method that simplifies self-building with eco-friendly materials. Combining graphite expanded polystyrene (EPS) and stable OSB wood, their insulated blocks provide exceptional thermal insulation and a low carbon footprint. With easy interlocking systems, building your own home becomes accessible to all, preserving the planet one block at a time. Embrace innovation, sustainability, and simplicity with Gablok and build your dream home today.